Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th March 2014 Written Update

Rashi is taunting Radha. Kokila and Hetal glare at Rashi. Baa asks Rashi to take Radha to her room. The kids are playing, Vidya asks Pappu what Kinjal will be to her? Pappu says fai. Vidya then asks about Kokila, they say Dadi. Rashi is taunting Radha on the way to her room, she asks for the khandani necklaces. Radha is annoyed. Rashi asks whether she wants help. Ahem is in his room and thinks what happened in the temple. He keeps getting flashbacks and feels lost. He washes his face.

Vidya asks the kids, why her mumma isnt here yet. She tells them she’ll ask Ahem or Kokila. She runs out. Hetal-Kokila-Baa-Jigar are in the living room. Hetal tells them Gopi is still standing outside. Baa indirectly asks her to get Gopi back. Kokila asks her to speak clearly.

Baa says Ahem-Gopi have gotten remarried again it is a sign. Kokila refuses and says that Gopi will never come into this house again or will she meet Vidya again. Hetal-Jigar-Baa are shocked. Vidya is crying. Kokila says Ahem took a good decision by separating Vidya from Gopi and she says I support him in this. Vidya is crying harder. Jigar is shocked.

Madhu tells Gopi not to worry as her mom is with her, she asks Gopi to come home. Gopi says I will only leave when I have my daughter with me. Rashi is on the phone with Urmi and tells her that Radha cried a lot infront of Hetal-Kokila hope that doesnt affect them. Urmila is annoyed. The kids come rushing to Rashi and ask her if she has seen Vidya. Rashi hangs up on Urmi. Rashi says lets go. The kids asks Kokila if she saw Vidya. Hetal starts worrying. Ahem is coming down the stairs and asks for Vidya. The kids tell him that she isnt with them.

Ahem thinks that she went to Gopi. Kokila asks Rashi to take the kids inside. Ahem goes outside. Hetal goes to check in the garden. Kokila goes to her room. Baa ia praying. Hetal notices the garden door is open. Ahem rushes to the gate and asks Gopi where Vidya is. Gopi is shocked. Hetal comes and tells Ahem that the garden door is open. Ahem-Gopi stare at each other. Both of them rush in different directions to search for Vidya. Vidya is running on the streets. Gopi shows a picture and asks if anyone has seen her.Ahem is driving around. Vidya is crying for her mumma. Gopi is searching for her too. Gopi thinks about going to the bus stop. Jigar is also searching for Vidya in the car with the kids. Hetal calls to find out. Jigar says nothing so far. Baa thinks Vidya might have overheard their convo.

Gopi is searching at the bus stop. She thinks Vidya might have goes to another bus stop and goes there. Ahem is in the car. Vidya is still running and prays and says that she wants her family but not at the cost of losing her mumma. Gopi is running. Vidya goes to the temple. Meera sees her and walks to her. Meera tells her that she will find her mumma. Meera says the pandit might you. Vidya says that my mumma loves all kids. Vidya-Meera go hand in hand to the temple. Gopi also reaches the temple. Vidya-Meera are talking in the temple.

Precap : Gopi is hugging both Meera-Vidya. Ahem watches them from behind and has a smile on his face.

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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  2. Seems like gopi will find meera and ahem will accept her

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