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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem gets flashes of Gopi being in danger while he is sleeping. He gets up and looks at her. He thinks Gopi didn’t think before doing anything and hopes he protects her always. Gopi recalls Radha warning them to harm the baby and gets worried. She prays to Kanha ji and says how can a mother kill her own child. Can’t you change her heart. Kokila is also restless and thinks about Meera accidently falling in the river. Guruji’s words echoes in her ears. Paridhi thinks about Radha’s hatred towards her child. She gets teary eyed. She gets up and sees Jigar missing. Paridhi comes to him and asks why you are not sleeping. Jigar says he is worried about his daughter as she is with Radha. He misses little Rashi and cries. Paridhi asks him not to worry as God is with her. She asks him to

sleep and start their search in the morning. Jigar shouts stop it Paridhi.

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Gopi wakes up and sees Pari and Jigar missing. She tells Ahem that they are not here. Ahem asks her to sleep. Jigar asks Pari to sleep and asks to leave him alone. He takes out his frustation on her. Gopi tells I shall talk to them. Ahem asks her not to get involved in the problems. He says he is getting scared and feeling as something wrong will happen to her. Gopi says Ahem ji. Ahem says have you ever thought what will happen to our daughters if anything happens to you. I don’t want to take any risk. Gopi says I went near the snake area as I was having faith on Kanha ji. She says my life runs because of you and thinks that you will protect me always. Ahem says what if I can’t be able to protect you. Gopi says we won’t be separated. We will be together. They hug each other emotionally.

Pari asks Jigar, why he is behaving rudely. Jigar says you won’t understand anything and asks her not to try to make him understand. He says I am the father of that girl and couldn’t do anything. Pari looks on with teary eyes. Jigar says I know that you too loves Rashi much. I am just waiting for the morning to come. Pari asks him not to worry and says now she feels motherly love for Rashi, the moment she was born. She says she didn’t give birth to Rashi, but she is her mother. Jigar apologizes to Pari and says I knows you loves Rashi. He blames himself. Gopi says you aren’t at fault. It is solely my mistake. Gopi says you all are bearing Radha as she is my sister. She promises them to bring Rashi anyhow and promises not to let anything happen to her. Ahem looks on tensed.

Jigar asks Ahem, will we get our Rashi. Ahem says ofcourse. Jigar expresses his worries. Ahem tells him that time will changed and we will get Rashi. He says Rashi will be in our lap very soon. Jigar hugs him.

Pari tells Gopi that Jigar unknowingly told her that he is father of Rashi and she is nothing to Rashi. She says may be he is right. I didn’t know how a mother feels for her daughter. She gets emotional and blames herself. Gopi tells that she knows Radha very well. She is very selfish and does everything according to her advantage. Ahem tells Jigar that he is worried about Gopi. Jigar says I will not let anything happen to Bhabhi, trust me. Ahem says lets go. Jigar prays to God to make him reach Rashi. Gopi tells about mothers. She says I know Radha is doing everything wrongly. I tried to make everything fine.

She says Radha is my sister and I love her very much. I hope that she understands my love. She is wrong. Ahem hopes that they will get Rashi and his family return home. Gopi asks Pari to get ready as they have to go to temple and prays to get Rashi. Jigar and Ahem also prays. Namashiva plays.

A boy gives Radha’s letter to Gopi asking her to follow her without informing her family else she will lose the baby. Gopi gets tensed as Radha looks at her.

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  1. i hate u jigar pa,i hate u pari mom, i hate u real mom(Radha) u all r throwing me n then catching me just lyk a football, dats not fair….sumtyms i have to remain wid bhikhari aunty n again she also throws me lyk a football,den Radha mom catches me lyk a goalkeeper.:p Such badluck!! Kanhaji i m fed up wid diz people please……….. i want to adopt an animal 🙂 as my caretaker, it will b better. Gopi aunty come soon to my rescue,koki aunty plis rub ur nose on the stone fast fast rescue me :p

  2. This baby Rashi is ruining the show.

  3. Build a temple for Ma Gopi and perform Pooja to her idol. She is becoming godly day by day. She interferes in everything and everyone’s issues. How is Paridhi getting so emotional about Rashi? She was and never the loving woman who loves everyone around, specially her husband’s daughter with another woman. To show that Pari is good you brought in Radha…….who is more evil than Pari.

  4. hahahaha…Priya you’re so right..and Baby Rashi wud prefer someone from the zoo now,but not the Modis..atleast is rugby match se to bach jayegi

  5. Sir John,Baby Rashi is the child of your favourite,Radha…gussa mat hoiye,aapki apni hi to hai woh…

  6. If i get an opportunity to kill d showmakers…..i will
    b d happiest

  7. Samajh ke kya rakha hain…. Main show dekhti nahi hun… But to watch yhm this show ka ending horaha hota hain… O.thoda scene hi itna Bakwaas hota hain… Haven’t seen makers of Isiliye… Inn actors ko.hi maarne ka man karta hain… Chee

  8. jelly aunty find a monkey as my caretaker soon n john uncle aapko sharam nahi aata meri mom ko lyn marte huye disgusting. Aapse aacha to meri caretaker monkey uncle hai. N john uncle dnt dare to c my mom, if u want remain wid bhikhari aunty

  9. will find you a Lioness,Rashi baby..phir dekhna…mujhe pakka yakeen hai,ye serial comedy hi hai…hum samajhne mein galti kar rahe hai.

  10. o thank u so much Jelly aunty. U are better than Jigar Pa, Pari Mom, Radha Mom n John naukar.
    And please send me some jelly also ;P

  11. puritan r u d monkey whu wl take kr of my baby?coz i dint undrstnd ur chatters plis xplain in human language 🙂 baby rashi ur monkey uncle has come

  12. What a blunder going in this serial why they have to suffer like for a baby whose mother is radha,why they have to put everybody life in danger for a new born.why pari is crying as if. Rashi is her own baby.they can go like that na i hate tjis serial even stopped watching

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