Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Modi’s arrange 50 lakhs and wait for kidnapper’s call. Molu says kidnapper keeps phone off, so he could not trace location. Gopi asks Ahem to give her 50 lakhs bag and tells Kokila that she will go with bag.

Kinjal thinks she should go to Modi Bhavan and find out what is going there. Urmila hears that and asks where is she going. Kinjal shouts that she is going to Modi bhavan. Urmila asks her why is she shouting and says she can go. She drops vase on her foot purposefully and asks Kinjal to take her to her room, thinking Kinjal will be busy serving her and away from troubling Modi’s.

Gopi gets ready with money bag. Ahem asks her to be careful. Kokila also wishes her good luck and Gopi leaves towards kidnapper’s said place in car. She reaches

there and prays god to give her strength to take back her daughter. She gets Meera’s call and kidnapper says he and Meera are nearby and she should wait. Kokila also accompanies Gopi in car dickie, but when she is about to come out, dickie closes locking her in. Kidnapper comes in a van with Meera and asks money. Gopi asks to send Meera first. He tries to splash dirty oil on her, but Vidya comes on time and saves Gopi. She asks kidnapper to leave Meera and take money. Kidnapper says he will take both money and Meera now for tricking him and snatches money bag. Gopi throws mud on his eyes and starts beating him. She asks Vidya to get Meera out. Meera says she cannot reach door. Vidya sees keys in kidnapper’s pocket and tries to take it, but kidnapper slaps her and punches Gopi’s stomach. They both fall down writhing in pain.

Kokila who is still locked in dickie hears Gopi writhing in pain and pushes door with her max energy and comes out. Gopi asks Vidya to save Meera. Kidnapper tries to throw stone on Vidya, but Meera asks him not to hit Vidya. He stops. Kokila comes out of dickie and starts beating kidnapper. Kidnapper slaps her, pushes Vidya away and leaves in van. Gopi instead of following him in car starts yelling at Kokila and Vidya for coming there without informing her. Kokila says she was worried about her. Gopi continues her yelling.

Kinjal serves food to Urmila. Urmila scolds that she did not prepare food well and asks her to bring something else. Once she turns, Urmila drops dal bowl and starts shouting at her. Kinjal says she was living like a queen in Modi bhavan, but is working like a servant here.

Gopi comes back home and cries hugging Ahem that she could not bring back Meera. Vidya says before they could free Meera, kidnapper eloped in car. He asks if they both went with Gopi. Kokila says yes. He asks why did do such a big mistake. Kokila says she was worried about Gopi. Jigar also scolds them both. Ahem says because of their mistake, they lost Meera again. Vidya apologizes and says she went there to protect Gopi. Kokila says they were worried about Gopi, so they went. Kokila says she informed Hetal and Pari and went.

Kidnapper shows money bundles to Meera and says he would have kidnapped even vidya today. She asks him dare not to touch Meera. He says he will take her from there forever and for that he needs passport.

Precap: A masked man enters Meera’s room and steals her passport. He drops photoframe by mistake. Kokila hears sound, comes there and is shocked to see him. One of them says he is in severe pain. Ruknuddin pushes him in python’s box and gets him killed via python. Turkan asks Ruknuddin to find out who this new savior is.

Update Credit to: MA

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