Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police arrests Gaura for murdering Durga and shooting Gopi. Dharam asks police to take her away. At home, Dharam’s family mourns Durga’s death. Dharam thanks Kokila for supporting their family during their mourning. Kokila says he is also like his son and goesto bring water for him.

Kokila and Gopi watch Vidya hugging Shravan and Gopi says soon Vidya and and Shravan will sort their issues and reunite, she is worried about Meera as Dharam is of Meera’s father’s age. Gopi says when Dharam will be in his last stage of life, Meera will be living life’s best moments. She would like to experience motherhood, but Dharam may not agree to become father at that age. Dharam silently listens to their conversation.

Gopi says Vidyashe can stay with Shravan ivf she wants and asks Meera to come along. Meera says she wants to stay. Dhram asks her to leave. Meera says she is her wife and will not go anywhere. Dharam asks her to sign divorce papers and get free to do whatever she likes in life. He says their marriage was a mistake as their age difference is huge and it was a total blunder. Meera says okay, signs divorce papers and says in deed he is old. Dharam walks out.

Meera is shattered and breaks thinks, shouting that she rejected Dharam. Gopi asks Vidya to take care of her family and leaves with Modi family. Meera breaks things in anger again and Gopi stands dumbstuck.

Precap: Meera introduces her ex-boyfriend Sanskar as her would be husband.

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  1. Noooo!! Has Meera gone back to being a b*t*h?

    1. Apparently it’s a plan to make Dharam jealous?

  2. missing meera”s old avatar

  3. Meera’s tantrums are intolerable…..

  4. It’s gonna be the Jealousy track! It’s actually good that we are getting something other than nonsense gaura and her revenge track!!

  5. Meera is disgusting it’s good that dharam leave her no one can live with her

  6. Dharam and meera should unite… they make a nice pai… Dheera rocks

  7. actually all this is drama to make dharam jealous . it will work indeed
    it will make dharam accept meera

  8. Happiness personified

    Plz update with 16th episode. Hoping to see more twists n turns before the much awaited leap ?

  9. I have posted my episode Summary, I hope they post it soon

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