Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila and Jaggi continue searching Gopi. Urmila calls Kokila, and Kokila asks if Gopi came home. Umila says no. Gopi calls Jaggi and asks him to come to SK hospital soon as Urvashi is hospitalized. Jaggi asks what happened to maa. She says he cannot explain at this time, she can just can say that kaaki’s condition is very critical. Jaggi runs towards hospital. Gopi stands crying, tensed in hospital.

Dharam returns home, and Vidya/Meera inform him that Gaura is not at home. Dharam says how can this be and walks towards Gaura’s room. Gaura climbs pipe yelling she has to do all this at this age. Her sari pallu gets stuck in nail and sari pallu tears. She pulls it and reaches her room. Dharam reaches Gaura’s room and says Vidya/Meera that Baa is

here itself. Vidya/Meera say Baa was not in room. Gaura says she was in bathroom. Vidya says she checked bathroom. Gaura says she had gone to terrace and then says balcony, she is sad after Chanda’s drama.. Dharam asks her to rest and leaves. Gaura yells if Urvashi does not die, she will kill her to safeguard her secret.

Gopi cries standing outside operation theater while Urvashi is bbeing operated. Jaggi with Modi family enters and asks what happened to maa. Gopi tells about kite thread slitting Urvashi’s throat and then goons following them, etc. Kokila says who is Urvashi’s enemy. Drama continues.

Jaggi reminisces time spent with Urvashi, their nok jhok, love and concern for each other. Yaad aati hai maa…song…plays in the background. Doc performs Urvashi’s surgey, comes out and tells Urvashi’s condition is critical and he cannot say nothing. Jaggi asks how can he say that. Doc says they can just pray for Urvashi now. Jaggi asks then why is he here then and holds scalpel warning him if something happens to his mom, he will not spare him. Doc shouts to leave him, he is not doing right. Jaggi continues. Gopi gives him a tight slap to calm him down. Police reaches to arrest Jaggi. Kokila apologizes on Jaggi’s behalf. Inspector asks to send Jaggi away, else he will arrest him. Gopi asks Jaggi to go from here. Doc also yells to send Jaggi away, else he will not do surgery. Drama continues.

Precap: Gopi sees her car missing from hospital’s parking lot and sees someone taking it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow. What a nice doctor.

    1. For once I actually agree with you john

  2. this gaura is too much. i think pari should get kicked out of the house.

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    Hw was episode from 2-3 days there is no news or spoilers abt upcoming tracks .
    I think for a time being there wl be no leap even in 2000 episode there may not be a special track i guess Gopi’s son may enter may not be generation leap on 2001 episode wt say friends.

    1. I too think they will go for leap after some days only. May be they are in talks with actors regarding the year leap

  4. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends, how are you all..?? Episode was emotional and dramatic. Jaggi-Urvashi scene was so emotional, gaura climbing pipe was funny. Lol.

    1. I am fine Shakaib. How r u? Yes it was funny actually it would had been funny if she fell down while climbing. Alas no luck thr

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Kokila is in jail on the blame of attempting to kill Urvashi. Paridhi and Mona are happy and taunt Gopi over the matter. Jaggi supports Gopi. Gopi cries and hugs Jaggi. Gopi and Jaggi are upset over Urvashi and Kokila’s problem. Jaggi is hurt that Urvashi is not able to survive. Gopi is worried for Kokila. Paridhi and Mona pass comments on Jaggi.

    1. Hope Urvashi survives this

  6. Riana

    After few days…i am commenting here…Hey sunshiners today’s episode was emotional…Sad that Gopi slapped jaggi…but episode was good…

  7. Riana

    But after seeing jaggi’s love for Urvashi i am getting sure that Jaggi is NOT Ahem…Bcoz his attitude towards Urvashi totally changed…And i think the gen leap may happened after some big twists…

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Raina this is biggest mystery in SNS if Jaggi is Ahem then why he is acting so much . Don’t knw wats going on in makers mind .

  8. Riana

    Only two episodes left for 2000th episofde!!?????

  9. Isaaq

    I have to wait for 29 days till Valentine’s Day. I’m going to say to him, “I love you.” I’m going to send a follow request on that day and then I’m going to tweet that I’ve just sent a follow request to the love of my life and I just want to be with them forever. After so many years, I’m about to reveal my true feelings to my lover in 29 days. I love him so much.

    1. If lives in your city why don’t you go and meet him, long distance relationship don’t work, tried it and broke up on Christmas eve, wish you guys the best, but instead of following each other on twitter best to meet up. He’s probably to busy to be online that he won’t see your request or message. Sorry but don’t want you waiting on him to reply. Meet in person is better.

      1. Isaaq

        He lives in London? Me and him have had feelings for each other for like 4 years despite not seeing each other. Like he’s always had problems with his ex girlfriends because he could never forget me.

        We used to live in the same city a year ago but I maintained my distance from him because I thought he didn’t like me. But his evil jealous ex told me and then she blocked me (hate her a lot??)

        And trust me he’s seen my follow request. My friend sent him one and he accepted hers but mine was still on pending. So I cancelled mine and I’m planning to send another one on Valentines Day to tell the boy I love him with all my heart.

        I know it’s better in person. He hides his feelings over the phone but in person,. His eyes and expression reveal everything. The way he reacts when he sees me I know he can’t hide his feelings in person.

        Yes he lives all the way in London but tbh I’m proud of him and the way he’s having a bright future ahead for him. His happiness is my life and i don’t care if he has to be miles away from me.

    2. He don’t love you. You seem to be infatuated. Why will not accept your follow request. It seems he thinks you’re a stalker

      1. Isaaq

        He thought I was a stalker, why didn’t he block me? And I’ve followed him before and he’s accepted for. And oh please I’m not infatuated, don’t question my love for him

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      You both love each other then better you confess ur true feelings to him on Valentines day and misunderstandings might clear btw u both and u both may unite.

  10. not two more episode four more episode dear riana.

    1. Riana

      Really??…Actually i saw in Hotstar…maybe i am wrong…

  11. YAY 2000 epsiode coming soon!

  12. I love devoleena nice acting but in a past few episodes her lipstick got over her lips please can someone tell me it’s really bothering me no haters i seriously love you devoleena from the bottom of my heart

  13. When the leap coming lol this track is getting boring and the doctor and the policeman should cut Jaggie some slack, it’s his mom in the hospital, obvs he will say all that, in hope they save his mum. If the doctor was in Jaggie’s situation he would do the same, like you better save my mum or else lol

    There was this news article about these doctors who failed to save a life a new mum, gave her a C section which ended badly and she died. The child is alive though. The doctors ran away but were caught by the police and were charged. This is what would happen to that doctor who failed to save his mum’s life and the police not finding the person who did that. Obvs they’ll think it;s Kokila after the fight they had, but do they think? How Kokila was at the house while Urvashi was out, Kokila can’t be at 2 places at one time lol unless she has a twin.

  14. Debasmita Sinha

    Makers have to present some big twists.

  15. Sunshiners I was ill at the weekend thats why I didn’t comment but why is the update always so late on the weekend?

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Its k Rani frm few days updates is done late dnt knw why.

  16. Thuuuuuuuuu…Waste serial ever…Stupid people.when Rashi was there the serial was sooo good

    1. I absolutely agree.

  17. Devoleena lip surgery is looking horrible! She looks ugly with she did to her lips.

  18. makers trying to present gopi like Hollywood actress angelina shole…. but she looks ugly …… better leave her as earlier days

  19. Isaaq

    I disagree. I think Gopi looks better nowadays

  20. Isaaq

    Sorry naveen if I’ve offended you. I always listen to my heart and my heart is always right so that’s I reacted badly with you. You don’t know me hardly hence why you are suggesting this. I share an old relationship with him that has existed since childhood.

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