Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi angrily gives food to Krishna and leaves. Kokila asks Gopi if she does not thinking she did wrong. Gopi says she asked her to give food to Krishna and she did same. Kokila says Krishna is a family member and got headache after working on presentation, so it was her duty to give him medicine.

Pari and Mona walk towards laptop room and hide seeing Kokila near room. Urmila comes wearing watchman dress and tells Kokila she will guard room today. Kokila says she can guard, but Urmila insists and Kokila leaves. Pari and Mona think how to enter room now.

Vidya fumes reminiscing Meera’s demand of adopting Priyal legally. Meera comes and says she did mean to hurt her feeling, anways Priyal will be in this house itself, so she will not talk about adoption again. She tears papers and hugs Vidya. Shravan comes and asks if something is wrong. Meera says yes, then laughs and says everything is fine. Meera comes out of their room, and Naiya asks Meera if she changed her plan. Meera says she tore xerox and original is still with her, she will eventually adopt Priyal at any cost.

Urmila enjoys applies leaning on cot. Pari asks Mona how to send Urmila out and steal presentation. Mona keeps mosquito coil near Urmila’s shoes and hides. Umrila smells smoke. Pari brings water bucket and splashes water on Urmila and then shoes. Urmila scolds her and she says she smelt smoke, so she brought water and dropped it. Urmila goes to change.

Naiya’s boyfriend meets her and asks when will she execute her plan. She says let Meera adopt Somu bhai and Vidya’s daughter first, she will start her plan.

Gopi at midnight worries about her presentaiton tomorrow and wakes up. Kokila calms her down and makes her sleep again.

Mona steals presentation pendrive and silently leaves with Pari before Urmila comes. Pari asks if she did her work. She says yes and shows pendrive.

In the morning, Gopi speaks to Belji and tells team that Belji is coming with his team. Krishna tells he will play presentation once and opens laptop. Everyone look in a shock.

Precap: Gopi asks Dr. Krishna if he has back of presentation. He checks and says no backup. Gopi panics that Belji and his team will come anytime.

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  1. Shipra

    All this dragging is seriously not needed.If you get nothing interesting then end the serial on a good note and start a new one instead of bringing senseless twists and turns.

  2. what the hell is worng with pari. whats her reason of her evilness

  3. mona is such a bratty large pig. meera and vidya didnt kill durga so that naiya has to blame it on them.naiya has a mental promble.

  4. naiya and prakash which one sounds better prakya or naiash

  5. i hate meera, naiya, pari, mona and prakash

  6. tbh i dont hate meera. i also kind off think that vidya is responsible for the incident. she spilled oil and didn’t even tell her sister and then when meera fell she quickly took her “priyal” and started giving sympathy. vidya is more cunning than meera.

    now pari and mona. if u have a bet with someone then u just sit and wait and see if they succeed. but u just don’t go there and rui n their hardwork. and the so called smart saas-bahu jodi gopi and kokila, can’t u both just realize that everytime ur belji is coming something goes missing=. and then thing that goes issing is always the thing that belji want to see. can’t u realize that all the family members are with u except jigs pari mona samar. jigs is at office. samar is not that evil then who’s left. pari and monica. that means they are responsible for all the mishaps!

    1. naiya is the cuprit of meeras lost child she is the 1 who acturely spiled oil on the staris.Meera is sooooooooooooo rude like every time

      1. it wasn’t naiya it was baby priyal!!

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