Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi drives car towards gurdwara to search Ahem. Kokila and Jigar also travel in cars towards gurdwaras to find Ahem.

Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon promote their film in their vanity van with Kriti Sanon as Meera’s fashion designer. Dharam comes there and forcefully enters van. Varun tries to send him out, but Dharam says his wife is big fan of Kriti’s designs and came to buy a dress. Varun says his girlfriend does not design clothes for aunties. Dharam says his wife is of Kriti’s age. Kriti gives her designed dress and says huge price. He asks why so much for 1/2 meter cloth. She says it is her creation. He gives money and says one task is done and another is left. Kriti asks what is second task. He says it is personal. She insists. He says he wants

to say I love you to his wife. Varun asks if he did not say I love you to aunty till now. Dharam says his wife is not aunty and he will not understand.

Gopi crashes his car with another car in a hurry. Shahrukh Khan comes out of it and knocks window. Gopi comes out and apologizes. He says why can’t she drive properly, he will call police. She starts crying and say she has to meet her husband urgently and pleads to let her go. He says she would have killed him. She says he may be not loving anyone, so he is talking like this. He says she is right and says she can go. She gets into car and try to start it unsucessfully. He calls her and says he will drop her to her destiny. She comes and sits next to him. He drives and asks what is her husband’s name. She says Ahem Modi. He asks why did he leave her. She says he did not.

Meera tells Urmila that Dharam called her to a park and says he is up to something, so she should accompany her. Urmila gives her pepper spray and says she brought it to spray on Gaura, but she may need it. Meera leaves alone. Gaura sees them talking and listens to their conversation standing near door. Urmila sees her and thinks Gaura herself will stop Dharam. She opens door and asks Gaura what is she doing. Gaura says she was passing by. Gaura says Dharam called Meera to romance in a park. Gaura thinks her Dharam cannot do that, she will go and spy on them.

Gopi’s phone switches off. SRK gives her charger. Once phone is on, she gets SMS from Ahem that he has failed in their relationship, so he will not meet her again. She cries and says this message is old one. She calls Ahem’s number. A pandit picks phone and says he found phone on temple stairs. She asks location and asks to give phone to her husband. He says he is busy with someone’s shraad/last rights pooja. She asks whose. He says Ahem Modi’s. She starts crying vigorously.

SRK asks if her heart says that her Ahemji can do this. She says no. He says then he will get her to Ahem at any cost today.

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  1. adeline joseph

    SRK ‘s entry in such a situation is not so impressive….

  2. No.1 Bakwass serial

    1. I totally agree wid u

    2. Stop watching it.

  3. Radhika Doosa

    These people are prolonging the serialthat ‘s all

  4. What d hell.. She didn’t noticed that he is srk…

  5. I hope srk reunite gopi n ahem

  6. They just created some plot to make an entry of SRK , Kajol, Varun and Kriti…
    Nothing important!!!
    I can’t remember how many times did Ahem and Gopi part their ways!!!
    Such a Bakwaas serial!!!
    I really miss that “Saath Nibhana Saathiya” which was my favorite serial!!!
    This serial has lost its essence after the demise of Rashi!!!
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. i liked this episode a little because it has sharukhan and i like sharukhan i am a big fan of sharukhan

  8. Dirty serial I ever seen like this and srk entry is not so nice

  9. Can’t they kill ahem and gopi
    These two are so irritating never think about their daughter just be in themselves and romance

  10. Not a good idea to put SRK entry in the show. Because SNS is itself is a crash. If SRK entry is in a show like Ek Tha Raja ek Thi Rani or Ishq ka Rang Safed , it would have been nice. In vain they have put SRK on the show.

    1. As usual Kokila’s high pitch tone nusence dialogues ‘ (Mera Ahem , Mera Ahem Wala)
    2. As usual Gopi , “Yeh Kanha Ji , meri Ahemji ko Raksha Karo” dialogues
    3. As usual showing the faces of entire SNS cast , if something happens
    4. As usual Meera’s Evil Plans
    5. As usual Gaura’s Evil Plans…Uff hate it too much

  11. No,srk’s entry is fine

    1. Sathiya was my favorite serial,is &will be

  12. srk? what is wrong with him been in this serial? they must be trying to save the serial from crashing that is why they brought him.

  13. I don’t understand why the serials gets prolonged unnecessarily. Can’t they have a perfect written story!!?

  14. Love u Varun…. awesome pair of varun & kriti… nyc episode bcoz of my Varun Dhawan…

  15. All the best to Varun & kriti for ur upcoming movie Dilwale…
    Kajol & srk aftr a long tym together wow ??

  16. Such nice episode and for who hate it you are thick in the head maybe you made fake accounts haha who knows losers ????

  17. Such nice episode and for who hate it you are thick in the head maybe you made fake accounts haha who knows losers ???? also this ain’t supposed to be for Gopi and Ahem going with srk and them lot it’s a drama der

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