Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar tells Paridhi that Sona is a good girl and she should accept her. Kokila asks her to do Sona’s graha pravesh. Paridhi keeps rice bowl and sona kicks it and steps in red water thali. Paridhi drops black ink on Sona’s feet. Kokila sees that and shouts what is this, it is her son’s life’s new begging and she is ruining it. Paridhi asks why is she kept in darks. Hetal says she was not here. Pari asks they would have called her. Kokila starts her usual loud dialogues. Paridhi says she is angry on them as they are her dear ones and people get angry or happy only on dear ones. Gopi’s dialogues start next. Paridhi goes to her room and locks herself.

Gaura sees Dharam and Meera together and fumes. They both start verbal argument and part ways. Gaura gets happy that her plan is working without execution. She enters Meera’s room holding mosquito bat and murmurs that she will burn Meera’s face like mosquito and with closed eyes extends her hands towards Meera’s face. Dharam comes in between and gets bat on his face and shouts in pain. Gaura opens eyes and shows her concern.

Whole family tries to console Pari, but she does not. Hetal says she tried a lot, but Pari is adamant and is not opening door at all. Gopi says she will explain Pari about Sona’s goodness.

Dharam asks Gaura why did she burn his face. She says she wanted Meera…then says she did not mean to hurt him. He says she always wants to harm Meera, but harms him and says he heard her murmur to burn Meera’s face. He says today he will go to business meet at Ahmedabad and don’t know what to tell businessmen when they ask what happened to his face. Gaura promises him that she will not touch Meera again, but thinks she will punish her without using hands for slapping her.

Precap: Gopi tells Paridhi that Sona ha0s done many mistakes, but she has changed, so she accepted her as bahu. Paridhi says she wants to become maaji and wants Sona to wander around her, so she selected Sona for Tolu.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. In this serial meera got married in 20, vidya in 18 and tolu got married in just 19. How strange

    1. exactly and dhaaram should atleast be around 45…i feel so akward seeing dharam and meera……the fact that he has a son elder to meera makes me puke…

    2. no she is 28. jub wo apne bf k sath bhag rahi thi apna passport leke tab uska passport me uski date of year 1987 likhi thi. so us hisab se wo 28 saal ki hui.

  2. Paridhi is the best actress of this show. She is one of the reason why this show has the highest TRP.

  3. When this serial goes end bored yar only i love gopi

  4. absolutely right pari is the best one plzz kick out sona from these showww she is look like pari mother.pari thanks u come back these show…now I will be see this drama…without u drama is boring..

  5. absolutely right pari is the best one plzz kick out sona from these showww she is look like pari mother …now I will be see this drama…without u drama is boring..

  6. Gud epi

  7. molu should get married next and they should kick that stupid pari !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Paridhi needs to accept her because she already marry tolu

  9. Did you know that it was first decided that molu would be the one to mary sona when she first came on set but the writer changed the track and paired sona with tolu instead

  10. Paridhi will not accept Sona

  11. Good episode.

  12. ye kokila gopi or khud k age kisi ko ku6 samjhti hi nhi, sabko apne isharo pe nacha ti hai. badi bahu ghar ki koi or hai yani jigar ki mom par khud sabki badi bani firti hai, pari ne kal kya galat bola jo uspe rashan pani leke chad gyi wo :/ wo maa hai tolu use pura haq hai apne bete ka future decide krne ka. par uske liye to apne bach hia hi bache hai dusro k bacho dusro ki maa ki mamta ku6 b nhi. bilkul sahi dlg mara pari ne ki gopi khud ko maa ji bnana chaiti hai or sona ko dusri gopi bahu

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