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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi holds Kokila’s legs and pleads to agree and not force them to take back case against Dharam. Kokila gets adamant and frees her legs. Gopi falls. Durga cries in front of Shravan and Vidya that she is worried about Dharam and does not know how police must be torturing him. Vidya asks when he does not care about her at all, why is she worried about him. Gaura enters shouting.

Gopi falls but Ahem holds her on time. Kokila shows concern and asks if she is injured. Gopi says no and says she should get justice to Meera. Kokila keeps her on her head and asks to promise that she will not drag into this.

Gaura shouts at Vidya that she is half age than her saas and is giving her moral gyaan. She is talking like modis as usual, so she does not have place in her house. Shravan tries to interfere, but Gaura shuts his mouth. Gaura then drags Vidya out, but Vidya frees her hand and says she herself does not want to stay in this house and walks. Shravan stops her and says Vidya is his wife and it is his duty to be on her side, he will also go with him. Gaura thinks Gopi and her daughters will break her house.

Gopi keeps Kokila’s hand on her head and asks to promise that she will not ask her to back off from getting justice to Meera. She will get justice to Meera and will fulfill mother’s responsibilities. Hetal says Gopi is right and Kokila should accept the fact. Kokila shouts even she wants to tell that whole house is right and she is wrong. Hetal says she is thinking wrong. Kokila says she is right. Gopi says this time she is right and Kokila is wrong. Kokila shouts enough now, Meera is wrong as always and she will not let Dharam behind bars.

Gaura enters Durga’s room and shouts how dare she is to listen to Vidya. Durga holds her legs and cries. Gaura says she should get into Dharam’s heart and become rani and make Meera as naukrani/servant.

Gopi searches Meera in whole house. Kokila says she will be somewhere around as she knows to trouble people and not get into trouble herself. Meera goes to jail to meet Dharam.

Precap: Gopi tells family that after today’s court hearing, nobody will talk about this case and nobody should oppose her in getting justice to Meera.

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