Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th February 2014 Written Update

Gopi-Vidya come out of the temple exactly at the same time Ahem-Jigar do. Vidya is talking to her mom about secret she told god. Ahem feels Gopi around and sees the back of Gopi-Vidya he is lost in thought. Jigar-Ahem leave, soon followed by Gopi-Vidya. While going back to the school, it is shown that Rashi walks out and just then Gopi-Vidya come to the school gate. Rashi walks to the car and wonders where Jigar-Ahem went. Ahem-Jjgar come, Rashi sits in the car.

Ahem notices Gopi again. Gopi stand behind near the school gate and thinks its Ahem, she wonders whether he misses her as much. Ahem sees Gopi again and asks Jigar to stop the car, by the time Ahem steps out, Gopi turns around as the school peon tells her that there are new kids, principal is calling

you. Ahem fails to see her and gets back into the car and they leave. Gopi-Vidya also go into the school. Tolu-Molu-Pappu are seen together.

The principal comes and asks for Tolu, Papu points to him, but they change their names and call themselves Samar-Sahir. Pappu is confused. They push him. Gopi is shown coming and the principal introduces them. Tolu-Molu push Pappu, he falls. Gopi helps him get up and consoles him. Pappu calls Gopi an angel. Gopi takes Pappu to show him the school, Tolu-Molu follow. She soon realizes that Tolu-Molu are missing. Pappu says let them go, he says mumma told me they went on their nani. You shouldn’t go near them. Gopi smiles and takes him.

Jigar-Ahem-Rashi are stuff in traffic. A guys is selling flowers. Rashi buys them and wishes Jigar happy valentines. Jigar is happy, but Ahem remembers his valentine day with Gopi. Jigar says we’ll go home and celebrate valentines. Ahem says I will go to work. Jigar says Bhai, we’ll go together. Ahem blasts Jigar. Rashi looks offended. Ahem gets out of the car.

Tolu-Molu are running after a football. Tolu-Molu see the park and declare that from today this park is their’s. Tolu-Molu push kids off the swings and sit there. Tolu falls off and the kids start laughing. Molu also gets off the swing and both of them approach the other kids. They push the other kids down and laugh.

Hetal-Baa are near the mandir. Meeti is happy as the kids left. Rahsi-Jigar come home. Rahsi asks Jigar to go to work or else she’ll get yelled at again. Someone from work calls up and Jigar yells at him to get it checked by Ahem. Hetal is shocked.

Kids go to Gopi and complain about Tolu-Molu. Gopi rushes to the playground. Tolou-Molu tell the kids that only they can play here. They see Gopi coming and kick the football to break the water pipe. Pappu pushes Gopi out of the way and gets hurt. Gopi rushes to Pappu. The principal passes by and Tolu-Molu act as if they are crying and say they want to go home. Principal tells the kids all of you go to your rooms. Pappu tells these kids are very bad to Gopi. He tells her that they kicked the ball. Vidya decides them to give them left and right.

Urmila is bragging that her Tolu-Molu went to the best school. Kinjal comes and yells to Urmila saying you cant hear your phone ring. Rashi is calling Urmila and both of them scheme again. Pappu talks to his Damrru and tells him I’m alone, Vidya comes and tells him I’m your friend. Pappu is happy. Vidya says dont worry I will set those two straight. Vidya tells Pappu she will tell him the plan soon.

Kinjal is crying, Dhwal consoles her. Urmila is muttering about her money. Dhawal says I will call the school and you can talk to Pappu. Kinjal is happy. Dhawal calls and gives it to Kinjal on the other side Gopi picks up the phone.

Precap : Ahem blasts Jigar. Rashi tells Kokila look at Ahem. Kokila says we have to get him remarried. Hetal is shocked.

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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