Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi gets out of her inebriation and asks Kokila, Mansi and Premila where are guests, when is her muh dikhayi. Premila says guests left. Kokila asks if she does not remember what happened. Gopi says she rembers coming down for muh dikhaya and does not know what happened next. Kokila realizes something is wrong. Premila asks her to go and rest. Urmila calls Kokil and says they are coming. She says muh dikhayi is finished, they need not come, she is coming back home.

Mansi wears Kokila’s gifted necklace to Gopi and fumes that if she had married Ahem, she would have got this necklace, Gopi ruined her life, now she will make Gopi’s life hell. Gopi in her room thinks what must have happened, why does not she remember anything. Mansi comes and returns her Kokila’s

gifted necklace. Gopi asks what happened downstairs. Mansi says nothing and leaves. Gopi wears necklace and shouts in pain. She removes it and finds glass strands on necklace and her neck bleeding.

Kokila meets Urmila on road and informs her Mansi is Krishna’s sister and what Gopi did. Urmila says Gopi cannot do this, something is wrong, they need to find out. Kokila says yes, but let us go home first.

Vidya drops something by mistake while hiding. Meera thinks kidnapper came and requests to return Priyal and take money. Vidya comes out and asks what is all this. Meera panicks and stammers that Priyal will be back soon. Vidya asks how can she hide such a big thing from them, she will inform Dharam and Shravan right now. Meera warns her not to, else she will shoot her. Vidya says she will at any cost. Argument starts and Vidya collapses after bullet hits her stomach. Meera shouts she did not even shoot, how did vidya got hit. She picks Vidya and rushes towards hospital dropping gun down. Naiya comes out with Prakash and looks at gun from which she shot Vidya and then looks at Meera’s gun. She drops Meera’s credit card on floor as evidence for police.

Meera gets Vidya into car and rushes towards hospital. Dharam calls her and she tells Vidya is shot and she is taking her to hospital. Dharam says he will reach hospital soon. Meera reaches hospital. Docs take Vidya into operation theater and asks Meera to stay out. Meera reminisces Vidya collapsing after gun shot and cries loudly. Dharam and Shravan reach there followed by Kokila and family. Kokila says Dharam informed her about Vidya. Shravan asks who shot Vidya. Meera says she shot and says Priyal is kidnapped and she went to kidnapper’s den with money to save Priyal, but Vidya came there somehow and wanted to inform Dharam and Shravan, so she frightened her with gun and does not know who shot Vidya though.

Precap: Shravan asks doc how is his wife, if she will be saved. Doc says he cannot say, her condition is critical. Inspector comes to investigate case.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow. Good acting by Meera and Vidya.

    1. Yes john uncle both r fabulous actress

  2. Vidya got what she deserved. She should have put aside her ego and help Meera to save Priyal. But, she didn’t. Because she just wanted to prove herself in front of Dharam and Shravan. This Naiyya and her ‘sarak chaap’ should be shot dead by Meera.

    1. Ughhhh god it’s meera’s fault for not telling priyal had been kidnapped and she gave naiya the chance to kidnap her. Even if it was an accident it’s still meera’s fault.

  3. Good for meera n they should check the gun for fingerprint before they start their investigation

  4. Ughhhh god it’s meera’s fault for not telling priyal had been kidnapped and she gave naiya the chance to kidnap her. Even if it was an accident it’s still meera’s fault.

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