Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2013 Written Update

The Episodes kick starts with Ahem, Gopi and Urmilaa in a worried state. Urmilaa looks very tense and Ahem – Gopi looking for a way out of this mess. Urmilaa wants to somehow save the marriage of her daughter.

Urmilaa also feels that she had acted wrongly in putting the paper cuttings in Raashi’s bag.

Modi home : Jigar And Raashi argue and alleging each other with one being liar and drama creator, while other says that things are being exaggerated and made bigger than what actually the issue is.

Ahem and Gopi come over and shouts at them to stop fighting and go to sleep. The issue of alimony is revealed to Ahem and Gopi, whilst Raashi protests that she is not after alimony and the truth is she does not know how and from where the newspaper cutting

came about.

Gopi then sees that there is some movement inside Kokila’s room and tells Ahem to quiet down lest Kokila hears him speaking in raised voice, for Kokila has woken up.

Later Kokila comes to Ahem Gopi Room and asks what the matter and why is he speaking to her Gopi in a raised voice. When Gopi tries to clear the air by saying that nothing is amiss and all is fine, Kokila stops Gopi and tells her not to lie, for Gopi’s eyes are telling that she, Gopi, is trying hide something. Further she says that better they clear the air and their differences soon.

A worried Urmilaa pleads with Jayanthilal that the money – Rs 20,000/- taken by her should not be told to Madhu. Angry Jayanthilal ticks her off and says if Madhu comes to know of the real story, then she had it. Also Jayanthilal tells Urmilaa that she is a liar, cheap and waste of money, no wonder Madhu is always after her, Urmilaa. Just then, Madhu walks in to say that Urmilaa wasted Rs 20,000/- on cheap film stars, duplicates and the money came from Jitu, her brother. This Madhu learnt from the ladies of the building.

Ahem and Gopi analyze the events of the day and Gopi wonders how the newspaper cuttings came into Raashi’s bag. Also they break their heads as to how to resolve Jigar – Raashi problem. Somehow Ahem remembers Radha being in the room where the bag was and in the end they wrongly conclude that Radha had indeed put the cutting in the bag. Ahem stops Gopi from going to Radha right away.

Later the next day Gopi warns Radha not to meddle in Jigar Raashi marital life. Radha protests that she did not do anything.

In the kitchen Gopi tries to convince Raashi not to take the extreme step of announcing the divorce. Raashi is adamant. It is Raashi’s final decision.

In between, Jitu gets Raashi’s call and wants to speak to Urmilaa, just as Jitu is about hand over the cell phone, Madhu comes over and takes the call ; says to Raashi that Urmilaa is busy and has to complete all the work so that she could come to Modi home for the evening festivities. Urmilaa is really down, worried and upset.

Urmilaa is asked to do her work faster and since she wasted so much money of Jitu’s hard earned money, She, Urmilaa needs to work for it, so that she realizes the true value of the money.

At the prayer area { Puja }. Modi home, Raashi wants to say something to the family. But Gopi in her own way says that Raashi wants to donate clothes to the orphan children.

After all leave, Raashi goes after Gopi and says that however Gopi might try and stop her, she would make the divorce announcement.

Sometime later : Ahem and Gopi in discussion, they want to resolve the issue of Jigar and Raashi. Gopi finally says that she has an idea

Episode Ends On Gopi’s Face ! ! !

Preview :- Gopi tells Raashi that She, Gopi, is very happy Raashi has come to attend the dance festivities and Raashi is looking very beautiful. Raashi responds that she, Raashi, did not come to make Gopi happy but to announce the impending divorce after the festivities.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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