Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi video calls his mom and asks how is he looking. She says very handsome, she has bought him a new shirt worth 250 rs. She asks how is she looking. He says pretty as usual and asks how to make herbal concoction for fever. She asks why did not he tell he is having fever. He says Kokila is having fever and he wants to prepare herbal concoction for her. She gives him list of herbs. He gets confused seeing same color herbs and asks how to distinguish them. Gopi comes and helps him. She speaks Urvashi on video chat and converses even with her.

Mansi calls chef to prepare food for her party and asks to make nonveg dishes. Kokila says they cannot prepare nonveg dishes at her kitchen. Gopi comes to Kokila’s rescue.

ACP says Shravan that Naiya’s engagement preparations are going well and he can seek his help if needed. Dharam fumes seeing ACP with Shravan. Engagement starts. Naiya and Prakash exchange rings. Vidya asks Dharam to give shagun to Prakash. Dharam snatches envvelope from Meera rudely and gives it to Prakash. Vidya tells Urmila that it would have been good if Gopi and Kokila had attended enagement party.

Gopi confronts Mansi that she cannot prepare nonveg in Modi family kitchen. Mansi asks who is she to stop her. Gopi says they have a tradition and cannot be broken, she will prepare veg food. Mansi yells but agrees. Her friends gather and she discusses how to insult Gopi. Jagggi comes after exercise holding dumbells. Mansi’s friends get mesmerized with his strong muscular body. He chats with them. Mansi starts and Jaggi leaves. He hears Mansi’s plan to insult Gopi and thinks he should tackle them in his style. Gopi serves food. Mansi asks to serve as she sent chef and his waiters. Gopi says serving food is a good deed and serves food. Mansi signals and her friend drops food plate. Mansi asks Gopi to clean floor now.

Precap: Jaggi pushes Mansi’s friend on ground while dancing. Gopi tells Mansi’s friend that she insulted food by throwing it on floor. Mansi shouts at Gopi how dare she is to insult her friend. Gopi shouts to be in her limits.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is serial me log budhape me bhi shant nahi baithe h sare k sare sajish karte rahte h

  2. Jaggi’s mother willwill be next villain

  3. From my side this comment is 100th i hope when these comments will post it will cross 100. HP’s mother fake curse is flop now. RIP HP’s mother!!!!

  4. i think gaura will become a good person if she should ever come back,she is the one who taught Naiya to be that way when a child while growing up see what their elders are doing they tend to do the same things because we look up to our elders for guidance,and when the children see their elders are doing stupid things they will say to themselves this is probably good cause the elders are doing it like for example a kid who is five years old is seeing his/her mother is swearing and using bad words everyday what do you think that child will do when he/she reaches the age of seventeen?the same thing cause mom was doing that since i was a child so maybe this is what i should do no no no that is why they say you have to build a good foundation charity begins at home so whatever you do in that house your child will end up doing that cause mummy was doing it so its good children are very sensitive oh my god i sound like a grandmother sorry really have to go now i wanted us to reach the 100 comments,that is why i comment so quickly excuse any mistakes

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    1. I am here bhai aap keisi h? Mery mother tongue is if you find any mistake in my hindi ,pls forgive me .

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