Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th January 2013 Written Update

Rashi and jigar argue about their own baby. Rashi recalls urmi’s words and tells everyone that she wanted to adopt a baby. All the ladies get shocked. Hetal, koki tries to convince rashi to deny this adoption matter. But rashi denies. Koki asks jigar whether he is interested in adopting a baby. Jigar says, I never thought about it as I want my own baby. But I dont mind in adopting a baby. Rashi again yells that she want a baby. So bha says everyone that they should give some time to rashi to think about adoption of a baby. At urmi’s place, Kinjal wakes up and finds dhawal missing beside her. In falguni’s house dhawal repairs the fan and switches on it. Kinjal comes there and gets hyper looking at falguni & dhawal together. Falguni keeps her hand on dhawal and asks to have breakfast at her home. Kinjal comes inside and pushes falguni’s hand. Kinjal hugs dhawal and tells she got a bad dream and got scared. Kinjal takes away dhawal from there and falguni gets hyper. Falguni throws away the cup in her hand.

Rashi calls urmi and feels bad that modis are not in her support about the baby’s adoption. Rashi hangs on angrily when urmi says that mira is grabbing away all the gifts. Gopi comes to rashi’s room and gives mira to rashi. Gopi asks rashi to take care of mira for some time as she has some work in kitchen. Rashi agrees to it happily. In the kitchen, koki, hetal and gopi will be discussing about rashi. Koki says rashi has to be prepared herself a lot to accept a baby in her life. Gopi goes again to rashi and asks for mira. Rashi denies to give as gopi is suffering with cold. Gopi comes down. Koki asks gopi whether she has fed mira or not. Gopi says no as mira isnt crying. Rashi comes outside with mira so koki asks rashi to give mira to gopi so that she can feed her. Rashi comes down and gives mira to gopi. Lalitha ben calls modi bhawan and koki takes the call, After hanging on koki tells everyone that in the evening there is a skit program by orphanage kids and they have invited them. Koki says they would donate money for the orphanage. Rashi gets upset about it and tells that she is not interested in coming with them and leaves. Rashi comes to her room and mutters that modis cant adopt a baby but can donate money for them. Jigar comes there and rashi acts angry with him. Jigar says rashi that adoption of the baby is not possible. Rashi gets upset and tells she isnt interested in talking about the adoption and she wants to go to the function.

All 5 modi ladies come to the function. Few ladies and lalitha invite koki and her family. Koki gives a check and tells she is donating for the orphanage. The ladies feel happy looking at mira. They ask rashi about her good news. Rashi again gets upset. Rashi says the program might start and walk towards the stage. The skit starts, a lil girl gives the introduction of khana ji’s story.


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