Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr. Krishna takes Gopi’s laptop to make presentation for Gop’s sari exhibition in Miss Gujrath competion. Naiya opens door hearing door bell and sees driver Gopal kaka who says he got a call not to come for work, so came to know the reason.

Mona relaxes wearnig face pack. Pari enters and Mona yells at her. Pari asks if she knows what is happening downstairs. Mona asks what. Pari tells her that Gopi is hiring models to exhibit her saris in Miss Gujrath competition. Mona says she would have hired her instead of other models. Pari asks her to stop acting dumb and think how to stop Gopi. Mona says she has a plan.

Naiya with her boyfriend takes Gopal kaka out and shows knife in one hand and money bundle in another, asks what he wants. Gopal choses money.

Naiya says he took right decision and warns her not to come near house, else she will stab him with this knife. Gopal runs taking money.

Dr. Krishna gets busy preparing presentation. Urmila sees models and asks why are they so lean. He says they are zero size models, means one needs sympathy. Urmila says looking at heir body, they really need sympathy. Kokila praises Krishna and says Gopi she should be courteous to him. Gopi shouts she loves only Ahem and married Krishna because of her insistence and emotional blackmail and leaves fuming. Kokila prays god to unite Gopi and Krishna and Gopi’s Miss Gujrath competition success.

Vidya sees Priyal asleep in Meera’s room and asks servant to take Priyal to her room as Shravan like seeing her face early in the morning. Meera says let Priyal stay here as she also cannot live without Priyal and hesitating and nervously give legal documents saying she wants to adopt Priyal legally.

Dr. Krishna shows presentation and everyone likes it. Gopi asks if they can emboss their company name in each slide. Dr. Krishna says why not. Urmila their company will be famous tomorrow in Miss Gujrath competition. Gopi says competition is in a few months and afte that, they will be famous Sahir says he will connect laptop to projector and they can see if there is any mistake. Dr. Krishna says okay.

Vidya throws legaly papers and shouts at Meera if she has gone mad. Meera says Priyal will be in same house anyways. Vidya says orphan children are adopted and not one with parents, she will never agree for that, and leaves. Meera fumes. Naiya brainwashes her and she yells that she will adopt Priyal legally at any cost.

Kokila prepares food for Krishna. Gopi enters. Kokila says Krishna got busy in work so much that he forgot to eat, asks her to take food to his room. Gopi hesitantly agrees and goes to Dr. Krishna’s room. Krishna says he is feeling headache. Gopi angrily says he should take headache tablet and rest.

Precap: Pari and Mona enter dark room and are about to steal presentation laptop when Kokila enters and asks who is there.

Update Credit to: MA

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