Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila with her usual nerve beaking shout shouts at Jaggi that he below off the lamp of her house Ahem and wanted to become lamp of this house. She shouts at Urvashi that she knew her son killed Ahem, even then she brought her son here. Parag asks what is she telling. Kokila shouts Jaggi rammed his truck into white car with GJ04-DN-5539 in which Ahem was traveling. Jaggi says he had made an accident. Urvashi asks what is telling. He says he made an accident in 2011. Kokila shouts he was heavily inebriated and driving truck. Gopi falls down crying. Kokila shouts at Gopi if she remembers Ahem’s car number or if she forget everything with Ahem. Jaggi rammed his car on her Ahem’s car because of which Ahem left her forever. Gopi asks Urvashi if she wanted

to hide this secret from her and cries Jaggi killed my Ahemji…this cannot happen.

Urvashi says Jaggi made accident, but they did not know it was Ahem’s car and Jaggi’s license was cancelled, but police told it was a misunderstanding and Jaggi did not kill anyone. Parag asks how can it be. Kokila says they are just cooking up a story, truth is Urvashi’s son killed her son. Police comes. Inspector greets them in. Urvashi asks why did she call police. Kokila shouts there will be no explanation now, truth is Jaggi killed her son, so he called police and asks inspector to arrest Jaggi. Urvashi pleads not to do this misdeed. Kokila shouts she is doing right, Ahem did not get justice 5 years ago and now will get justice, so she asked police to reopen case. Inspector that that is why he has come to arrest Jaggi with a warrant. He orders constable to arrest Jaggi and constable hand cuffs Jaggi. Jai and Veeru discuss why police is taking bade papa again. Jaggi looks at Gopi and asks even if she thinks he is a culprit. Gopi asks inspector to take away her Ahem’s murderer. Urvashi pleads Parag to save their son, he is not a murderer. Gopi reminisces marrying Jaggi and cries in Hemalini’s style that who had erased her sindhoor, she married him. Jaggi says Gopika..Gopi shouts not to take her name from his mouth and orders inspector to hang Jaggi.

Meera tells Vidya that she fed Chanda, if she fed baaji. Vidya says long ago. Dharam and Shravan enter. Meera asks if they incurred huge losses. Dharam says, but insurance company will be take care of. Dharam says after a long time he will have home food and gives his favorite food list. Meera says he has to eat whatever is prepared. Dharam says okay and walks towards his room with Shravan. They both see something in Chanda’s room and stop.

Mona and Pari comments like usual. Urvashi pleadsd Kokila to take back her case. Kokila says never. Gopi pleads Kokila to forgive her, she did not even think in dream that Jaggi could kill Ahem. Kokila shouts she will never forgive her as she married Jaggi against her will. She then shouts at Urmila that she was encouraging Jaggi like he was her own son and was taunting her in her own house. Urmila says she did not know all this. Kokila shouts bas……

Shravan and Dharam see Chanda’s leg tied and see electronic device. They call Vidya and Meera and ask why Chanda is tied. Vidya says she tried to elope many times, so Gaura suggested to keep her tied. Dharam says there is some other reason, why will someone tie for a simple reason.

Kokila continues shouting and lashing at Gopi that Gopi married her Ahem’s murderer even when she opposed her. When Krishna who served Gopi for 5 years, she married him to Gopi and did wrong, but when she realized her mistake, she apologized god and cleared her mistake. She warned her many times, but she did not listen. Gopi pleads again to forgive her. Kokila says she will never forgive her and collapses after a heart attack. Whole family get concerned and surround her. Tolu calls ambulance.

Precap: Kokila prays god that because of her, her maaji got heart attack, she will never forgive herself for that. She pleads kanhaji to take her life but save her maaji.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. hey sunshine friends boss nandhini shakaib nisha akshay today is my day off i still have to go in work later but i just wanted to see how you guys are doing miss all of you will see if i can come on later to comment on sns bye

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Raven hw is ur work going on?

    2. Nandhini

      Hii Raven!? i am doing good…hope you are also doing well…missed ur comments a lottt these days! People coming to you to get treated will get cured soon by ur magical treatment and by ur lovable character and they will live healthily for long!! Take care dear!??

  2. omg!!!! episode is updated before 7 pm itself not even the ep[isode is started how come this be possible
    thank u soooooo muchhhh telly

    1. Nandhini

      Sowmya i think the author MA is watching the episode from hotstar which streams the new episodes few hours before the real telecast time(7pm) and he/she is updating it…

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners episode was sad?.
    but who might hv killed ahem any idea friends.

    1. Chithu

      I think it might be Gaura

    2. Nandhini

      My full instincts says its definitely gaura!

  4. epi is good and update is done even before the start of serial
    thank u telly

  5. I still think jaggi didn’t killed ahem and why kokila shouted at gopi what did she do she didn’t even know truth

    Hello sowmya chitu di nandhini rani isaaq sid shakaib riana s.p average girl rose and all sns fans i hope you all doing ok

    nandhini and chitu di is everything fine now in your home city?

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      I am fine Pratheek hw r u .

      1. Thanks bhai for asking am fine

      2. Chithu

        I am fine Prateek. My bro is in Chennai not me. Thankfully he arrived at Kerala today.

      3. Oh Chitu i thought you also from chennai but never the less am happy that our bro arrived at home

    2. I am very fine kp though I was upset yesterday

      1. What happened my friend is everything ok?

    3. Nandhini

      Hii pratheek! I am fine? are you?? Have ur half-yearly exams got over or still going?? Do you have spl classes in ur christmas holidays??
      My opinion about kokila is she is just finding ways to blame and shout at gopi to vent out her anger on gopi…now she has a reason to hate jaggi and taunt gopi more…

      1. Nandhini

        In chennai,, everything became normal from yesterday pratheek…so no worries.?

      2. Chithu

        Good to hear tat everything is back to Normal

      3. Helloooo nandhini am very fine my friend and my internal exam got over in delhi cbsc board exam will be annually and no i don’t have any special classes because di i love holiday’s hahaha and believe me am v v very happy that you are safe

    4. hi kp i am doing good how is ur day going on ??

      1. Hi sowmya am doing good my friend and how is your study going on? And through which board you pursuing your study cbsc or state

      2. Nandhini

        Ohh thats nice pratheek! So enjoy ur holidays thoroughly bro!??

      3. Nandhini

        And yes pratheek i do believe you!! Hahaha??

      4. state board prateek

    5. Chithu

      Thank u Prateek and I am from Kerala

  6. i just saw a spoiler that gopi and kokila will turn into lawyers gopi will try to save jaggi from wrong blame while kokila will fight for ahem’s justice

  7. trp chart is out
    sns is on no 1 on star plus and it is on no 3 overall along with shakti while naagin and kumkum bhagya are on 1 and 2 positions respectively

    1. Isaaq

      SNS should be number 1!! Whats so special about Naagin,and Kumkum Bhagya??? Why are they the top shows??
      Gopi’s Destiny should be number 1 in the entire world though 😀

      1. if gopi’s destiny is telecasted on tv then definitely it will be no 1
        though i never read it i can say it for sure that it will be best because u are best

    2. Chithu

      Hopefully it comes to no1 soon

    3. Saathiya should be number 1!

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Saba,Raina,Priyanka SP,Mahi,Chanu,
    Average Girl, hw r u all friends.
    And if Ahem had accident hw cm there was no single wound in his body . I think it might be duplicate body But if Jaggi remain as Jaggi only Kokila may not accept him at all and Gopi also never accept him as husband . I think wen Gopi’s son comes Ahem might enter wt say.

    1. Chithu

      Hi Sid. How r u? If Ahem is also alive then there will be twists. Whom will Gopi choose. She has married Jaggi too. Then whose body is the one claimed as Ahem’s. Where was he hidden till then.

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        I am Fyn Chithu?.

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Sid! I also had a doubt like you…how come dharam be the eye-witness for ahem’s death?! As dat time he was in modi house marrying meera…he was with ahem only before the accident…Really i dont understand this logic…

    3. Hey Sid, I am good, how are you? The reason why Ahem doesn’t have any wounds on his body is because he wasn’t in the car at the time and someone might have strangled him to death wearing gloves or made him unconscious and killed him, and Isaaq you are right lol, no way could someone be fluent in Spanish like that, unless he coped it of google, but knowing a little Spanish myself, I know he is talking shit about the show and saying it should end etc. Something like that lol I am learning Spanish so I understand and speak a little. As for Dharam, sure it might be their wedding but he could have gone out to get fresh air, for a walk and saw Ahem’s dead body, than Jaggi comes looking shocked at what happened, when he comes out of his truck. Dharam will prove his innocence, Jaggi comes home Gopi starts saying sorry, idiot without any proof you can’t say arrest him, he killed Ahem or hang him to death till he is proven guilty. Gopi went to school, learnt English, should learn the law to. Kokila won’t spare Jaggi even if he is innocent, swear down she should stop being adamant and just accept the truth. Gopi should move on from being Ahem’s wife and widow and be happy with Jaggi, if it weren’t for him pretending to be Ahem, she would still be in Mental Hospital and would get mad for good staying there. Doesn’t matter how much good you do for someone, someone will take it for granted and start degrading you, like Kokila did with Jaggi, called the police and arrested him, without no proof or anything, just knows Jaggi truck was there so he suddenly killed Ahem, idiot. No offence guys but stupid saying a innocent is guilty when it’s not been proved and the judge hasn’t said anything yet.

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Wer is our other Sunshine friends
    Rithika,Swastika,are missing from long time i think from almost 1and half months or more .

  10. Boss(Siddarth)

    Even other Sunshiners are missing from few days. Nisha,Mahi,Ramona,Sheeba Ashu wt happened why no comments from u all.

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    Finally from ysdy Mental John’s comment is not der we got relief from this barking mad.

    1. Isaaq

      Nope he’s commented. I’m sick of him. I would like to know if he’s a student or has a good job? He speaks Spanish all the time as if he’s highly educated and nobody can understand him.

      John? There’s something called Google Translate that you use. An imbecile like you wouldn’t know how to speak Spanish. John is a gawar

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Issaq John is gawar only that’s y he keep on speaking nonsense.

  12. Isaaq

    Does MA ever comment??? She is the author of the daily updates of SNS

    1. Nandhini

      Isaaq if ur fan fic has been filmed and telecasted in saathiya,, it will definitely be number 1 in trps and star plus channel will owe you a huge amount!?? ur lover didnt accept ur follow request,, he is really very stubborn!! He is doing tit-for-tat in playing these tricks with you!? i wish he stops this soon and confess his real feelings to you…

  13. Chithu

    Chanda will start another drama. She is going to accuse Meera n Vidya for tying her up intentionally and torturing her to Dharam n Shravan

    1. Nandhini

      Hii chithu! Yeah i also guess chanda will turn the plate! I think the dead body claimed to be of ahem is a duplicate as there was no wound or blood on it…i doubt if they did the post-mortem of it…if the hospital ambulance brings a dead body to its family,, it will do the complete post-mortem report and then only hand-over the body to the family to do its last-rites isnt it?? There are a lots of mystery to be revealed about ahem’s death…
      Ohh you know hindi! dats good! Ur bro came back to kerala! dats nice to hear…have a great time this month with ur brother chithu!??

      1. Isaaq

        Hi nandi my lover is being so annoying? He has been online but he hasn’t responded to my follow request yet?? He’s playing games with me??? We’re so perfect for each other how we know each other so well

      2. Isaaq

        Every time I forget looool that my mind games will never work on him. We’re both the same. He’s as cunning as me. Well I’m going to play the game a little longer. He thinks Ill beg him but I wont do that. You’re right Nandi, hes probably laughing at me right now. Well haha I’m laughing at his childish behaviour

      3. Isaaq

        Well haha on him. I just tweeted that I’m really upset right now? Let’s hope he sees that

      4. Isaaq

        Omg nandi he accepted someone else follow request but he didn’t respond to mine. Hes being so childish. Lets see how long he plays games with me

      5. Nandhini

        Isaaq why is he being so adamant?? He didnt respond even after you have tweeted him! He could have accepted ur follow request and confronted you directly right?? okay lets see how long he is going on like this…i really want you to meet him once and clear everything!…

      6. Chithu

        Thank u Nandini he will be here till monday

      7. Nandhini

        Ohh ok chithu…again christmas and new year ku thambi ya kerala ku kutittu vandhurunga!??

      8. Isaaq

        He probably wants me to reveal my feelings for him. But this is making go crazy. I tried to play games with him but he did it as well and he’s winning?

        I’ve sent him three follow requests!!! I sent him a follow request at 1am before I went to sleep. He knows I’m playing games with him and he’s childish enough to do it as well. He goes around telling his ex girlfriends of how much he loves me but then when I approach him, he turns into a some shy person who’s afraid.

        I’ve never met anyone who’s so strange and confusing. I just don’t understand why he’s doing this. But as far as I know him, he’s very sensitive

  14. Me sorprende que esta serie no ha terminado todavia.

  15. Riana

    Emotional episode…But vry soon jaagi will be released from lockup…

    1. Nandhini

      Yeah Riana jaggi is soo good and innocent but nobody understands him??

  16. Hi sunshine friends and other commenters.Episode is very good.Hey!Dharam is back.

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Rose! Actually i want Dharam to be a hero,, save his family from gaura and chanda…and also solve the tensions in modi house by finding out the mystery of ahem’s death by himself!

    2. hi rose and nandhi !!!
      yes nandhini even i want dharam to have some strong and powerful character

      1. Nandhini

        Yes sowmya…dont know why but i like dharam and jaggi’s character more than other characters in SNS…they are so realistic and not dramatic in their dialogues and behaviour…

  17. This show has a lot of screaming to get their point across. Does anyone of them suffer from hoarse throat lol

  18. I like TV episodes just join the story from anywhere, suddenly we get Ahem katil and after that we will see its Ahem only, and not getting what type of Kagdi is, she is blaming Gopi that y she married, didn’t she did a mistake by marrying her to so called Dr.Krishna and didn’t this Kagdi asked help from Urvashi to help them from torture of Dr., didn’t Jaggi saved them so many times, by this we get one message be like snake, bite the person who helped you, In kagdi style and voice I would say Tum kitni Ahsan faramosh nikli, bus ab kripya karke yeh serial ko alvida kar dijiye. And Gopi don’t worry your Maji not going to die, she is pro in going to hospital and coming back, at 75 years also she is healthy.

    1. Nandhini

      Totally agreed! If kokila maa ji is a pro,, then what about Baa???? she is a legend in going to hospital a number of times and staying alive!..

      1. So true, but we can exempt her 🙂 as she is like no more or she is no more didn’t we see Big Baa and Big Hetal ba no more.

  19. thank you for your kind words nandhini it means a lot to me when a lovable person of your nature wishes me well i try my utmost to do my job to the best of my ability i always have to be on the alert because as soon as you try to take a few minutes off one patient or the other is calling on you to do something for them and hun try to educate persons around you about the seriousness of being a diabetic i had to be in the operating room on monday with the surgeon to amputate a woman’s leg she was not aware that she was a diabetic until it was too late when a person is putting on weight and also losing weight its time to check with your doctor frequent urination thirst etc are some of the symptom aids was on top of the list of being the number one killer not anymore DIABETIC is on top of the list watch what you eat exercise daily and if you have someone in your family who is a diabetic your risk is higher of becoming one omg sorry i did not mean to go on like this but i can’t help it you take care nandhini until!!! love you guys do not hesitate to ask me anything sunshine friends we are family here bye and good night

    1. Nandhini

      No problem raven! I will take all the instructions given by you about the diabetes and i will alert everyone around me and i too will be cautious in my routine health??you have a great time in ur job and take rest as much as possible in ur free hours!?

  20. it is not good night dear it is morning now i am going to bed i have to go in work for 1pm my day off is up do not know when again i will be off probably christmas eve or before will come on though later guys

    1. come fast di we will miss u !!

  21. Hi sid,raven,isaaq,kp,rose,nandhini,chithu,sowmya and all other sunshiners how r u all sry I couldn’t comment here for many days as I was not feeling well and I was little busy I m really sorry for that…

    And ya now the sns is gearing up with twists and turns…waiting for mystery to be revealed..

    And sid wer is ur spoilers today

    1. Chithu

      Hi Chanu. Hope u are well now

    2. hi chanu !! i am fine and take care friend GET WELL SOON

    3. Nandhini

      Hello chanu! I am doing good…hope you too doing well now…take care dear…i am happy today you have commented!??

    4. Yeah I vil b fyn soon…thank u guys

  22. Isaaq

    Guys there’s some evil person who’s been commenting malicious things in other people’s names on yeh hai Mohabbatein telly updates.

    If a similar thing happens here, please don’t falsely accuse each other. There’s a huge fight going on at the yeh hai mohabbatein telly updates and I don’t want it to happen here because of an evil person

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