Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Krishna serves breakfast to Gopi and asks her to have it. She says she is not hungry. He says he has kept some for her and she can have it when she is hungry, leaves for office.

Dharam sits for breakfast. Shravan and Vidya join him. He asks how was yesterday’s function. Vidya says maa’s marriage went well and serves him sweet. Meera comes and throws sweet box and shouts how dare she is to serve their mom’s marriage sweet to Dharamji. She should be ashamed instead to attend their mom’s marriage. She continues shouting Dharam interferes. She yells even at him and says from today Gopi is not her mother and Kokila not her grandmother, she breaks all relationships with them. She finally says she will be happy if Vidya gets out of this house.

Ahem sits for breakfast with family and asks where is kaki/Kokila. Monica says she is not at home and must have left home to repent her sin of getting grandma Gopi remarried. Molu scolds not to badmouth about daadi. Jigar scolds Pari how can she let kaaki leave house.

Dr. Krishna calls Gopi and she yells at him. He asks her to reach hospital right now as Kokila is admitted her. She thinks he is lying to call her there and reaches Modi bhavan first and calls maaji. Monica says her maaji left home. She calls Pari and Jigar and asks where is maaji. Monica says they are not related now and why did she come back here. Gopi scolds her and orders Pari to control her bahu. She asks them again where is her maaji. Jigar says she left somewhere. Gopi walks toward door. Jigar says he thought she would stay back here. Gopi says she will find maaji first.e

Precap: Gopi asks bedridden Kokila what happened to her, she went to modi bhavan and Jigar/Pari told you went somewhere. Kokila says it is all her mistake. Urmila asks her not to lie Gopi.

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  1. Don’t feel bad MA. We appreciate that you take time to write the update but sorry to say that this update is wrong. Because Gopi doesn’t think Krishna is lying when he calls her. In fact, she rushes to hospital and Dr.Krishna holds her when she slips. she cries seeing Kokila’s condition and then goes to Modi Bhawan to inquire about it. Mona tries to misbehave buy Gopi ignroes. Molu is about to say truth but Mona stops him. jigar and Park lie that kokila went to temple. Many scenes are missing and Tolu Urmila and Sona’s scenes are not even mentioned. Please try to be more detailed like H Has an and Rhimjhim…

    1. One more thing, many people don’t get to see the episode so they come here to read the updates. You should think about the readers too. I have noticed that you don’t give details update in other shows either. I mean like if you don’t want to do this work then why not leave it? If you can’t be detailed than give this job to someone else. I know that I’m going to receive negative comments for this but it doesn’t matter to me. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings but I’m just stating the fact…

      1. Yamuna you are absolutely right.

    2. Thank you! I agree and also please read what you post. You said that Ahem sits for breakfast, Ahem is dead!!!

    3. hmmmmmm point to be noted my lord

  2. I think gopi should take her maaji with her

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    Gopi became smarter than before after recovering from the shock….

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