Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rashi argues with Gopi to give chocolates to kids. Gopi says kid’s health will spoil if they eat chocs and she has kept apple in their tiffin box instead. Kids leave sadly to school. Rashi says she would have given chocs but then changes her words seeing Kokila that she did right. Gopi then asks Rashi to prepare breakfast for the family. Rashi asks herself to prepare, but Gopi looking at Kokila says she has to teach Meera. Rashi annoyingly agrees and goes to prepare breakfast.

Urvashi comes to Modi Bhavan and hears servants talkinga about a bhajan competition and price money of either scooty or 50,000 rs and thinks she will have to win the competition.

Rashi annoyingly starts preparing breakfast murmuring that Gopi has changed and she will give her children what they

ask. Jigar asks her to bring breakfast soon. She gets angry and says she will have to sit on tawa instead. She thinks Urmila was right.

Ahem calls Gopi and asks her to have faith in god, Meera will clear her test well.

Kids come home from school and see custard on dining table. They get happy. Gopi says since they obeyed her in the morning, it is their price now. Kids happily enjoy custard. Rashi sees them and asks tolu/molu to come with her. Kids say they will eat custard first and then come. Rashi reminisces Urmila’s words that Gopi will take over her family and her children and angrily goes from there.

Madhuben says Kinjal that she wants to talk to her about her personal issue. Kinjal scolds her and says she does not need any advice from her.

Tolu/Molu are playing in Rashi’s room. She gives them icecream. Kids think of sharing it with Vidya, but she stops them and asks to finish themselves. Meethi comes there and says she needs some household item. Rashi scolds her and shoos her from there. She asks Tolu/molu to finish their icecream soon. Vidya senses tolu/molu inside room and catches them redhanded with icecream.

Rashi stops her and tries to engage in her talks while tolu/molu throw their icecreams from window. Vidya asks them what they were eating. They say nothin. She sees icecream drops on floor. Vidya says she knows they were eating something. Rashi says they were not and once she goes, she asks her children not to tell about the icecream. Vidya brings Gopi there and says she saw tolu/molu eating icecream. Rashi says she is telling lie and says she must be craving for choc icecream. Gopi says she had custard just now and cannot have icecream. Vidya says she will show icecream sticks outside window. Rashi says there is nothing there. Gopi goes from there saying she has some work. Vidya says she was not lying.

Gopi tries to teach Meera. Meera sees tolu/molu playing and requests if she can play. Gopi says she has a test ahead and cannot play. Kokila who is sitting with them gets annoyed seeing Urmila and reminisces Urmila’s words that she purposefully took keys from Rashi and gave it to Gopi and she kicking Urmila out of her house. Urmila comes in and tries to hug her, but Kokila goes to her room taking Gopi from there. Rashi also tries to go from there, but Urmila stops her. She goes from there saying she has to change. Urmila sees Meera studying and asks her to teach bhajans. Meera says she has to study for 30 min more and cannot waste time. Urmila says she should do bhajan/keertan than studying. Gopi hears her words , sends Meera in and scolds her for trying to divert Meera’s attention from studies. Rashi sees that and asks Gopi how can she talk to her mummy so rudely.

Gopi sees choc icecream stains on tolu/molu’s clothes and asks Rashi if she gave it to them. She denies. Gopi asks then how did they get these stains.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Same stupid episode…….. No it is turn for hurting children …..if they don’t have anything to write it is not a way to start the serial from the beginning……. It is seems to be we are watching a repeat of SNS……….I don’t now why this kinjal is scolding madhuben……why can’t this Gopi let the children eat chocolate….. I felt very bad…….I think kokila must have a light makeup this heavy makeup is looking awkward on kokila……..if she has grown old she should sit in quietly like baaa…………& writerji when you are going to start another detection………to torture us……………

  2. This show is getting worse day by day why can’t writers find anything better ur is just looking like I was seeing some repeated episodes of saathiya……….and now they will dragg this episode on this ice cream issue…….kokila is looking awkward with that heavy makeup…….don’t now why this kinjal n kokila always keeps on blaming the persons who helps them……….. And am sure this writers will surely starts another detective work to torture us as we are seeing it from very beginning they will get a new character and starts detective works…………….

  3. Thanks for the update…….what happened to the other comments why aren’t they appearing……….

  4. No change in the story it seems like I am seeing the repeated shows of SNS…….why can’t they change the storyline………kokila is looking awkward in heavy makeup……as she has grown old she must look like that not like a model………don’t no why this kinjal keeps on scolding madhuben may be some hereditary problem………poor Rashi now she want to make her kids have chocos by hiding………

  5. i once ate an egg
    it had n evil eye on it

    1. Ohhhh……thats the reason for your behaviour…….Hey who is this I know you are not the real one……..why can’t you post your comments with your name…….tell me who are you idiot……….I don’t need your dirty answers tell me who you are …….

      1. cow f**k u

    2. lokeshwari,i don’t knw whtr u r real or whtvr maybe wrtng a show s nt tht easy….we should nt insult someone….anyway i hv heard tht next leap yr s gonna take in wait 4 it…nd if u r nt intstd 2 watch the shoe btr u stop watching or reding epi’s

  6. shut up

    1. lokeshwari its a pbc messenger nd all cn c it….its better tht u mind ur lng…

    2. Hey bhagwan……….you idiot why are you using my name and if you ate using so try to write in a descent language……… Rizwan….its only my personal view………..n am not insulting any one…….meri dupy please stop this nonsense I am too small to fight with you………

  7. Why kinjal is angry with madhuben???

    1. just because of that greedy urmila

  8. no story so they are repeating what urmila and rashi did to gopi now urmila want to do to meera. Rashi has that selfish streek in her which her mother has bought her up with so she will teach that to her children also. Gopi should concentrate more on meera and vidya. Tolu molu is rashis responsiblity let her care for her children and do what she wants. Kinjal does not have brain in her head so she is behaving foolishly

  9. I think rashi is too much…… She should change her behaviour…

    1. i totally agree with u

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