Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi gets worried for Rashi and asks Jigar and tolu/molu to go and check. Dhaval calls and informs that he searched Rashi in park and everywhere, but did not find her. Rashi gets lost while searching hospital and panics. Dhaval, Urmila, Tolu, and Molu start searching Rashi by showing pic. Gopi suggests Jigar to file a police complaint. He calls Dhaval, but sees Rashi coming with peon. He tells Dhaval that Rashi came here and asks him to inform Tolu/molu.

Peon informs that Rashi came here via ambulance. Gopi says Rashi that she should not have come out of house without informing elders. Rashi asks where is Baa. Meera shouts not to create havoc here and says daadi got heart attack. Rashi starts crying vigoroursly and asks if Baa will go to god. Gopi says baa will be fine soon.

Rashi asks why did Meera tell that baa got heart attack. Gopi says it not necessary heart attack patients go to god and says if she follows elders, baa will come back home soon. Rashi asks is it true and gets happy.

Urmila thinks nothing should happen to Kokila. Kinjal says everyone mom will be fine soon. Urmila slaps her and says Kokila is ill because of her and she has troubled Kokila all these years. Kinjal asks if she got well. Urmila starts her mad acting again and says this thief always steals form her house and Kokila gets punished always. Ahem reminisces Kinjal’s dramas to trouble Kokila. Urmila takes vase to hit Kinjal, but Ahem holds her hand. Kinjal says he saved her from mad woman. Ahem shouts and says Urmila is mad, but said right words, she did drama to trouble mom. She says she wanted to bring out mom’s truth out. Gopi asks her to stop her drama and says even being a daughter, she always troubled kokila and even took god’s fake oath. She says even if maaji lied, it was to hold her son back and mother will never think of harming children. Because of her, Kokila is working like a slave in Urmila’s house and because of Ahem, maaji’s life is in danger. Ahem starts crying.

Doc comes out and says Kokila is in very critical condition. Rashi starts crying and asks Gopi why did she lie that Baa will get well soon. Hetal says just like she is strong, Kokila will also be strong in a few days.

Ahem reminisces Kokila’s pampering and belief on him since childhood till now, grooming him, etc. He reminisces in childhood he resisting to go to school and Kokila waiting for him till school finishes and asking to promise her he will never leave her, then reminiscing Kokila pleading not to leave her and getting heart attack and he shouting she is acting. He starts crying vigorously. Gopi comes and asks why is he crying now. He says she is right, it is his mistake. She says now he realized it and says he alleged maaji as world’s cunning and con woman. He apologizes and requests to save his mom. She asks if he is in his senses and asks if he wants to save his mom or Mrs. Modi. He says she can scold him, but ask god to get his mom well. He kneels down and says he cannot live without his mom.

Precap: Doc says he could not save Kokila. Gopi and Ahem are shocked to see no pulses on vital signs monitor and shouts at Kokila to wake up.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gopi dikra, ahem ka dil jeetogi to he main jaag jaungi

    1. ahem dikhra, gopi ko apna lo toh hi mein jaag jaungi

  2. Make this serial 7 days a week, instead of 6

  3. jaanu(john ki bahu)

    Sasurji….if the serial will be telecasted 7 days then even Sunday also u won’t get leave .u want to wash utensils n cook food even Sunday as everyone in our home will be watching this serial.

  4. Nice…..hi john

    1. jaanu(john ki bahu)

      Hey Riya wat r u dng if my mother in law comes to know abt u she will beat john with broom stick…so plz don’t talk to john yaar….

  5. Maaji…..don’t die we will join u in a bestum best hospital…. N if ur ahem doesn’t pay the fee I will pay by selling my bestum best baniyans….if any wants my baniyans plz contact John….

  6. Hey u john…..u r the person who fight with sweet

  7. Jaanu who is ur mother in law… new here so….

    1. jaanu(john ki bahu)

      Hi Riya…Meethi the serving in modi bhavan is my mother in law n john is my father in law…..they both r RAB NE BANA DI JODI type…made for each other….

  8. will kokila really die? does anyone know?

    1. No, see the spoilers she will wake up

      1. Maaji…what r u dng here if ahem ji sees u he will again think that u r doing drama go n sleep on ur bed my dhawal bro is trying hard to pay ur hospital fee n u r roming here n there….

  9. Arre baap re Aise rothlu family mei, mei Bahu nahi bannA chahti… Who bhi Bahu no:2 … Hope to run away soon… U enjoy Gopi!

  10. She will wake up when ehem shouts.don’t worry gys, if kokila dies than the drama will be finish.

  11. Mein hindhusthan sei neheehoo.leking ye.
    Series dheyk kar mujey thoda thoda baath karna aathaa hei.hey is my hindhi language good or do I have ti improve? Pls say something

    1. Hi shimy…nice to meet U…your Hindi is really osum….I thought u r from India by reading ur comment…your Hindi is good…so whr r u from…

  12. ahem ne meera vidya ke man mein gopi ke liye navrat bhar diye. gopi tum kyun itni bholi ho?

  13. Mrs. Modi cannot die

  14. One more slap to ahem n one tight one to that spoilt brat mansi ki chamchi meera

  15. Kokila modi and gopi are the to valain in did serial…. They only want what they want…. They don’t want to see others felling ….. They don’t know how to hendle their own family relation and going to interfere others…. f**king hell…….furrrrrr

  16. Kokila must die no use….. She only know how to full fill her demand….

  17. And Gopi also must die….. Blady lady….. Can’t give time to her family only Interfer other family….
    f**king lady

  18. Hy meghana, thanks for the comment.m from MALDIVES…have u ever heard of maldibes?

  19. Yeah I heard about Maldives but I have never been to there….so shimy u r school going r clg going….I am college going…

  20. Kokilas gonna wake up amd gopi and ahem r gonna unite agen!

  21. Hy meghana.u should visit maldives one day.maldives is consist of 1190 islandes.and its with white sandy beaches..u will love if u go there

  22. Im going college… be in touch meghana

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