Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Jaggi narrating how Ricky proposed to Sita and how she rejected him.. How both Sita and Ricky were upset now. Gopi laments that they both loved n cared for eachother.. But they failed to understand their feelings. Jaggi assures Gopi that she better rest n take her drugs timely. Ricky Sita would soon reunite … They have to go thru hardships just like Jaggi had to go thru trouble trying to win Gopi before marriage..

In jail Bhawani plans her jail break … She will win Dharam and destroy Modis this time.

At Modi house Gopi is giving medicines to Kokila maa ji. Koki finds her worried for Rama kant and Sita. Koki assures. krishna bhagwaan would take care of everything … Only true love wins.

At night Samira is happily reading her lover’s letter.. But drops it and finds the note lying on the floor. She is shocked to find nothing legible ….. Soon she finds it legible in dark room.

The letter calls Samira to meet him at the back of the garden.. He asks her to switch off the mains.. So that none could spot them and she could sneak out easily. He was dying to hold her in his arms

Gopi follows Samira. Samira meets Pinku and they have romantic close moments. Pinku says he was tired of pretendi g to be the bro of his own wife. They hugs tightly. Gopi is shocked to see this sight … She learns they were pati patni not bro sis. Also that they were plotting to kill the entire Modi khandaan.

She rushes to inform maaji but Samira and Pinku hit her on her head and Gopi faints..

Soon Samira and pinku switch on the lights in a dramatic way and reveal that each n every Modi family member had been gagged , fitted with bombs and bound to the pieces of the giant chess and she invites Gopi to play a game of chess with her.With every wrong move that Gopi makes that particular member will doe as his / her bomb will get activated. Gopi is shocked and scared.

Precap: Dharam is taken aback to find Bhawani at his house waiting for him and singing a welcome song. She has barricaded herself with layers of live wires … He gets infuriated and prders her out. Dharam screms for the reast of the family.. Bhawani asks him to cross the barriers and reach her first.. Then he could meet the rest of them.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. hey sid sorry dude time ni mil pa raha h interview date 12 aug h sid i cant share email id becoz of some rascals. they can misuse it. very soon i will become registered member. did u watch fear files? it will start agan on 22 july.

    1. Siddharth

      Ok akshay soon u become registeted member . Ya i used to watch fear files it was my favourite show . Is it starting again wow good news yaar.
      And best of luck for interview

  2. hi Nandi happy to see u again. finally newly entrepreneur got spare time. how r u?

  3. only Raven is left. i hope she will back soon.

    1. Siddharth

      Ya akshay even nisha is absent from last jan and priyanka neha also

  4. Finally it is revealed that pinku is not sameera brother but actually he is her husband, hope gopi win the game and save the family, dhara too should flop bhavani plan and save meera, vidya , and shravan from bhavani clutches, and slap that bhavani right to left.

  5. Isaaq

    OMG Sameera and Pinku were brother and sister??? Umang and Tripti did the same as well??? Tripti pretended to be Umang sister in law.

    Uncle and niece both the same???

    1. Riana

      Sameera preved that she is umang’s niece !

    2. Riana


  6. Finally truth reveal…hope ramakanth and seeta will ne united soon…sorry guys could not comment since long due to my busy schedule…

  7. Bins

    Hi, I am silent reader of this site.can I join your sunshine group? Well, I am shocked to know that pinks is sameera’s husband. Plz sita,ricky se marriage kar lo

    1. Siddharth

      Ya sure bins welcome to Sunshine group

      1. Bins


  8. Riana

    Sameera n pinku r husband wife ????….what a twist !…????…Sameera only got pinku for marriage…

    Anywayzzz…Rest of the episode was okay n i know that Sameera…pinku…bhavani’s plan will fail soon n they will be thrown out of the modi mansion…suryavanshi house…

    1. Bins

      Sameera deserves this pinku.after all is Dayan se pinku ke Siva kon marriage Karena?

      1. Riana

        Right ??

    2. Siddharth

      Ya Riana its big twist sameera and pinku is husband and wife loool. But pinku is like gay ROFL

      1. Riana

        I think he is gay looool ????

  9. Sayyeda

    Hi sunshines, SNS is be more good serial in star plus.Sameera and pinku is husband and wife lol! ! Is very funny to hear this.

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