Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem falls down after electric shock. Whole family is shocked to see that and takes Ahem to his room.

Urmila starts taunting Kinjal. Kinjal ties her hands backwards to bed and shuts her mouth with a cloth. She locks her in room and comes out to perform pooja with neighbours. Neighours come and ask her to start pooja. she says let us wait till Dhaval comes and once he comes, she starts pooja, but Urmila frees herself and runs out pleading Dhaval to save her. Dhaval stops pooja and asks what happened. She says Kinjal tied her inside bedroom. Dhaval gets irked, scolds Kinjal and sends neighbors after apologizing.

Doc checks Ahem and says if he does not gain consciousness, he will have to be admitted to hospital as electric shock was very severe. Gopi starts crying, and

Kokila consoles her. Meera starts her turn next. Ahem wakes up. Gopi consoles Meera, but she shouts that she is responsible for her dad’s condition and is manhoos/unauspicious. Kokila gives her a tight slap. Meera continues shouting that Modis only know to slap. Kokila says she is the culprit who tarnished electrical wires. Meera shouts she is not, why would she harm her dad. Kokila says she wanted to harm Gopi and says she will not tolerate anyone harming Ahem as he is her pride and she can fight even with god for him. Meera also shouts that she also can do anything for her dad. Kokila says she will show proof that she is culprit.

Meera shouts that she cannot think of harming her dad and asks Kokila to stop blaming her. Ahem and Gopi say they trust Meera. Kokila says she saw Meera holding wires some time ago and tarnished wires to harm gopi, but Ahem touched wires first and became a victim. All the blows are made on Gopi and reminds all the incidents including chaas, store room, geyser burst, etc., and says everyone of us know that only one person hates Gopi the most and that is Meera. Meera pleads that she is not.

Kokila says she knew Meera would harm Gopi, so she asked Tolu/molu to record today’s event and they hid cameras in 3 places and even tells places. She asks tolu/molu to bring cameras. tolu/molu find all 3 cameras broken. They inform kokila that someone broke them before they could pick them.

Precap: Kokila says though someone broke cameras, she has CCTV footage and will find out who the culprit is.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. band kar do ab is serial ko..bakwas

  2. No change in the track!! Same gopi’s mahanta n now rashi’s revenge!! Spoiling the kids as well as giving wrong message to the society…
    Really bored with the track!!

  3. I hope if this is not little Rash then who were her Radha came back ah to take revenge ya is it done by meera s boy friend to take revenge on the Mode Family pllzzzzzzzz give some hints we are really confused

    1. No it’s little rashi only!!! In spoiler I read!!

      Nyways hi

      1. funny!!! đŸ™‚

  4. hhi hi ruhi hi Jadhmine

  5. Nonsense ep. There is no logic…rashi is only of 10 can she be so criminal minded

  6. Just amazing. The writers of the show are great. That is why this show has the highest trp.

  7. Today episode was just awesome

  8. Unfortunately meera is blamed

  9. But we all know the mastermind is no other than devil rashi

  10. She is looking so innocent,but she is only doing all this:>:@;>:/:o

  11. Ya,great show

  12. Today episode was nice

  13. Meera deserves that tight slap…

  14. Ya,right well done kokila

  15. This meera is never going to change

  16. It’s jst bakwas.. Director u r giving wrong msg to the society hw cn a child do this, hw Cn she think nad u r spoiling the children also so plz chang the track or shut this serial..

  17. Idiot serial giving wrong msg to society and spoiling kids also stupid director

    1. Yup plotting is wat they r teaching kids

    2. And of course they show if u do good to others only bad will happen to them

  18. Pls stop this violence..a ten year old kid cant do this type of violent activities…pls dont give wrong msg to society..especially to kids who r watching this show..they r innocent by heart

  19. Even when they showed radha plotting. I felt bad as how can a young girl can plot to such extent. And now they show her 10 yr old kid is doing same. Disgusting.

  20. Ya danny u r absolutely right…but in the case of radha we can accept it to some extent…but rashi..she is too little

    1. Ya at first when rashi tricked her to love fake person. Then she was shown full blown vamp. I was imagining DAT how could a simple village girl who could b tricked so easily could plan this much misery. To a well educated and powerful family

      1. Ya …..I think the writers hav no common sense

  21. Really horrible episode…

  22. I think all this was done by tripti, friend of Radha.Only Tripti has criminal mentality.Both Little rashi and Tripti are doing all this criminal things.

  23. This is wat will happen in future…. aftr the modi family get to kno abt little rashi they wil get shocked and they wil reveal to her that inorder to save her only gopi has killed her mom radha as radha was threatening them to kill her own baby. Then little rashi wil feel guilty and apologize to gopi, then evryone wil forgive her…

  24. Waiting for pari’s track!!; ); )

  25. Ya,it should show some nice moment also

  26. Ya,avg episode

  27. Waiting for some nice show

  28. Hope rashi truth reveal shortly

  29. She is very clever

  30. Satisfactory show

  31. Dragging a lot

  32. Should reveal rashi truth quickly

  33. Plzz sir stop this……or else kids will study ol those evil activities rashiii isonly 10 yr old…..

  34. Its time to end this seriel…….

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