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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika wakes up at midnight, keeps pillows in her place and walks out wearing shawl. Gopi follows her. At Dharam’s house, Meera fans Chanda and falls alseep. Chanda yells at her when she eats, her hands move fast, why not now. Vidya comes and gets angry and asks when there is AC and fan in room, why she is not using it. Chanda says she like desi fan and tells her unborn child that his mother Meera is lazy kaam chor and if anything happens to him, he should not blame her. Meera asks Vidya to go, she will manage. Chanda yells at Vidya to go and sleep, she has a lot of work to go and shouts to get out.

Radhika reaches an old ransacked house. Magesh comes and hugs her. She asks who is it. He says her mangya. She says she will slap him. He shows her Modi

bhavan’s Radha Krishna idol replica. She says it is solid replica. He says poor Modi family don’t know what will happen in their house. Gopi enters and they both hide. Gopi sees idol and thinks what Radhika will do with this idol. She sees Radhika’s flowers on floor and thinks her doubt is true, Radhika had come here. Radhika and Mangesh hide behind wall.

In the morning, Urashi performs aarti while family stands behind her. She asks where is Radhika. Radhika comes holding small Krishna idol and gives it to her mother and says she did what she asked for. Urvashi asks what are they talking about. Radhika’s mom says they have ritual that girl will go at midnight to potter’s house, steal mud and make small bal Gopal from it. Mangesh disguised as woman Veena says girl will get a baby soon. Urvashi smile. Radhika’s mother says Radhika will pray for junior Jaggi. She asks Magesh to go and get Radhika ready. Urvashi saays there are many people here. Mother says this lady gets bride ready always. Mangesh blushes not to praise her much. Radhika’s father asks Urvashi to continue her other work.

Vidya prepares lots of dishes. Shravan asks if today something special. Vidya says she wants to speak. He asks what. Meera says Vidya prepared all these for him and Dharam. Shravan says Priyal will be very happy seeing desserts and goes to call her. Meera asks Vidya not to tell about this to Dharam and Shravan and gives her promise. She says after 5 months, she will get her child and everything wil befine then.

Radhika and Mangesh sit in corridor on bench. Radhika asks him to decorate house with yellow flowers and get her yellow dress. He gets romantic with her. She asks him to move aside. Gopi hears their conversation and hides thinking why Veena is getting intimate with Radhika. Radhika calls him Mangesh and asks to stay away. Gopi realizes it is Mangesh. Radhika asks how will they execute their plan. Mangesh shows her Modi bhavan’s plan and says while everone are busy celerbating haldi ritual, they will steal Radha Krishna idol. On the other side, Kokila and Urvashi look at idol and discuss it is 6-7 generations old. Gopi walks and shouts after she slip. Radhika and Mangesh get alert. Gopi says she did not know they will stoop so low, she will expose Mangesh’s identity in front of everyone. Radhika says if she will disrobe old woman, she will be cursed and nobody wil bellieve her, especially Urvashi. Even if she tries, she will harm her dignity.

Precp: Radhika praises Mangesh’s brain and looking at Jaggi’s veil asks if this will work. Mangesh says once Jaggi wears it, he will press remote button. Jaggi will die wth electric shock. Urvashi is seen dorning veil on Jaggi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Urvashi is the best.

  2. Wat r they up to n Wat does she want with modi family

  3. lol she meant 5 months. Also Leila, if you on about Radhika she wants to steal the Modi family’s Krishna idol as it is worth a lot of money.

  4. Wow, what a show, just everyone wants to kill someone, and star plus says soch nayi, Is this new soch kill anyone if you don’t like or loot someone and break trust.

    1. Nandhini

      Lara just take it in positive ways…these kind of people still exists who breaks the trust of others and loot away their wealth in the name of marriage or kill them and run away with their money…and its meera’s fault who brought chanda home which is illegal…so she is suffering for her own actions and she accepted it..they are showing in this serial these modis and suryavanshis are accepting outside people in their house without doing any background check of them so they are being cheated…by showing dis they are conveying people should be fully aware of strangers before marrying them or any task to be performed from them and they must follow the laws and rules. I am happy to watch dis current track because they are not showing own family members itself killing each other like gaura and radha did in my opinion this track is more better than the previous revenge tracks.

      1. Isaaq

        I like the track but I want a big twist. I’d be happy to watch SNS if a new story starts rather than dragging this track. I just want a fresh story.

        YHM has just had a one year leap and now I’ve started to watch that too as theirs a new story and Shagun (my favourite vamp) was given a grand entry after her victory over Ishita before the leap. I want a story like that- Gopi vs powerful vamp- not that radhkika

      2. Isaaq

        I’m long waiting for Gaura- only her return will make me interested in SNS again. This time- I wish it’s Gopi vs Gaura, not Kokila vs Gaura. Gopi destroyed Radha and now she should destroy Gaura

      3. Isaaq

        I remember Gopi warned Gaura that she’ll break her legs if she ever harmed Kokila again… that was my favourite scene when she pushed Gaura lol and threatened her

  5. Nandhini

    Nice episode..hey nisha ippo chudidhar la new trend ennana long type salwars wears in which the long top in front is divided with plain colors on one side and different pattern designs on other side(only side prints)and designs la ippo popular ah irukardhu geometric or floral prints!…hey sid you watched some episodes of naagin season 1 isnt it?? In dat the lady who played shivanya’s mother(icchadhari naagin mother) is the same lady who plays the character of radhika in saathiya!?

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Nandini nw i remember Radhika is acted as shivanya’s mother in naagin season 1. Do u watch regularly Naagin season 2 I have not watched it frm last 2 weeks . And any Sunshiners do u watch brahmarakshas in zee tv .

  6. Hey i am new here can i join your grp

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Of course Swastika welcome to sunshine group ?.

      1. Thnku boss siddarth

  7. Hi friends how r u all. Yes Nandhini Meera always takes decision without thinking or consulting anyone. Now she is suffering and cant blame anyone for the same. I appreciate the makers who have kept the active from so many years.
    Some blame by saying its rubbish. If it was indeed rubbish then how come they have good trp and its entertaining audience for almost 7 yrs. No one is forcing u ppl to watch it. I am not hurting anyone just conveying my opinion.

  8. Can anyone tell me how to become a registered member.

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends episode is updated late . Nandini u are right SNS shows some real stories wch happened with others there are many real stories wer bride wl loot all the money of groom on the day of marriage and run away. atleast Urvashi shud have thinked twice before accepting Radhika’s proposal bcoz hw cm a 24-25 year old girl easily agreed to marry 50 year old Jaggi who is double of her age .
    Meera always acts immature as she never listen’s to anyone she don’t even think or ask her family members before doing anything even it is illegal to keep chanda in home she brought her home Meera herself is responsible for her sufferings .

  10. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, Gopi somehow wants to expose Radhika and Mangesh before everyone.

    Radhika and Mangesh on ther other hand have now decided to leave the house after taking all the jewellery and clothes.

    So while they were trying to run from Modi house after taking all the jewellery and clothes just then Gopi catches them.

    Gopi makes Radhika-Mangesh aressted

    Gopi catches them red handed and exposes them before everyone and everyone gets shocked.

    Gopi reveals that she came here to steal jewellery and cash.

    Then she calls police and makes them arrested for stealing jewellery.

    Urvashi feels guilty and she then decides to apologize Gopi.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show some major drama where Jaggi and Gopi’s marriage day arrives.

    Gopi is scared as she knows Radhika’s true face and ger intentions to con Jaggi and Modi family.

    Radhika’s boyfriend Mangesh has also entered the function in girls attire to execute the master plan befooling Modi family.

    Gopi exposes all truth and reveals Mangesh’s real identity before all, Radhika and Mangesh runs away leaving all.

    Jaggi asks Gopi to marry him

    Jaggi is upset and says that his marriage broke up, asks Gopi will she marry him im the same mandap.

    Gopi agrees to do it for her family snd Modi family’s respect, Jaggi snd Gopi decides to marry each other.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  12. jub jaggi ko electric shock lagega thab usse yaad aayega ki woh jaggi nahi ahem hai

  13. Chandaa is a bit too much… by the way where is small rashi, kinjal and family….

  14. Nice.. Awaiting for the upcoming episode when gopi and jaggi will get married. 🙂

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Rithika,Mahi,Chanu why u ppl are not commenting plz comment friends.

  16. Boss(Siddarth)

    yes Issaq me too eagerly waiting for gaura’s return it shud be
    ahem gopi vs Gaura

    1. Didn’t Gaura commit suicide? when Dharam left her alone.

  17. I love sunshines and SNS drama.we are de best .

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