Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hetal sees Premlatha coming from balcony and asks she had gone out, then how come she is coming from inside. Premlatha says she just went in some time. She says she could not see Gopi and Ahem’s condition, so she went out to relax for sometime.

Meera tells Durga that she is going away from Dharam’s life, but has to stay in this house for 6 months until divorce period completes. Gaura thinks what new drama teekhi mirchi is playing. Vidya says she is proud of her and she took right decision. Urmila says same.

Premlatha asks Madhuben if she is not sad that her daughter is going to mental assylum. Madhuben says she is sad, but not because of Gopi is going to mental assylum, but because she is fond of Kokilaa than her.

Premlatha goes to Gopi’s room and starts her usual drama. She taunts that she is going to her real home today and if she utters anything, her maaji will die. Once she goes to mental hospital, she will rule modi family. Family enters and Premlatha starts showing fake concern.

Mental hospital peons come and drag Gopi down. She pleads to leave her. Hetal says she will not let her gopi bahu go to mental assylum and wants her to stay here. Baa also says same. Premlatha thinks her plan is failing and starts crying. Gopi is dragged down towards van. Gopi calls Ahem. Ahem reminisces their romantic moments together but stops reminscing doc’s warning that her condition will worsen if she stays at home.

Precap: Urmila tells Premlatha that she is not Kokila.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Come on, end this bullshit track

  2. Oh much dragging.Gopi Ki rona dekkar bura laga.
    By the way i want to say all of u good bye.Some of u wanted to know which country i belongs to.I never told about my country.Because Mein hamesha chahti Thi Ki tum log mujhe mere country paar nehi meri comment paar base kar k mujhe judge karo.Now I wanna tell u that i m from Adelaide,Australia & i m a 20 years girl.Yeah,i m n Australian.One time Mein apni indian ek friend(Guajarati)ki sath India aayi Thi holiday manane.Tab voh muje serial dekhayata.Tab se i have become fan of Hindi serials.Voh mujhe Hindi dialogue Ki interpret kar deti Thi.But now serial Ki niche uski subtitles dekh kar aab Mein todi si Hindi baat karna & likhna sikh gayi Hu.Etni din mere study gap chal rahi Thi.That’s why time Thi comment likhne Ki liye.But now i m going to Toronto for my further education.I will miss Akshay,Rimsha,Kokila modi,Pappu etc..i really miss all of u guys.My friend told me that Gujarati people bade bhai ko mota bhai bolti hain.So that’s why i called Akshay mota bhai.Jab mene first time comment dia Tha tab Akshay ne mujhe guide Kiya Ki “tum English & hindhi mix kar k likh chakti ho”.Esiliye Mein Akshay ko mota bhai kaha from the bottom of my heart.
    GOOD BYE..

    1. hi Sam first of all thanx for tie me in very sacred brother-sister relationship. Its my honor that now i have cute sister like u.. Why r u going?? plz do atleast one comment daily here. i don’t want to lose my sister. plz continue with us. i can’t accept ur good bye. be my sister forever. one thing more ur hindi is really superb and admirable. its my humble request plz be with us for long time and strong bonding

    2. all the best my angel sis for further education and please keep in touch.

  3. Hai im new here…Why gaura said in yesterday episode.. meera was destroying her life( because of giving divorce to dharam)…? Please any one can answer my dharam character is good r bad?he married durga.

    1. there are no logics behind this serial’s story and dialogue. it is very baseless, irrational serial n day by day going bad to worst

  4. Roj ek naya tamasha ab kal urmila bolegi tum kokila nhi ho aur phir ya to usko bhi blackmail karage premlata ya phir urmila ki bat ko premlata mod degi

  5. sns secured 3 position in trp. ridiculous but true

  6. Janu…sry…yesterday i couldnt come….
    Anyways….me tooo…Janu….
    Wait for u….

    1. don’t feel sorry, its ok sweetheart. love u my valentine 🙂

    2. hi Sweet my name is Raj Bhai you and your girlfriare such a happy couple.
      you ar e looking like tolo and his wife.

  7. Bored of watching this serial..nothing new..and from the time premlatha entered modi house serial seems to be worst.

  8. This serial is going downhill at breakneck speed. 6 men in the house and not one is intelligent to realise something is wrong.The writers and directors are doing a shoddy job with no real intelligence .They must think we are dumb . What a waste of airtime.Now only God can save the viewers .Star does not seem to care

    1. Well viewers are dumb that why they are getting high TRP’s

  9. Uncle john is back. Man i have missed this serial for the past 2 weeks but nothing has changed. Still the best serial in the world.

    1. hi john uncle really miss u and ur comments. r u busy with ur study?? Well ur best serial is becoming worst serial in ur absence. plz keep in touch with serial for maintaining its quality

  10. OMG! What will happen to Gopi now?

    1. nothing to worry. gopi will be escaped from mental asylum with the help of meera

  11. Meeru gopi ke halath nahi tekpayegi uski mamma ko pass aho . Meeru gopi ne mamma bolo.maa bola borring

  12. one of the worst serial,the production team are brainless that they are making the cast look like buffoons,what type of people wear heavy jewelleries and stay indoors ,only monkies will do so.

  13. kokila is the ugliest witch of the show

    1. really???

  14. I think urmila or hetal will find the real kokila

    1. i think it will be meera

  15. I think this track should end, how much longer are the writers going to drag this track. Evil winning again.

    1. writer next brainless twist nahi write krta tab tak drag hoga 🙁

  16. Please what is the relevance of hetal in this movie.after living with gopi and kokila for this long. She still doesn’t understand them and also ahem is so dumb and useless as gopi husband. How I wish umila is present in today episode, she would have stop this nuisance . And beside when is this gaura drama going to’s be over 6month.we are tired pleaseeeeee

  17. Why is gopi doing like this why don’t she tell the family maybe would work together about those cunning premlatha madhu gaura they are 3 witches ?

  18. yeh rishta kya keh lata hai and saat nibhana are two which needs to end . The first one focuses on marriages , functions it had how many marriages people should count starts with shourya , akshara , anshu, naman , muskan , aksharas father in law , akshara again, have not counted birthdays ; god bharyis etc now her children and later grand children story has taken 20 years leap yet no character is old now dadi wears salwar .Saat nibhana dependent on series of negative women characters rashi , urmila , radha, paridhi, meera gaura , madhu ben ,kokila 20 years leap again par dadi is now on wheel chair .ccrazy writers

  19. Premlata gaura aur madhu ko dekhne seh aisa lagta hai jaise yeh kahaani MACBETH seh li gayi hai….3 witches…

  20. Revathi Anandh

    agree with gopal comment… that serial was really nice… but this saatiya mera gopi bahu… mera gar… mera ahem… sub mera mera mera…. all are duplicate… atlease some thing should match with actual life…. then only it will make us to feel from inner… nowadays i have stopped watching this serial just i will read written update… waste of time…

  21. So much aro for dragging Gopi. no one is even giving Gopi a chance to listen what is bothering her.

    Gopi is like a Mother to me.

  22. love this program but now it’s boring I have no idea where the writer is going with this u mean no one on that family can differentiate the Loki and feck one except gopi what kind of family is this

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