Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem scolds Gopi that she with Kokila always forced her decisions on him and ruined both his daughters’s lives. She is also responsible for Kokila’s condition. Gopi gets devastated hearing this. He says he did not do wrong by beating Dharam, etc. Doc comes and informs that he has to operate Kokila right now and takes her into operation theater while whole Modi family watches tensely.

Baa calls Hetal and asks how is Kokila now. Hetal says Kokila is in operation theater. Baa starts crying vigorously. Madhuben asks what happened, takes phone and asks Hetal why is baa crying. Hetal says Kokila’s condition is still bad. Madhuben asks if she should bring food for them as they did not eat anything since 1 day. Hetal says okay. She asks to send Tolu to

pick food. She then thinks if Kokila dies, she cannot take revenge from her, so she has to be alive. She looks at Sona and thinks she knows how to trap Tolu and asks Sona to lure Tolu.

Durga applies hot brick on Dharam’s back to lessen his pain. He looks at Meera sensuously and asks her to apply brick. Meera says let Duraga apply brick and she will bring another brick. Gaura starts her drama and tells Meera that her father hit Dharam to torture her as Dharam is her husband. Vidya comes and says she is telling lie. Gaura asks her to stay away and says whatever wrong happens to Modi family, they blame her. She wants Kokila to die each day instead of once.

Madhuben hears Tolu’s bike sound and asks Sona to open door. Sona opens door. Tolu says he cannot take food alone. Madhuben says Sonu will come along. Baa asks Tolu how is Kokila. He says her condition is still critical. Rashi hears that and asks what happened to her baa.

Operation finishes. Doc comes out and says Kokila’s condition is still critical and if she does not wake upn 4 hours, she will go into coma. Whole modi family gets more concerned.

Gaura sees Vidya trying to walk out of house and asks where is she going. Vidya says to meet daadi. Gaura starts yelling and shouting at her, badmouthing about Modi family. She throws tea cups on floor and says this is her laxman rekha and she should not cross it. Shravan says he will take Vidya to meet her daadi. Gaura says then he should not come back to her house.

Precap: Gaura enters hospital as sweeper and pours soap water on floor for Gopi to slip. Gopi slips, but Ahem holds her. Gaura thinks Gopi escaped, but she will kill Kokila today for sure.

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  1. Iam back, and nothing has changed about this serial. Let’s all hail Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

  2. all bakwaas but still i luv to watch it but missing koki ka taav and latke jhatke

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