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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan says Gaura that Vidya will go meet her daadi. Gaura says even he will not come back to this house if he goes. Shravan says it is okay and takes Vidya to room. Vidya calls Gopi and says she wants to come and see daadi, but Gaura is not permitting her. Gopi says she knew Gaura would do this. Vidya says Meera was against Gaura at first, but then Gaura as usual convinced her that she is innocent. Gopi is surprised to her that. Vidya asks how is daadi now. Gopi says doc told if Kokila does not wake up in 2 hours, she will go into coma. Vidya starts crying vigorously. Shravan comes and asks what happened. She hugs him and says dadi’s condition is very critical. Shravan consoles her. Gaura hears their conversation and thinks if Kokila goes into coma, she will be

like a dead person, she has to go and meet Kokila somehow.

Rashi cries hearing about Kokila’s condition. Madhuben consoles her. Rashi pushes her hand and says she needs only baa. Tolu consoles her and says Baa does not like her to cry and if she will know about it, she will get sad. Rashi calms down and says she wants to come to hospital. Tolu says if she does not cry in hospital, he will take her and says she can sit between him and Sona. Madhuben gets angry and tries to stop. Tolu asks her not to worry, he will take Sona and Rashi safely. Sona asks Madhuben what is use of going now, Rashi can carry food. Madhuben says Rashi is small, so she should go. Baa also says same. Sona angrily leaves.

Ahem asks doc what is happening, why his mom did not wake up even 3 hours after surgery. Doc asks him to relax and gets into ICU back. Gaura enters hospital wearing sweeper’s clothes and pallu over her face. While mopping floor, she purposefully drops soap water on Gopi’s way. Gopi slips, but Molu holds her and scolds Gaura. Gopi says it is okay and asks Gaura to be careful. Gaura sees her face on floor water and relaxes that chatanki/Gopi did not see her. Rashi comes and asks Gopi where is baa. Gopi shows Kokila from door.

Vidya sadly reminisces Gaura’s words. Meera brings her food. Vidya gets emotional. Meera says there is no need for so much excitement, just like her saas is concerned for her, she is concerned for her Vidya bahu. Vidya says she does not know to act like her saas and says her sister has come to feed her and feeds her saying she also must not have anything since morning. Meera asks how is daadi. Vidya says daadi’s condition is critical and asks if she is praying for daadi. Meera nods yes. Vidya thanks god for returning her sister back.

Dharam hears their conversation and calls Gaura, but she disconnects call. Rashi gives her choc wrapper and asks to throw it in dustbin as she does not find one around. Gaura angrily takes wrapper. Sona asks Tolu where is toilet. Gaura shows her toilet and says she should feed food to her family first before it cools down. Sona says toilet first and runs in. Gaura takes food.

Vidya tells Meera that Gaura tried to kill daadi. Meera shouts that baaji is innocent and daadi’s plan to trouble baaji backfired her. Vidya says she sees whatever Gaura shows her and cannot think on her own. Meera sout at her and leaves. Vidya prays god to give her sister some brain to different between right and wrong.

Precap: Gaura enters Kokila’s ICU room and says Ahem is Kokila’s pride, so she will kill Ahem.

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  1. Pls update fanfictions plzzzzz

  2. Loved th episode! I guess gopi will save ahem from gaura now! Loved the Shravan- Vidya moment! Btw can anybody please tell me whether Kokila will actually die or not!!

  3. Revathi Anandh

    the worst serial… further i wont see…. after this gaura chapter close gopi mother will start a new seen…. it is endless…..

  4. Kokila will survive

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