Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi confronts Mansi’s friends in his own style. He asks them to dance with him and while dancing, Mansi’s friend falls down and cries that her back gave up. Jaggi taunts she cannot even dance. Gopi says she threw food purposefully, so this is punishment for her. Mansi shouts. Gopi shouts to mind her tongue. Jaggi starts Mansi next and confronts her in his style.

After Naiya and Prakash’s engagement, Sona tells her children let us go now. Dharam asks Urmila and Sona to tell Gopi and Kokila to attend marriage, else he will not keep quiet.
Meera tries to speak to Dharam, but Dharam ignores her. Vidya gives tea to Meera and Meera angirly walks from there, even Dharam walks out.

Jaggi writhes in stomachache after overeating. Gopi hears

him writhing, enters his room and says he overeats always. He says she makes such a tasty food that he cannot stop overeatingg. She says she will get ajwain for him for digestion.

Vidya calls Gopi and speaks. She then goes to her room. Shravan says she was looking very beautiful today. She shies. He picks water mug. She says she will bring water as she also has to finish some other chores in kitchen and walks towards kitchen. Meera angirly reminisces Dharam venting out his anger on her and keeps her hand on temple lamp. Vidya sees that, runs and removes her hand from lamp, applies ointment and asks what is all this. Meera shouts she should ask Dharamji instead and walks out angrily. Vidya thinks if someone is trying to create a rift between Dharam and Meera.

In the morning, Gopi sings bhajan and prays god. Mansi and her team play loud music and exercise. Vidya sees Meera trying to prepare almond milk for Dharam and helps her. Dharam comes after exercise. Meera asks Vidya to give almond milk to her papaji. Dharam says will drink only if someone gives it with love and not with anger. Meera shouts with pain. Dharam sees her injured hand and asks what happened. She says it burnt. He shows concern. Meera leaves. Naiya watches standing near door and smirks. Vidya asks Dharam to calm down.

Mansi continues playing loud music and exercises. Gopi asks her to lower music as she is disturbing pooja. Mansi says this is her aerobics time and she can change aarti timing if she wants. Kokila says Gopi we will do aarti a bit early from tomororw and gives prasad to Mansi. Mansi rejects. Premila asks Mansi to accept god’s prasad.

Jai and Veeru record Jaggi’s video on his mobile and show it to him. He keeps mobile on bed by mistake and leaves. Premila checks mobile and sees his name is Jaggi and not Ahem.

Update Credit to: MA

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  4. Oh no what will happen next? I am so exited
    Yet ,’ the present track is boring. Only deera scene gives some entertainment.
    I really miss the roaring of kokila as “BASS”SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
    Pls bring her to the old position
    She was the pillar of the show but now no one is the pillar of the show in otherwords everyone is the pillar of it .gaura should be come back in a negative role as before.that will be better than the mansi -premila group.

    1. Nandhini

      Gaura will come back and she will chase out mansi and pramila…

    2. Lol nisha! I also miss that because that just made me giggle all the time

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    How long ahem will hide his identity and act as jaggi???

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    This is the first time vidya thinking smart than meera

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