Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan says Gaura he does not want anyone to badmouth about Gopi or Vidya as he is engaged to Vidya now and does not like anyone troubling his would be wife. He looks at Dharam and says he is not the one who will leave his wife for silly reason. Gaura says why is he dragging issue and says changes tone. She says she a mother’s concern and asks Gopi not to worry about her daughter. She asks everyone to come and enjoy food.

Modi’s reach home back. Baa says she wants to spend some time with Vidya. Kokila asks her to go and rest. Baa says she is her saas, so she cannot oppose her decision and says Vidya is in our house for some hours now, she wants to spend some time with her. whole family disperses.

Gopi shows her concern for Vidya in front of Ahem and

tells she is getting a bad intuition about this marriage.

Gaura tells Dharam they escaped today someone and changed Karunesh’s pic with his bapuji’s on time. Dharam tells he is angry on Shravan that he is getting attracted to Vidya so much. She says not to worry as Shravan will not break his promise and now she has got a trump card in Meera. She will start punishing Kokila from tomorrow.

Kokila asks Gopi not to worry as Shravan is a very good body and Gaura is also and will keep Vidya as her granddaughter.

Baa tells her marriage story to her great grand children. Tolu/molu enjoy her story. Baa shows her jewelry and asks Hetal, Pari, Vidya, Meera to select jewelry each as it is their family ritual to gift jewelry to daughters and bahus during marriage. Meera selects one and leaves a bigger one for Vidya and says bride should look more beautiful.

Kinjal argues with Urmila that Modi bhavan is her house and she will not go from there. Kokila hears their conversation and asks what is happening. Dhaval says Kinjal she cannot stay here as she is married. Kinjal says her leg is injured, so she will stay here at least tonight. Dhaval says she did not want to go in auto, so she started walking with high heeled sandals and fell down.

Vidya looks at Shravan’s pic on mobile and smiles. Pari jokes that she can speak to Shravan face to face from tomorrow. Hetal asks her to wear yellow dress for haldi ceremony. Meera thinks she will also wear yellow dress and will see if it will be lucky for her or Vidya.

Precap: Gopi gets happy when flower from idol falls and says she got a good signal for her daughter’s future. Meera thinks it is good signal for her and not Vidya.

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  1. Amazing acting by the Modi’s.

    1. I can’t understand the ad for saathiya.

      1. The ad is obviously confusing as it shows both Meera and Vidya married. *SPOILER ALERT*
        Vidya will get married to Shravan and Meera will marry Dharam making her Vidya’s mother-in-law.

  2. so much trickery and wickedness in these shows. Meets used to be a nice, mild-mannered child who showed tremendous respect and love. She used to sing bhajans. This grown up Meera is trashy, disgusting and EVIL. What a brat!!! No one can stand up to her. I would have thrown her out of the house the moment she disrespected me. I really can’t stand this show and the pathetic direction it has taken.

    1. Yes! Even i cant believe the small innocent meera has grown up into such a wicked girl!! In 10 yrs span how dis huge change wil happen to a child??? Wat her father ahem was doing at dat time while she was growing up??? Unbelievable serial!

  3. *Meera, not Meets.

  4. such me sidhi sadhi meera ko.bilkul badal dia

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