Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi video calls his mom and asks how is he looking. She says very handsome, she has bought him a new shirt worth 250 rs. She asks how is she looking. He says pretty as usual and asks how to make herbal concoction for fever. She asks why did not he tell he is having fever. He says Kokila is having fever and he wants to prepare herbal concoction for her. She gives him list of herbs. He gets confused seeing same color herbs and asks how to distinguish them. Gopi comes and helps him. She speaks Urvashi on video chat and converses even with her.

Mansi calls chef to prepare food for her party and asks to make nonveg dishes. Kokila says they cannot prepare nonveg dishes at her kitchen. Gopi comes to Kokila’s rescue.

ACP says Shravan that Naiya’s engagement preparations are going well and he can seek his help if needed. Dharam fumes seeing ACP with Shravan. Engagement starts. Naiya and Prakash exchange rings. Vidya asks Dharam to give shagun to Prakash. Dharam snatches envvelope from Meera rudely and gives it to Prakash. Vidya tells Urmila that it would have been good if Gopi and Kokila had attended enagement party.

Gopi confronts Mansi that she cannot prepare nonveg in Modi family kitchen. Mansi asks who is she to stop her. Gopi says they have a tradition and cannot be broken, she will prepare veg food. Mansi yells but agrees. Her friends gather and she discusses how to insult Gopi. Jagggi comes after exercise holding dumbells. Mansi’s friends get mesmerized with his strong muscular body. He chats with them. Mansi starts and Jaggi leaves. He hears Mansi’s plan to insult Gopi and thinks he should tackle them in his style. Gopi serves food. Mansi asks to serve as she sent chef and his waiters. Gopi says serving food is a good deed and serves food. Mansi signals and her friend drops food plate. Mansi asks Gopi to clean floor now.

Precap: Jaggi pushes Mansi’s friend on ground while dancing. Gopi tells Mansi’s friend that she insulted food by throwing it on floor. Mansi shouts at Gopi how dare she is to insult her friend. Gopi shouts to be in her limits.

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  1. sheeba

    thnq!! my dear frnds 2 include me in ur sweet group.happy 2 join u the way hw r u all guys. nd geetu ur really very active 2 comment 1st

    • Geetu


      |Registered Member

      Hahaha nothing lyk that yaar… I dont watch serial.. so i will wait till update is posted… unexpectedly today I became 1st commenter☺… nice to see my name in your comment dear…

  2. Aisha

    Raven i saw your comments and yes i am good thanks. I hope you recover soon. You don’t deserve this raven di.

    I love your name raven. It’s unique and this is what makes you a special person.

  3. Aisha

    Sid bhai? Any updates as to what will happen in upcoming episodes?

    I’m missing our sunshine group members! I hope you enjoy yourself nisha di.

    Akshay bhai? I hope you comment soon, the group is empty without the bestum best commentor.

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Vidya feels that there is something fishy.

    Vidya feels that Naiya is trying to create rift amid Meera-Dharam, she decides to find out the truth.

    So then she will decide to keep an eye on Naiya and Payal, she determines to find out the truth.

    Vidya determines that she will not let happen anything to Meera-Dharam’s relation.

    Vidya try to unite Meera-Dharam

    So she will also makes plan to sort the issues amid Dharam-Meera and unite them.

    It will be interesting to see that whether Vidya be able to find Naiya evil intention or not

    Lets see what happens next.

  5. Akshay

    Hello sunshine frnzzz nisha, aisha, raven, sid extremely sorry yar net data package was over so could not comments here.

  6. Nandhini


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear sunshine friends sid, raven, nisha, aisha,akshay,geetu,sheeba,pratyusha! And hi shakaib! I misssed watching today’s episode,, will watch its retelecast tomorow at 1pm…what is john’s problem?? Who cares if he is a loner?? Nisha how was ur day?? Its ur big day in ur city…hope you enjoyed the festival the most!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  7. Akshay

    Well our new sunshiner r nadhini, priyaraj, geetu. Fantastic!!!! We got our new frnzzz thanks all of u to choose our group n warm welcome from us

  8. Nandhini


    |Registered Member

    Hey aisha you are a muslim right? so yesterday was ur big day na….my belated bakrid wishes dear!😊😊 sorry for wishing you so late!πŸ˜• you had a great time yesterday na??

  9. Akshay

    Finally nayya is engaged but prakash will continue his driving service to pink lipstick n dharam or they will make him partner in business??

  10. Nandhini


    |Registered Member

    Sid gave some spoilers about jaggi and mansi’s friends…didnt expect that scene came so soon!! After jaggi’s and meera-rithesh’s track they are going to end the serial i think….i dont think they will bring little rashi track,, because then she should be the lead character and by that time gopi and ahem will be grand parents…they dont have anything important to share screen space as the main leads….what say friends?? What is ur opinion?? You think they will the end the serial after jaggi and meera’s track???

  11. Akshay

    This is amazing serial no one need his or her family.
    1. Today prakash’s parents r absent
    Β². Krishna’s mummy n sister were absent in his marriage
    Β³. In engagement of mansi n ahem her mummy n brother were absent.
    ⁴. Kokila is one man army “BASS”

  12. Boss(Siddarth)

    John you are the biggest fool in this page . Jst stop barking mr lonely no one cares for ur barking stupid. Beta bhokna band kar warna sunshiners ke style se batana padega.

    • Geetu


      |Registered Member

      John really proved alone now… Even his comment disappeared making him alone… any dont worry about him Sid… Dogs will bark.. we cant controll them.. we shouldnt bother about them…

  13. Akshay

    Very funny fact when character is negative it will be very cunning but if character is positive it will be dubba. Like cunning meera turn into sidhi sadhi meera

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    Nandini I guess after MPK and Meera track Urvashi may turn negative bcoz her son jaggi is dead and ahem is posing as jaggi so she may come to Modi bhavan and ask her share even story writers may bring Jaggi’s wife and children to create more trouble in Modi family . After this Gaura may return frm jail to take revenge . So SNS may not end soon.

  15. Isaaq


    |Registered Member

    Guys. I’m just like Gopi in every way. I used to be shy and innocent like her but I grew really confident. I also got my own Ahem. My own lover that I’m destined with😍. Meeting him was like fate and destiny. He’s my saathiya. My lover is also arrogant like Ahem but he’s really sweet.
    However Ahem and Gopi have separated 3 times. Right now for 2 years I haven’t been with my lover. 2 years Ive spent without them. When me and my lover separated I was alone and then I changed into a bold person. 2 years and the coming 3 years Im constantly preparing myself and waiting for the day I go to London to reunite with my lover.
    These tracks in SNS about revenge and love, these are reality in my life. I’ve had many vamps and villains that have tortured me but I defeated them. I just miss him these days and this battle is too long. The same way I want Gohem to reunite, I want to unite with my lover tooπŸ˜“ I really want everyone suport here.

    • Aisha

      Isaaq, you have everybody’s support here. I’m sorry to hear that this has been going on in your life.

      As a person, you deserve much more in general. I really hope that you reunite with your lover. I know how it feels when you have to be away from a loved one. Stay strong isaaq.

      • Isaaq


        |Registered Member

        Thank you very much. I have faith in God nd I’m very thankful to him for bringing the most amazing man in my life. A man who got rid of all my sorrows and brought happiness in my life. My saathiya…

    • Nandhini


      |Registered Member

      Unlike in saathiya serial,, which shows always negativity,, in reality, God will test his people who trust him but he will never leave them…he is always listening to their spoken and unspoken prayers….so dear,,he knows what is best for you and knowing ur capabilities he moulded you into a better and bold person…so you will soon unite with your lover at the right time and there are more happier moments awaiting you which you didnt even expect in ur dreams because God knows you deserve more than you expected! So have faith my dear! And definitely all ur wishes will come true! You wil have the best ever life with your lover hereon! All the best dear! My support,, prayers and love are always with you!😊😊😊

      • Isaaq


        |Registered Member

        I know God is testing me. I have become a better person in these 2 years. It’s just my lover is the reason why I’m so successful now. He helped me and he was my hero. Ever since I was child he has always protected me and seeing him go away from me is too upsetting.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bumped into him and seen him couple of times due to destiny. Like Gopi said in SNS, only God can break a relationship between two soulmates, that is what i share with him. He’s my soulmate and despite being away from each other for 2 years he’s alwas been around me. When he is near me I can Sense his presence
        I even went outside his house on his birthday to make him feel that I was there for his birthday so we can at least feel each other pressence.
        I saw him yesterday looking handsome as always but he never noticed I was so close to him he never saw me.
        It’s strange my lover looks exactly like Ahem except my lover isn’t muscly lol.
        Basically he’s going to London soon and I’m off to university. I’m going to work hard and get myself to London as well. I want to rekindle our relationship and I want to win using love.
        Similar in my fan fictions where Gopi became Durga in these past 2 years I’ve also changed everything about myself to help myself win this battle.

  16. raven

    i am here Akshay,where were you dude ? u know u were really missed right? thanks Aisha for liking my name and you too Nandhini i love you guys you are family i really wish i can put my hands through that TV ans slap mansi hard she is trying her utmost to degrade Gopi but i am glad Jaggi is there to help her out in situations like these,and Gopi is not mansi servant,and i like the name Gohem way to go sorry i am late with my comment but my work load is increasing but i will try my best to comment daily promise

    • Nandhini


      |Registered Member

      We love you too Raven.! problem i can understand ur work pressure….take ur own time to comment dear…but one thing is sure…whenever you comment here,, even a single comment of urs is a blast in this forum!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠ

    • Akshay

      Data pack was over so i was absent raven. I miss all of u too. U all r beautiful part of my life. This golden period will be missed in future by us

  17. Ragini

    Guys can I join your sunshine group?? Please tell me.
    A lot of happen , jaggi when will he reveal himself to gopi, waiting anxiously. Hi Shakaib, akshay, boss, nandhini, Aisha,Leila,sheeba, geetu and all of u. Jaggi and gopi rocks.

      • Boss(Siddarth)

        Yes Aisha Adithya thought that without him our group Will fall apart but we have show him our group power and unity I am sure nw he is shocked to see that we reached our target.

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    Its 94 comment guys jst 6 comments to go then we WL be reaching our target. New sunshiners Ragini,shrestee,Sheeba common comment friends.

  19. raven

    hello sunshine friends i have to get use to some of the new names now,we have some new friends in our sunshine group,welcome aboard guys and Nisha thank you so much for accepting me as your Raven di it means a lot i know it means sister,i told Sid i will learn hindi,just for my sunshine friends,english is my mothers tongue i also know spanish and french so let mr lonely try anything how are you Aisha?Nandhini you rock, and how can i forgot Sid a pleasant good afternoonto you,i opened a new clinic and i got over seventy five patients it was hectic but i love my job and it was nice listening to these people problem and most of my medication i give away for free my dad said in that way i will run bankrupt lol but its a nice feeling when you see these people show respect and admiration for you it just makes your day i know i have made some mistake but i dont able to go back and rectify them i joined afternoon and to together want to sleep so badly i will come on later as usual guys until then be good to yourselves

  20. Akshay

    From my side this comment is 100th i hope when these comments will post it will cross 100. HP’s mother fake curse is flop now. RIP HP’s mother!!!!

  21. raven

    i think gaura will become a good person if she should ever come back,she is the one who taught Naiya to be that way when a child while growing up see what their elders are doing they tend to do the same things because we look up to our elders for guidance,and when the children see their elders are doing stupid things they will say to themselves this is probably good cause the elders are doing it like for example a kid who is five years old is seeing his/her mother is swearing and using bad words everyday what do you think that child will do when he/she reaches the age of seventeen?the same thing cause mom was doing that since i was a child so maybe this is what i should do no no no that is why they say you have to build a good foundation charity begins at home so whatever you do in that house your child will end up doing that cause mummy was doing it so its good children are very sensitive oh my god i sound like a grandmother sorry really have to go now i wanted us to reach the 100 comments,that is why i comment so quickly excuse any mistakes

    • Boss(Siddarth)

      Congratulations Raven for your New clinic 😊. It is really great thing that even in your hectic schedule u are commenting and keeping touch with us . We all are lucky to hav you as a friends 😊

    • nisha

      I am here bhai aap keisi h? Mery mother tongue is if you find any mistake in my hindi ,pls forgive me .

    • Akshay


  22. Akshay

    Wowww raven u r so talented yar congrats for new clinics n thanx dear u r giving ur precious time to us. U know french spanish awesome yar plz teach me french. Raven my English is little bit weak. So ignore if i do mistake. My mother tongue is hindi. Well i m trying to improve it a lot.

  23. Boss(Siddarth)

    Congratulations Sunshiners Akshay,Raven,Aisha,Nisha,Nandini,
    Shakaib,Gettu,sheeba,Ragini,shrestee today we crossed above 100 keep it up friends. Sunshine group RocksπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  24. raven

    hey guys we have reached our 100 mark no one can cast an evil eye on us not even you HP,i had respected you like a brother and what did you do?you made a mockery out of us you toyed with our emotions and for that you will never be forgiven we know you are not dead you are pretending to be but it dont work that way chum our sunshine group will never forgive you and guys in spanish our sunshine group is’nuestro brillo del sol el grupo’,it means our sunshine group and ‘ya somos familia’means we are family now,and te amo con todo mi corazon means i love you with all my heart will comment on today’s episode as soon as i get the time,i do hope we remain like this always friends forever in spanish it means ‘el amigo para siempre’and we are just that FRIENDS FOREVER,and Nisha you are doing just great

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