Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila with Pari and Mona enters Bhavani’s house as dancers. On stage, she announces her dance loudly and they all 3 dance to a rock music. Goons enjoy their dance. Tolu and Molu with their car wait outside house and discuss that Gopi and team should have come by now. Jaggi clears all guards and with Gopi and Sona is about to take Seeta out when he sees Seeta’s father watching them and goes back to room. A goon walks towards Seeta’s room with Ramesh’s gifted bangles for Seeta. Seeta’s father takes bangles and sends him. He then blesses Seeta and sends her with Jaggi and team. Urmila, Paria and Mona continue dancing with clients.

Jaggi, Seeta, and Sona are about to leave silently when Bhavani pulls rope and stops them. All her goons surround.

Ramesh comes and asks wat is Seeta doing with these people. Bhavani says Seeta is eloping again. Ramesh asks who is this beard man. Bhavani removes Jaggi’s beard and mustache and says he came in as tail less monkey to save Seeta. Jaggi says it is hurting. Argument starts. Bhavani tries t o hit Gopi, but Jaggi stops her laathi. Bhavani continues tongue lashing and tries to drag Seeta. Gopi stops her. Bhavani says she will get Seeta married to Ramesh and asks goons to Seeta and others to a room and search all around as she feels there are other people also.

Urmila , Mona and Pari walk out silently. Tolu and Molu ask where is Gopi and others. Urmila says they are caught, so we escaped somehow. They all reach home and wait for them to return.

Bhavani with her goons take Gopi and team to a room and asks goons to check everyone as they may have hidden mobile phones. Jaggi hides mobile under his kurta and starts laughing silently. Urmila calls Jaggi and phone glows. Gopi notices it and standing in front of Jaggi scolds him that he is always in jovial mood. Once Bhavani and her goons walk out, Jaggi picks call and Sona asks what happened. He tells her whole story. Gopi sees goons coming and hugs Jaggi tightly. Jaggi is surprised. Gopi apologizes for being harsh and asks if he is hurt. He says no and enjoys her hug.

Precap: Bhavani warns Pandit to finish marriage in min. Seeta comes and sits next to Ramesh. Jaggi and Gopi look helplessly.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode is OK.Jaggi kabhikabhi overacting kar raha hai.

  2. hello sunshiners, belated happy valentine day to all sunshine sweethearts. frnzz rpsc has announced exam date 27th , 28 th march. Again restless schedule begins. i m slightly nervous. i hope all will be well.. .

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Akshay dnt be nervous every thing wl be fine ?. U wl clear exams with flying colours ?.

    2. Nandhini

      No tension Akshay..plan ur days accordingly and study well for ur exams?think these extra delayed days are extra oppurtunities to make you learn more and get prepared…

    3. Chithu

      Hey Akshay relax u still have 1 month u can prepare well. U will clear the exams with flying colours

  3. Haa Sid you are right main bhi nahi experience kiya hoon.Is forum open hone mein problems hai.I hope Telly UpdateS jaldi usko solve kare.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Ya even 2dy i experienced at 9pm forum Ws not opening.

  4. Happy birthday to our little prince shakaib. i hope this wonderfull day will fill up ur heart with joy and blessing. Have a fantastic Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Guys aap logon ko pata nahi kaise lag raha hai but mujhe ye Bhavani,Seeta,Gopi,Jaggi,Urmila,Sona and other Modi’s ka drama bahut irritate kar raha hai.Aur ye log apni bachon ko ,apni parents,In-laws ko chod kar ek paraya ladki ke liye itna feel ho raha hai.Gopi se tho
    main thang aagayi hoon.But ye Sona vo
    har baar apni choti choti bachon ko chod kar kahi bhi chali jaati hai.Aur aaj tho pura Modis gaav mein hai except Mona and bache.Kya us facepackbowl Mona uski dekhbaal karegi.Aur Jaggi Urvashi ko hospital se ghar laagaya aur usko chod kar sab se ladne mein bahut interest dikha raha hai.Iske ghar mein ab ek bhi maid nahi hai.Aur Gopi kabhi Meera ya Vidya ko pyaar se khana khilate huve nahi dekha.But kal Sita ko bhajiya khilane mein bahut interest dikha rahi hai.Mujhe is nayi storyline kuch bhi interesting nahi lag raha hai,ooper se irritation ho raha hai.Main tho SVs part ke liye dekh rahi hoon.But ye makers usko drag kar raha hai.Guys koi meri jaisa feel kar raha.hai tho Plz share kijiyena mujh se.And sorry main kisi ko hurt kiya tho.

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Rose! Yeah the present track is so impractical and more dragging…but this is just a serial..they can show anything to retain their trps…

    2. Chithu

      Yeah Rose even i get irritated by this dragging track. Still seetha is not rescued. But hope this ends soon and they concentrate of troubles in SVs

  6. Good morning sunshine friends. hope all is well. have a good day everyone.
    I need Gopi to focus on her own children. Jaggi gets on my nerves. he is too childish.
    I miss Ahem character. that’s how a husband shud be. strong. not like a clown. also Dharam is the best now. he is the hero now. strong character.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    Gaura has made Kokila reach jail. Gopi has got Sita back home. Gopi is away from Kokila. Gaura played her game well. Kokila is bearing the problems for her family’s safety and happiness. Kokila prays and is sure that Gaura’s evil will end soon. Kokila accepts the blame that she tried to kill Urvashi. She is helpless to take the blame on her head to save all the family members.

    Vidya comes to meet Kokila. She tells constable that Kokila needs specific medicines, I will note it down and give her. She is not able to convey the message to Kokila in front of the constable. Constable allows her. She writes a letter and hands to Kokila, stating what’s happening at home. Kokila reads what Gaura is doing at home. Kokila worries and thinks how to inform Gopi about Gaura’s truth. Will Kokila break Gauri’s planning? Keep reading.

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    nw its almost mid feb but still der is no confirmation abt Gopi’s son track .
    what might be gaura’s next plan against modi’s i think she wl trap dharam&Shravan also in chanda’s murder case .

    1. Amalina

      Hi sid! Yeah there aren’t any confirmations about gopi’s son’s entry. But maybe they might get seeta married to samar??…since the cvs don’t really care about age!? But I don’t think so since samar isn’t shown much but Mona darling is shown every single time the Modi bhavan is show.

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Yes amalina but Mona is der .
        I think Gopi’s son wil also do grand entry he may stand against gaura or Bhavani

      2. Chithu

        No Amalina i dont samar will marry her as he is already married. I am sure even if samar was unmarried then Paridhi would have freaked out of this proposal. Already she duslikes sona and Seetha is similar to her. Paridhi deserves dil like mona not seeta. Seeta should be Gopi’s DIL

    2. Nandhini

      Hey sid! I think gopi and jaggi will go to singapore after some days to save some other person as a part of their social service and gopi will meet her son there.

  9. like to see pari helping urmila but she did it for her own benefit, mona know what kind of face pack is good for her and her momji paridhi they don,t know nothing else, i don,t think sita will get married to ramesh, because jaggi urmila kalakari will never let sita marriage happen with ramesh.jaggi have the same bond with urmila, like before rashi used to have.

  10. Urmilla and Pari and Mona as dancers are funny!!

  11. Isaaq

    Another update for Gopi Destiny- Jaya will continue her mother Radha legacy. She will be the most evil vamp ever in this ff.

    Once Sindoora made her entry as Radha daughter and now Jaya will be the new main antagonist. She will torture Gopi and the Modis. I’ve taken inspiration from Shesha from Naagin.

    Towards the end of season 7, I might do a similar track to Naagin Season 2 where Jaya will separate Heer and Jigar and Heer and Jigar daughter will grow up after the generation leap to get her revenge on Jaya? Heer won’t die but she will disappear.

    1. Isaaq

      Riana has also inspired me with her character Manyata and the evil vamp never gave up. I want Jaya to be the same.

      I’ve done revenge tracks like Durga and Ganga track but now I want another track where A daughter grows up to desire for revenge of her parents destruction

    2. Isaaq

      Modi house has been ruled many times by Paridhi, Radha, Sindoora, Kumari, Amba and now Jaya? I love my vamps

  12. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends.. Thank you to all who wished me on my birthday and make it special and those also who couldn’t wish due to work’s stress. BTW epi was OK.

    1. Belated happy birthday shakib?

  13. the episode was ok.. to draggy as mentioned before

  14. Hey Sunshine group, sorry if I haven’t been commenting as much as I used to. I been training, going gym and also after applying to over 300 and something job applications online, I finally got a job. Gonna start soon. Also don’t get this track, no offence, but it’s getting boring, I am waiting for the track where Gopi and Kokila suspect that Jaggi is Ahem. Don’t like this track. I can’t wait for Gaura track to finish, like shouldn;t her revenge be complete by now? or does she wanna kill everyone like common get over it, not like he will come back. Plus I doubt this Sita girl is as innocent as she seems, I bet it’s a plan to get the Modi family to sympathize with her and get her to live with them and plot plans against them behind their backs. The mum and daughter duo are in this together, no way is she innocent. Like the girl Jaggi was gonna marry, she looks like a ideal daughter in law but really she had a boyfriend and wanted to steal the idol. Wait for the twist lol also don’t say don’t watch the show if I find the track boring, don’t hate the show just don’t get where these characters come from? like it’s okay to make strangers live in your house. No wonder the Modi got so many enemies. I love the show just waiting for it to get interesting when they show that Jaggi is Ahem, Meera comes back and Gaura is in Jail or in rehab to get her head sorted. All she does is plan revenge like not bother moving on from her brothers death.

  15. Nandhini

    Hey Isaaq! He is coming in ur dreams but in many different ways…whats that mean? I cant get this…hey chithu! Yes shesha is only adaa khan…

    1. Chithu

      Oh ok. She is thr in pardes serial too.

  16. Nandhini

    I hope after this sita’s marriage track gopi will call and ask about her daughters’ situation…

  17. Isaaq

    Mom Ji! Where are you?

  18. Isaaq

    Vidya to learn the truth of Gaura. I’m so happy that Vidya will be the one to punish Gaura. Kokila tells Vidya the whole truth

  19. Chithu

    Before the entry of Gopi’s aon i would like to see current tracks solved. Like Urvashi must expose Gaura, Meera should come back. Thr must be peace in both MB and SVs. I would really like to see some happiness between then before introduction of son’s track n new trouble.

  20. Chithu

    Our comments are decreasing day by day where are other sunshiners. New enteries pl comment daily.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes chithu our comments are getting decrease from 5-6 days not even crossing 50 comments.

    2. Isaaq

      As long as the main members comment, It isn’t necessary that we have 50 or 100 comments. It isn’t a competition. Besides people might be too busy to comment

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