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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan asks Vidya if she is okay with their engagement after 3 days. Gopi also asks Vidya if she has any problem. Vidya nods no. Pari congratulates Gopi that she has become mother-in-law. Gopi says she became kaki saas. Pandit leaves saying he will come after 3 days.

Gaura in her usual vamp accent asks Pari to serve sweets to everyone. Pari serves it. Gaura freds Gopi and asks her to stop being sad faced. Gopi smiles. Gaura then gives laddoo to Meera and she angrily opens mouth, but Gaura stops and says her mouth’s bitterness will change. She calls Gopi as chatanki and asks her to feed her spoilt daughter. Kokila asks her to stop joking. Gaura asks then asks her to feed her elder daughter.

Urmila says family that they have to pack their clothes. Kinjal says

their clothes are already packed to leave for mumbai. Urmila laughs and says she forgot and says once they all leave, she will enjoy alone in whole chawl. Kinjal asks Dhaval to take her to modi bhavan before leaving for mumbai.

Meera gets jealous about Vidya’s engagement. She asks Meethi to prepare her tea. Meethi says she is busy and walks out. Tolu/molu ask where is she going. She says she is going to movie. They ask if she is serious as there is a lot of work here. Tolu gets flower vendor’s call and tells molu that vendor has brought flowers from Delhi. Meera gets more jealous.

A westler is seen being massaged by his students. Gaura calls her and says her plan’s first phase has finished successfully.

Pari sees Gopi adding sugar in tadka and stops her. Gopi says she is nervous as Vidya’s marriage is happening in a hurry. Pari says it is obvious. Gopi says she is more worried about Meera as her alliance went to Vidya. Pari asks her not to think about Meera much as she will also get her life partner soon.

Meera asks Vidya if she thinks god made her jodi with Shravan. Vidya says she does not mind. Meera asks if she is saying yes because she troubled Gaura and to calm her down, she accepted this alliance under pressure, if yes, she will break this alliance. Vidya says she is not under pressure and accepted this alliance by heart. Meera says gaura’s family looks orthodox and she may have to wear veil after marriage. Meera says she does not think so and baaji/Gaura is good hearted. Meera says she does not believe Gaura.

Gopi hopes Vidya will adjust in her new family soon. Pari says of course she will.

Shravan comes to Vidya’s room and says she wants to talk to her. She asks to come in. He asks Meera to go out. She walks out and hides behind door to hear their conversation. Shravan says Vidya that after their marriage, they will be spending whole life together..She asks if is not okay with their marriage. He says they spoke a lot during their date, but he forgot to take her number. Meera hears and thinks he must be studying in school. Vidya gives her number. He types Vidhya. Vidya says no H in her name. He gives miscall and asks her to give her facebook and gmail ID. Meera thinks this illiterate is on facebook and gmail now. Shravan says Vidya baaji asked him to take it. Vidya messages him. He thanks her and leaves.

Gaura boasts in front of Kokila that Vidya and Shravan’s marriage will be a very lavish affair which whole Rajkot will watch and she will call DJ’s from London, and both daadi’s will dance. Kokila says Vidya is very lucky to have a saas like her. Gaura sees Meera passing by and taunts that whoever comes to her house will rule like a queen. If Vidya just signals, there will be many servants in front of her. She will send her to shopping mall, etc. Kokila says she will spoil Vidya. Gaura says she will as she is her lonely poti bahu. Vidya fumes and leaves jealously. Meethi informs Kokila that Kinjal has come. Kokila leaves. Gaura smirks.

Vidya waits for Shravan’s call nervously and thinks if she should call him. She tries to message, but thinks she should not. She presses send button by mistake. Shravan replies her. She messages that they can go on a walk in garden. He messages yes, he will come in 2 minutes.

Kokila asks Dhaval if he goes to Mumbai with family where will Urmila stay. Urmila says in her palace. Dhaval says they are going to mumbai just for 1 day for visa approval. Gaura vamp comes and asks Kokila to introduce them. Kokila introduces Kinjal as her daughter and Gaura as her samdhan. Urmila surprisingly asks samdhan…Gaura taunts if she cannot become samdhan and says budhi ghodi laal lagam… Urmila taunts in return that budhi ghodi is much better than broken leg donkey. Gaura gets irked. Urmila sees Meera and congratulates her. Gaura says Vidya is her bahu and not Meera. Dhaval says they will leave now. Kokila asks Urmila to spend some time with her. Urmila says it is a good idea and sends Dhaval and family back.

Gaura looks at Meera and tells Urmila that Meera is a khota sikka/waste body and she will get only khota sikka. Meera gets moer jealous.

Precap: Gaura gives milk to Meera and says it is auspicious to serve milk to snake. Meera shouts. Gopi enters and asks her to behave with Gaura as she is elder and Vidya’s would be saaas.

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