Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2013 Written Update

Urmi tells Koki that she is shocked to see her there. Koki taunts her that for her, family’s wish comes before her own and that is why she is there. Gohem exchange a look and Koki tells Urmi that if she is so shocked then she will leave with her family. But Urmi stops her saying she was joking. MB scolds her. The music starts and it’s some film music. Gohem, MB and Koki look uncomfortable. Koki asks why they are playing film songs instead of traditional navratri songs. Urmi explains that film stars are going to visit RN that is why they are playing film songs. Parag asks Urmi when will they come and Kinjal replies that they are big stars so they will not come on time. Koki is irritated. Gopi looks at Jigar worriedly and Ahem nods at her which Koki notices. Gohem

move aside and Gopi asks what to do as RaJi are not even looking at each other. Ahem looks towards Dhawal’s shop and tells her that he has an idea. Urmi on seeing them is worried that they are thinking of uniting RaJi. Koki sees Urmi and wonders why she is staring at Gohem. She wonders what she is thinking. She decides to keep an eye on her. The ladies gossip that they are very pleased that Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan are going to visit their chawl. They thank Urmi for giving the balance money and Urmi boasts that 20000 is nothing for her.
There is an announcement and all run towards the entrance pushing Jigar on the way. Urmi is excited that film stars have arrived. She pushes the ladies to catch a glimpse. The actors come and Koki wonders why they are looking strange. Hetal agrees and tells her that they seem to be duplicates yet people are going crazy. Rashi is excited. Radha also runs towards the actors and MB calls her angrily to stop. She complains that even Radha is acting crazy. Rashi replies that it’s understandable as Salman Khan has come. Koki glares at her and Rashi makes a face. Rashi joins the crowd and bumps into Jigar. He asks her angrily when she will stop acting childish and going crazy over films and film stars. Rashi glares at him and Urmi and Gohem notice their argument. Jigar taunts her that she is from a chawl that is why she is behaving this way. Urmi gets furious on Jigar’s behavior towards Rashi.
Gopi asks Ahem if they hide Rashi’s bag in the shop and call her there on the pretext of changing Molu’s diapers..Ahem agrees and tells her that he will get Jigar to the shop too. Urmi overhears.
Gohem are worried to see Raji argue. Rashi moves away from Jigar and Jigar moves aside for the crowd to pass. The duplicates wave at the crowd and Gopi asks Ahem what to do. He asks her if Dhawal’s shop is vacant. She says yes. He explains that he has an idea; if they can manage to get RaJi to the shop somehow and lock them inside so that they are forced to be together and forced to talk to each other. Hetal comes to Gopi and tells her to change Molu’s diaper and hands over the child to him. Gopi thinks and tells Ahem that if they hide Rashi’s bag in the shop and call her there on the pretext of changing Molu’s diapers..Ahem agrees and tells her that he will get Jigar to the shop too and they will lock them in. Gopi agrees. Urmi overhears. She asks what if they knock from inside. Ahem assures her that nobody will be able to hear them in this loud music. Gopi agrees and tells him to hide Rashi’s bag in the shop. Urmi decides to spoil their plan. She goes upstairs and cribs that she will miss meeting the actors because of Gohem. The duplicates greet the crowd and Rashi is watching them happily. Gopi moves towards her with Molu. She tells Rashi to change Molu’s diaper. She adds that she has told Meethi to keep her (Rashi’s) bag in Dhawal’s shop so she can go there to change M’s diaper. Rashi tells her to do it as she is enjoying herself. Gopi replies that Meera is hungry so she has to give milk to her. Rashi agrees and takes Molu from her. The stars thank the crowd and Rashi stands there. Radha is feeling uncomfortable in the dress and goes upstairs to check. In the house, Urmi is fiddling with Rashi’s bag and is happy about something. She hears someone and thinks that Ahem has come. She hides and watches Radha enter. Ahem comes too and sees Radha there. He takes Rashi’s bag and leaves. Urmi is happy. Radha finds a pin in her dress and removes it. Ahem keeps Rashi’s bag in Dhawal’s shop. Radha comes downstairs and Ahem nods at Gopi. She tells Rashi to go the shop and Rashi leaves.
Jigar tells Rashi that he thought she wanted to save their relationship but he did not know that she had planned so far ahead. Rashi is confused and he adds that she has planned to get a big amount as alimony from him. Rashi is shocked.
Rashi goes to the shop and Gohem share a look. Urmi comes down happily thinking that she will enjoy when Gohem’s plan will fail. She decides to meet the actors. Ahem goes to Jigar and tells him that Rashi is more interested in Salman than the kids. Molu has been crying so much but Rashi is not pacifying him. Jigar asks him where is Molu and Ahem replies that he is in Dhawal’s shop. Jigar goes to the shop and Gohem follow. Jigar is angry to see Rashi there. Ahem locks them in and RaJi start knocking. Gopi prays that they reconcile and come out smiling. Jigar scolds Rashi that it is all her fault and she asks what she did. Molu starts crying and Jigar taunts her that she cannot even pacify a child and he is crying so much. Rashi tells him not to shout and adds that he is over reacting. She just has to change Molu’s diaper and he will stop crying. Jigar tells her that she is careless and lazy and a liar. He taunts her that she should accept her mistake. She tells her that she has apologized for her mistakes. She removes the diaper from her bag and some newspaper cuttings fall out. Jigar reads on one cutting that a husband had to pay 9 crores to his wife for divorce.
Meanwhile, AB duplicate greets the crowd. Urmi tries to move ahead in the crowd. Someone asks Salman duplicate to dance and he agrees. He starts dancing and Koki and Gohem look uncomfortable. Meera, Radha and Urmi clap happily. MB looks annoyed. AB duplicate offers a hand to Urmi and and she happily steps on stage. MB is shocked to see Urmi dance with the actor on stage. JituBhai gets angry. Urmi is dancing so enthusiastically that she almost pushes the actor. All clap and Urmi blushes. Her neighbours laugh at her and Urmi looks at the actors suspiciously. She steps down and wonders if the actors are duplicates. AB duplicate disagrees and says he is real, his glasses are real, his beard is real and his hair is real. The ladies assure Urmi that he is not a duplicate. Radha asks Salman duplicate that he removes his shirt in every film and shows off his muscles. She asks him to remove his shirt and MB is shocked. He refuses and Radha says he is a duplicate as the real actor would have agreed. Urmi goes to the stage and demands to know who they are. She tells the crowd that they are duplicates and starts hitting them. The ladies stop her and tell her that they know they are duplicates. Urmi is shocked. The ladies taunt her that only duplicates would come to their chawl and tell her to come off the stage. Urmi steps down.
Jigar asks Rashi if this is her plan and Rashi is confused but agrees angrily. He tells her that he thought she wanted to save their relationship but he did not know that she had planned so far ahead. She agrees again angrily. She taunts him that he thought she would beg him not to leave her. She will never do that. Jigar agrees and adds that she has planned to get a big amount as alimony from him. Rashi is shocked.
Meanwhile, Ahem tells Gopi confidently that this time they will reconcile and Gopi hopes he is right.
Rashi blames Jigar that he is blaming her again. He shows her the cuttings and asks her what these are doing in her bag. Rashi looks confused and looks at her bag. She reads the articles on the cuttings and tells him that she does not know. She tells him that she is not lying but he blames her for lying. Rashi gets angry and refuses to explain any more.
Gopi tells Ahem that she hopes both will realize that they will be happy only with each other. Ahem agrees and hopes she is right.
RaJi knock on the door again.
The actors announce that they are leaving as they were insulted and beaten up. The crowd stops them and invite them to play dandiya with them. Urmi moves aside and the ladies watch her happily. Urmi tells herself that she wasted 20000 on these duplicates. Jayantibhai overhears and asks her if he took the money from her for this. She begs him not to tell anything to MB. JB says he is feeling ashamed to say anything to MB and Urmi is worried.
The actors agree to play dandiya with them and music begins. All start playing dandiya. Kinjal tells Hetal and Koki to play dandiya but Koki says no. Hetal tells her to play but Koki refuses again. MB asks Koki why she is not playing dandiya. She replies that she enjoys dancing on traditional songs not film songs. MB agrees. Koki notices Gohem standing aside. Urmi wonders where is Rashi. Someone hears RaJi knock and opens the door. Rashi steps out with Molu tearfully and Jigar follows angrily. Gohem watch them shocked and worried. Rashi goes upstairs with Molu and Gohem look at each other worriedly. They see Jigar leave from there angrily.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Rashi tells Gopi that she is going to tell the family that she does not want to live with Jigar. She adds that even Jigar wanted to tell all after Navratri, today is Navratri’s last day so she will tell all today.

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