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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi asks Urmila what are you saying to Meera. Rashi comes and asks Gopi how can you speak to mummy like that. Urmila cries and says she asked her grand daughter Meera to sing bhagan for her and Gopi scolded her. Rashi reminds Gopi that Urmila is her mother and asks her not to argue with her. Kokila comes and looks on. Rashi and Urmila goes inside. Kokila asks Gopi, until when you will close your mouth and listens to everyone. Gopi says, how can I answer to elders. Kokila says, you have to make her understand her mistake. It is your decision. Kokila goes inside leaving Gopi thinking.

Urmila says, Gopi insulted me. Rashi says, I will take revenge from her. Tolu, Molu come there. Meera comes and says we will play now. I have studied. Urmila tells her that she will remain an illiterate

even after studying. Tolu and Molu scold Urmila. Rashi consoles Meera and hugs her. She tells Meera that Nani has gone mad and don’t tell anyone about her madness. Tolu and Molu laughs. Urmila says, you took her side. One day Gopi and Meera will insult you. She says, I just asked her to teach me bhagan. She leaves. Rashi thinks about her words

Meethi comes and shows stains on Tolu and Molu’s clothes. She says, it is not going. Gopi asks her to apply nimbu on the stains. Kids are playing. Meera thinks about Urmila’s words and gets sad. Vidya asks her to play. Meera says, I don’t want to play. She goes inside. Gopi looks at the stains and thinks it is smelling like chocolate. She recalls Vidya telling her that she saw Tolu and Molu having icecream. Gopi questions Tolu and Molu. They pretends to be unaware and goes. They go to Rashi and says we want to tell you something important. Rashi says, I don’t want to listen to you now. Gopi comes and asks her, did you give chocolate icecream to Tolu and Molu. Rashi gets shocked and refuses to have given them icecream. Gopi asks her not to lie and asks from where did the stain came on their clothes. Rashi accepts.

Hetal comes and asks the kids to go to their rooms. Gopi tells Rashi that you will spoil kids this way. You are even lying infront of them. why did you lied? Rashi says, I didn’t do any crime. Gopi says, I am feeling bad that you lied. Rashi asks, will you send me to Jail. Hetal asks, how you are talking to Gopi? Rashi replies her. Hetal wonders what is happening in their house.

Kokila hears everything. Gopi goes to her. Kokila tells her that she has already told her what to do and the decision is hers.

Urmila comes home and asks Kinjal to serve the food fast. Kinjal says, she doesn’t have food. She says, I made food only for ourselves. Urmila scolds her. Madhuben takes her side. Kinjal taunts Madhuben and calls her unwanted guest. Madhuben gets hurt and goes inside the room. Urmila smiles.

Ahem calls Gopi and says he sent a good teacher for Meera. Gopi says, ok and disconnects the call. She asks kids about Meera and wonders where is she? Gopi sees her in the temple. Meera prays and says she can’t study. Gopi gets shocked. Meera tells Kanha ji that she can’t study. I will do what I can do. I will sing bhagans for you, but can’t study. Gopi calls her. She asks, what are you saying? Meera says, I don’t want to study. Gopi gets tensed. She tries to make her understand and asks her to study. Kokila asks, what happened. Gopi tells everyone that Meera doesn’t want to study. She asks them to make her understand.

Kokila asks her not to get tensed. Meera says, I don’t want to study. Kokila asks why? Meera says, I can only sing bhagan, mantras and shlokas. I have decided to name my life for Kanha ji. Gopi wipes her tears and says studies is essential for a respectable life. Meera refuses to study shocking everyone. Gopi cries. Rashi tells Meera that studies are important. Kokila tells Rashi that Urmila is responsible behind Meera’s refusal to study. She makes her understand that God is everywhere even in books. Meera says, she won’t study.

Teacher comes and says it is wrong thing. Everyone looks at him. He says, Saraswati ji will get upset. Meera asks, who? Teacher says, Maa saraswati. She wants everyone to study. You can even meet your Kanha ji. Education is important for impress your kanha ji. everyone smiles. He asks Meera about her decision. Meera agrees to study and prays to Kanha ji. Everyone smiles Teacher says, kids are like raw mud, can give any shape to them. He smiles.

He recognizes Gopi and says Gopi you are here. Gopi too recognizes him and says lets start a new story.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Another boring episode……. What this kokila is doing she is encouraging Gopi to protest Rashi’s deeds ……..if gopi says anything to Rashi it is OK and if Rashi says anything to gopi it is a big crime …….what is this………Hetal is a waste saas she don’t even supports her bahu………Now another new entry…!!!!!!!!OMG….what now they will start another detection……????? Please don’t do so……this gopi will be teaching free classes for everyone……why can’t she encourage her daughter………..don’t they kept a title of SNS….and most of the time they highlights gopi creating Rashi is a villain……….

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  11. why cant urmila stop harassing gopi and meera. Wht did gopi tell wrong rashi did never knew to handle her kids, they were worst bullies. Now again rashi is spoiling them. Actually rashi knows she is a good for nothing so she is insecure about her place in the house now also. Her mother also know that what her daughter is worth of. Heard rashi is leaving the serial, writers are planning to bump her off. Well writers dont put the blame on rashis mishap on gopi, let it be urmila who is responsible when and if rashi is bumped off. Every problem coming on Gopis head is actually too boring. just like radha let Urmi and rashi who were creating problem till now to the modis start getting a taste of there own medicine, it will be fun will this mother daughter duo create prblm for each other

  12. I’m the REAL Lokeshwari.

    Spoiler alert

    The teacher would start to like gopi and would cause problems between gopi and ahem

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