Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July 2013 Written Update

Urmi is still wandering in search of muchchad man. She wonders where he has disappeared. She sees a man and realizes he is the hotel manager. She asks him where is the muchhad man who performed in his hotel. The man says he does not know as the muchchad man just comes there and performs. In RN, Kinjal is worried where Urmi is and wonders who is she convincing to be a member so late in the night. Meanwhile, Urmi is still asking the manager for muchchad man’s address and he replies that he stays close by when he visits.

Gopi comes down the hall in tears. She remembers Urmi’s taunt in the hotel and cries. Koki keeps a hand on her shoulder and Gopi wipes her tears. Koki tells her that she understands her grief. She kept feeling it the whole day. Gopi hugs

her and cries. She tells Koki that she knows that she and papaji have filled that gap for her and she is her mother and papaji is her father. But she does not know why she is missing her parents today. Koki tells her that if she wantss to wish them today then she should stop crying. Gopi agrees.
Here Urmi asks some people in a locality about him and then sees him watching her. Urmi is shocked. She goes to him and the man wonders why she is coming to him. Urmi asks why is he staring at her and says she is Urmila Jitubhai Shah. He recognizes her and says he could not recognize her as she has become very fat.

Koki gets water for Gopi. She tells her that she understands that nobody can take her parents’ place. But this family loves her as a daughter. She tells her to go to her room and rest. The doorbell rings and Koki opens the door. She is shocked to see Urmi along with muchchad man. Koki asks her why she has come there so late along with this man. Urmi runs straight to Gopi and tells her that she won’t believe Kanhaji’s chamatkar. All come to the hall listening to her screaming. Koki stops her angrily and asks why she has brought this man. Rashi asks her too. Urmi tells Rashi that he is her brother in law and tells Gopi that he is her father. Gopi is shocked. Kohem and Rashi are shocked too. Gopi and the rest of the family stare at the man. Urmi tells Gopi that today was Father’s day and everyone was happy. But she taunted her in anger and realized her mistake. But this man is her father. She found him somehow and got him to her and it is a happy day. Gopi stops her angrily. She tells her that in the last 22 years she did as she said and believed whatever she said, whether happily or not. But she is wrong today. Atleast she should not drag her late father in all this. Kohem look angry. She tells her that she knows that when she screamed at Meera, she just said that she should not behave like this with a child. To take revenge, she got anybody and is declaring that he is her father. Gopi tells her not to give her false hope and she knows she is an orphan. Kohem and Rashi look sad for Gopi and the muchchad man starts crying.

Gopi tells her that she somehow spent this day. She tells her that just because she said something to her she is playing this cruel joke on her. She folds her hands and begs her not to do this and she cannot bear it. The man starts crying. Gopi runs from there in tears and the man is unhappy. Urmi is about to go to her but Koki stops her. She shouts at her that she keeps creating drama but today she has crossed all limits. Umi says it’s the truth but Koki says she does not trust her. She taunts her that she won’t trust herself if she reminds her all that she has done till date. Koki asks her if she is right now then why she told her at the time of Gohem marriage that Gopi’s parents are no more. It means she was lying then. But Urmi says that she and Jitubhai believed that Gopi’s parents died in that tragedy. Koki screams at her to stop this nonsense. She has already hurt Gopi a lot and orders her to leave. She shouts that she came to do this drama so late in the night. She tells her to get out. Ahem shouts at Urmi and the muchchad man to leave. The man folds his hands in tears. Rashi tells her to leave. Urmi still tries to defend herself but realizes nobody will believe her. She leaves with him. Koki follows them and closes the door. She declares that Urmi has lied many times in the past but she will never forgive her for this. Hetal is worried about Gopi.

Gopi is crying in her room and Kohem come there along with Hetal. Ahem tells her not to be upset because of Urmi. Koki tells her that she understands that it is difficult for her but she tells her to be strong. Meera comes to Gopi and wipes her tears. Gopi hugs her and cries. Koki gestures to Ahem who nods to her. She leaves with Hetal. Ahem watches GoMee and Koki and Hetal watch them from outside. Koki tells Hetal that Urmi is very cunning with her kks but she is unable to understand what is her aim this time.

Next day in RN
Kinjal screams in fright on seeing the muchchad man. Urmi tells her that he is family. She tells her that he is Gopi’s father and Kinjal is shocked. She replies that how is it possible, Gopi is an orphan. She asks Urmi if she wants to blackmail her family and Urmi angrily taunts her that she is just like her mother. Kinjal declares that he will not stay in this house and the man gets upset. He tells Urmi that he is alive but nobody is ready to believe that he is part of the family. After 21 years he saw his daughter but she did not accept him. He tells her that nobody will believe her but Urmi convinces him that they will think of something.

The family is having tea in the hall. Hetal asks Rashi about Tolu-Molu and she replies that they are with Meethi. She tells them that they should listen to Urmi once..maybe she is right. Koki scolds her why is she talking about it again as they do not want to upset Gopi. Rashi says she is feeling bad for Gopi too and does not want to upset her but Urmi wouldn’t have come so late in the night and declared that that man is Gopi’s father just like that. Gopi starts getting upset. Koki glares at Rashi angrily as Gopi starts crying. She warns Rashi that she will not talk about this to anybody in the family or her mother. She declares that she knows that Urmi will go to any length to get what she wants. Urmi interrupts from the entrance that it’s not true and all are shocked.

Episode ends on Koki’s angry face.

Koki tells Urmi to leave. Urmi disagrees and says she has got proof. Koki asks what proof. Urmi turns around and all watch in shock.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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