Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi is taken into mental van. Whole Modi family cries. Premlatha also sheds fake tears. Gopi is taken to mental hospital where a schizophrenic patient thinks she is her husband’s murderer and throws object on her. Gopi gets injured and starts bleeding. Peons lock schizophrenic woman into her cell and take gopi to a shock treatment room. Gopi pleads that she is not mad and Premlatha has kidnapped her maaji and planned all this. Peon tapes her mouth and laughs that she is not mad, but they are.

Modi family says they will go mental hospital to be at Gopi’s side. Premlatha says nobody will go. Jigar says he will go. Hetal says she will go and be at Gopi’s side. Kokila says Gopi is mentally ill and nobody should go near her. Hetal says what will they say when Meera and Viday ask where is Gopi. Premlatha shouts nobody will tell them where Gopi is, else they will get tensed.

Vidy, Meera, and Urmila enter just then and are shocked to hear that. Meera asks how can they send mom to mental assylum and who is with mom now. Vidya says papa must be with mom. Premlatha says he is at room. Meera tries to go towards his room, but Premlatha stops her and says she stopped him from going to hospital. Meera asks how can dad do this.

Urmila cofrots each family member and asks how can they do this to Gopi. Gopi sacrficied 25 years for Ahem and family, but they easily forgo it. She says Premlatha that she cannot be Kokila as Gopi is everything for Kokila, she is mad in fact. Jigar shouts maaji. Urmila asks what happened to his devargiri. She says she gave her 2 daughters to this house, she lost Rashi already and will not lose Gopi. She asks Meera and Vidya to go and ask their father how can he do this. They both go to Ahem’s room and knocks door repeatedly, but Ahem sits on floor crying and does not open door.

Precap: Gopi is given electric shock and tortured.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. poor gopi sasuri 🙁

  2. This is exactly like Kahaani ghar ghar ki when Parvati was forced to go to the mental asylum by Trishna to save Parvatis daughter. Parvati also had electric shocks given to her even though she wasn’t mad. Saath nibhana saathiya is a good show but is copying other previous shows.

  3. Today’s episode broken my hearty.

  4. Oh!! sorry for the spelling mistake

  5. Kokilaji became a coward?

  6. Ugh hate that f**king premlata b*t*h and madhuben and gaura. They’re all shitty people that no one likes.

  7. Gopi aunty so sad….. 🙁
    Janu …aap kaisi hu????

  8. Gopiji chahe tho sab ke saamne fake kokila ji ki mask uthar sakthi thi .lekin vo eisa nahi kiya .kyoon?
    I think unka b man hoga ki ek bar deklenge ki mental hospital me kya kya cheez h??
    Meera ithna b buri nahi hoom ki jithna mene socha tha.sona bohoth sundar hothi jarahi h.
    Is serial dekthe dekthe hindi muje aasan hogaya.
    This is the best serial in the world.

  9. How many episodes of physical abuse of women viewers suppose to tolerate? Where are the censors, they object only to nudity,s*x but those don’t endanger lives, physical abuse can

  10. I really agree with u nisha… Draaging

  11. Even when Gopi is acting like a crazy person, her acting skills are superb.

  12. It looks like movie Damini she will run from hospital and let see who will be Sunny del here just guessing. Never understand y good character guys always face trouble

  13. Gopi ko pehle se hi gaura par shak aana chahiye tha…. Premalatha ko kaise pata kokila ka details…… Yeah tho gopi ko sochna chahiye tha………

  14. They have to bring a twist in the story……

  15. They should somehow bring together gopi and real kokila

  16. I just stopped watching it. Can’t bear to see all this torture, think they carrying it too far.

  17. End this track. Please

  18. Brighton Jack

    Gaura, Premlata, and Madhuben, the Thanatos Threesome, are among the most despicable characters ever created on prime-time television. The writers of this serial revel in showing how people poison and torture people. In most cases these vile characters get away with their mayhem, even praying to the Goddess that their dastardly acts will be helped with Divine support. There are few spectacles more corrosive of India’s morals than the sickening creeps on regular display in this serial. This show has become a crime against women, while the male characters are without doubt the most pathetic assemblage of saps to be found in the Eastern Hemisphere.

  19. I feel so sorry for gopi but i think urmila will set a trap to catch fake kokila

  20. i hope meera will be able to save gopi and kokila with the help of urmila. The show is ok but when a serial is dragging too far, it lose its popularity.

  21. I am so Glad That they showed/mentioned Rashi after such a long time.

  22. Even Gopi ji ko nakali Kokila ko baare me Badha sakti dhi. Fir bhi usne nahi badhaaya. Aur Kokila ko bhi aisi chance milaa dhaa parson ki episode me. Is serial pahale 8 varshon ka leap le liya dha or bhi fir ek baar 10 varshon ki leap! Aur isee samay me hi he is serial ka leap ka samay. Ek mandir me jaakar is dhushmani ka anth kar dhekhi meri Gopi bahan! SNS jeete raho par viewers ko ulloo banaana chod dho. Mein aakhir bhi achi- achi ghadanavon ki pratheeksha karti hoon. Nisha ki tarah mein bhi Hindi isee serial se padaa dhaa. Vaastav me I am a Kerality. Abhi mujhe hindi achee tarah Hindi samaj mein aati he aur mein is serial ko 5 varshon me dhekti jaa rahi hoon. Saath nibhaana saathiya zindhaabhaadh.

  23. Acting was good. But I m sick and tired of this premlata plot! Just let gopi find Kokila and end this plot of premlata. There is so much more to show like the vidya Shravan and meera dharam love angles. You can get shravan’s secret out and show vidya forgiving him and then starting a new life. You can show they durga becomes evil and tries to separate dharam meera. You can show the entry of Shravan’s ex girlfriend. You can show gopi ahem celebrating their anniversary and you can show kokila’s sister Jigna coming back and creating problems!! There is soooo much to show!! This is the second best serial in the industry after Naagin! Ppl love it so much!! Why show sad stuff??? Make it more of fun so that it can get back it’s top spot in the trp charts!!!

  24. Premlata ,Gaura & madhuben Ka parda kab fas hoga?
    Pls stop this
    Public bor ho gai hai.

  25. You are right anisha jab dharam meera shravan vidya ka track is show ki high trp thi

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