Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari requests Urmila to help them and agree to act as dead, but Urmila is adamant in her decision. Dhaval comes and Kinjal asks him to convince her. Tolu/molu also request her to agree. She hesitantly agrees and sleeps on ground as dead. Pari sees cockroaches and panics. Urmila asks why is she shouting now. Children say there is a cockroach beside her. She also panics and runs. Baa signals that Radha is coming. She goes back and sleeps on floor. Radha comes and asks why is she inside. Kokila says they cannot keep dead body outside, so they brought her in.

Door bell rings and icemen come with ice blocks. Radha says she ordered ice as she called morgue and they told Urmila cannot be buried before 3 hours, so stop Urmila’s body from decaying, she will keep it under

ice. Pari says there is no need of ice. Radha says she wants to serve at least Urmila’s body before she is buried. Savita comes there. Icemen ask where is dead body. Savita asks whose dead body. Kokila hesitantly says Urmila is no more. Savita starts her drama and cries loudly, says Urmila was her bestfriend, etc. Pari’s dad, Jigar, Ahem, etc., come there and ask how did she die. Kokila says it was an accident. Gopi says Savita she wants to spend time with Urmila before her last rights. Savita asks when is her last rights. Radha says after 2.5 hours.

Kokila says Gopi that she has to stop Radha from reciting geeta for 2.5 hours, else Urmila will definitely die of cold under ice. Gopi snatches geeta from, says she cannot recite it as she herself killed Urmila, and asks her to go to her room. Radha asks if she will send her to jail. Gopi says no and asks her to go to her room. Radha agrees and says she will attend Urmila’s last rights even if she is sent to jail.

Once Radha goes to her room, Urmila hurriedly wakes up from ice blocks and scolds Modi’s for troubling her like this. Pari says she has to help them at any cost. Kokil asays we cannot stop Radha from coming out till 2 hours. Someone suggests that they have to march towards graveyard right now. Kokila says it is a good idea.

Everyone dorn white clothes and carry Urmila to graveyard. Urmila shakes while being carried and Jigar asks her to stop shaking as she is very heavy. Urmila says she knows. Radha sees Urmila’s garland falling and corrects it. Urmila is kept under firewood and Panditji starts last rights. Kokila asks Gopi to take Radha from there. Gopi says Radha to go from there as she is pregnant and should not see last rights. Radha says she will not. Urmila’s husband comes and starts crying vigorously. Urmila says she is alive. He starts shouting happily that his Urmila is alright. Radha is surprised to hear that and asks if it is true. Jigar holds Urmila’s husband and tells him it is a drama and asks also him to act. He starts crying again. Pari drags Radha from there and Urmila gets up from firewood. Radha insists to see urmila’s last rights. Before could turn back, firewood is burnt.

Radha comes to her room and reminisces urmila’s death and the incidents thereafter. She hopes that Urmila’s soul does not trouble her.

Precap: Kokila tells Radha that she will send her to jail on Urmila’s murder charges.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Waahh urmila behnn…… Super super comedy!!!!!!! Laughed my head out today 😀 😀

  2. As usual I thought modis plan wud leak!!!!!!but today they all acted very wisely!! 🙂 (Y) especially when jigar silently said to urmis husband that” its all drama”……and also when Koki convinced him ………….

  3. See people i told u that this is a great show. At least two people agree that today’s episode was nice. Great job Mr.Writer.

  4. Rekha is radhas twin that’s why she likes the show. John is well, just John what can one say about him lol.

  5. Very funny

  6. Max, ohhh yeah??!!…….the show don’t depend just on one character. Im gonna watch the show anyways daily…’s been since more than 3 years I’m watching……. I can’t stop it…..

  7. Today’s episode was hilarious, couldn’t stop giggling, well done to the whole cast

  8. The most boring serial ever.

  9. Funny:-P

  10. Kashif khan yousafzai

    Bakwas yar…plz radha ko na nikalo drame se plz plz plz i like only radha

  11. Kashif khan yousafzai

    I love radha

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