Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees Urvaashi among temple devotees and says she cannot hear. Gaura thinks what is chatanki doing here, she should not let them meet. She sees a few people flying kite nearby and gets an idea. Gopi tells Urvashi she cannot hear her and will come near her and speak. Gaura’s goons snatch kite and thread from people. Gaura flies kite and before Urvashi could reach Gopi slits her throat with kite thread. Gopi is shocked and runs towards Urvashi. Gaura hides behind tree and smirks. Gopi rushes towards car and calls Jaggi, but he cannot hear her due to loud sound. Gopi searches her phone and realizes her phone fell down among crows. She finds chariot and gets Urvashi on it. Gaura yells chatanaki became basanti and orders goons to stop Gopi, else she

will kill them.

Goons in car follows Gopi’s chariot. Gopi gets tensed seeing goon’s car. Chariot whell stucks in a pit. She gets more tensed, gets down and takes Gaura behind trees and hides. Goons see empty car and start searching her. Jaggi also searches Gopi in temple. Gaura calls goons and he assures not to worry, woman will die. Gopi says he is speaking to someone. Gaura yells chatanki always fails her plan. Jaggi asks panditji if he saw Gopi. Panditji says he last saw her with you. Kokila comes and Jaggi asks how come she is here. She says she felt like attending temple and shows him bangles she bought for Urvashi and says she wants Urvashi to forget all the differences. Gopi asks Urvashi to stay behind tree for sometime and leaves to find help. Gaura yells she will kill whole Modi family soon.

Chanda gets happy looking her precious jewelry and clothes. Vidya comes and asks why did she create drama today during ceremony. Chanda says she wants to take revenge from her and Meera as they took Gaura’s side, soon she will own this whole house and kick them out. Vidya walks to Gaura’s room and does not find her. She informs Meera that baaji is ot in whole house. Gopi injures her hand and drops her blood on leaves to misguide goons. Urvashi writes something on her taweez and drops it nearby. Gooons see blood on floor and walks behind it and one of them falls in pit. Another says woman fooled them. They them walk towards car and sees Gopi leaving in car with Urvashi.

Kokila calls Gopi repeatedly and says her phone is switched off. Dharam reaches home and asks if they found baa. Meera says no. Dharam says he will call baa. Gaura gets into car.

Precap: Gopi from hospital calls Jaggi and informs that his other is in critical condition and he should come to hospital immediately.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I feel the episode was dragging only dragging !

  2. Isaaq

    Guys I move decided to not separate from my lover because I don’t want to lose him, so I’m going to share my feelings with him on Valentine’s Day. I don’t want to stay away from him

    1. Chithu

      Tats a wise decision Issaq. Go for it.

      1. Isaaq

        Thanks chithu. I’m going to send him a follow request on twitter and then I’m going tweet “I just sent a follow request to the person I love the most.” Then he will finally know that I love him. I’ve been watching Romantic drama serials and I’ve realised that i can’t isolate myself from him. I love him and I can’t leave him alone.

        Do you know one thing that me and him have in common is that we both don’t want to see others unhappy and we both want everyone to be happy. I’m his happiness and I need to be there for him

    2. U must not delay and propose to him. God bless u both

  3. Debasmita Sinha

    Guys remember 11th Jan episode when urvashi takes promise of jaggi that he should not obey or call kokila as her mother similarly in the scene kokila was crying with gopi. This indicates that jaggi is ahem only. I think a tug of war will happen between urvashi and kokila regarding ahem/jaggi.

  4. Gaura is such a wonderful lady. She is also a terrific actress.

    1. Isaaq

      I agree with you for once John. She’s a brilliant actress. She’s the best vamp I’ve seen on television. Who are your favourite vamps John in other shows?

      1. This is the only one I watch. What about you?

    2. Isaaq

      Shagun and Niddhi from Yeh Hai Mohhabhatein. Gaura and Radha from SNS. Trishna from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. Mandira and Meera from Kyunki Saas Kabhi Bahu Thi. These have been my all time favourite vamps of Indian serials aired so far in the past years.

      1. Isaaq

        And Komolika from Kasauti Zindagi Ki

  5. Today episode was awesome, how gopi trick the goon and took urvashi to the hospital in their car , and this gaura deserve painful punishment.

  6. Chithu

    Felt so bad for Urvashi. The way Gopi tricked the goons was good.

  7. Chithu

    Chanda had a wonderful opportunity to tell the truth to the family as Gaura was busy hurting Urvashi outside. If at all Gaura’s real intensions were exposed. But Chanda is so greedy and Gaura took advantage of her weakness. So she will remain with Gaura.

  8. Chithu

    Gaura is one of the dangerous vamp I have seen in television. She doesn’t think twice to kill a person. She just loves herself

  9. Hi sunshiners….long time no see..

    How r u all…??

    Sry I couldn’t comment here for many days as I was busy with my relatives..sry guyzz

  10. Hi sunshiners….long time no see..

    How r u all…??

    Sry I couldn’t comment here for many days as I was busy with my relatives..sry guyzz and ya epi was great

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