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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila falls on the ground unconscious after being hit by plant pot thrown by Radha. All Modi family ladies get worried seeing this and try to wake her up. Pari pours red colour on floor and says there is no other option than using this opportunity to trap Radha. Meethi says pot did not hit maami/urmila, she just panicked and fell unconscious. Radha comes there. Gopi and Pari allege her that she killed Urmila. Radha says how can she die with just a flower pot. Gopi says she will send her to jail now. Kokila asks Gopi not to leave Radha easily now as she tried to strangulate Urmila earlier in Jigar’s function and now she killed her by hitting her with pot. Gopi drags Radha to lock her in room. Urmila wakes up and says she will not help Modis.

Radha tries to free

herself from Gopi’s clutch and runs towards Urmila, asking how can she die with just a pot. Gopi says she will send her to jail this time for sure.

Kokila says Urmila that Radha stuffed chilli powder in Meera’s mouth and she can harm Tolu/Molu next and requests her to help them in their drama. Kids come from scool, Tolu/Molu say they are afraid of Radha after she harmed Meera and asks Urmila to continue her drama. Kinjal says she will inform chawl tenants that Urmila was trying to sell chawl, then they will demand huge amount to vacate it. Urmila agrees and starts acting as dead. Radha frees herself saying she wants to confirm herself that Urmila is dead and runs towards her. She sees her on floor. Pari says again she killed her. Radha asks what proof she has that she killed Urmila. Pari gets CCTV footage and shows it to her, saying she installed CCTV for children’s safety. Jigar says he will no spare her now. Radha says she is having his child in her womb. Kokila says we all know how you dramatized all this and asks Ahem to call police. Radha requests not to call police, she will do what they say. Hetal sees Urmila shaking her legs and holds them by saying she used to love her a lot, but is no more. Radha says she is alive and we should take her to hospital. Pari says if we take her to hospital, they will do post mortem and will know reason behind murder. Radha says again she will do whatever they say. Pari says she will have to obey her now to save herself. Gopi says we have to perform last rights of maami now. Urmila opens her eyes and Kinjal shuts them. Pari takes Radha from there and says she will have to go to jail now at any cost. Radha requests her to help her now. Pari asks her to go to her room now and says whoever dies like this, their soul roams all around, even if she escapes from jail, Urmila’s soul will not leave her now. Radha worriedly walks from there. Pari then runs to Modi’s and tells she explained Radha not to come out of room, now they will have to continue their next step of drama.

Dhaval and Madhu talk about Urmila angrily walking towards Modi bhavan and think she must have created a drama there. Kinjal calls her, says Urmila has agreed to help them, and asks him to come there soon. Dhaval tells Madhu that Urmila has agreed to help and says he will have to go there now.

Radha thinks of running from Modi bhavan, tries to jump from balcony and thinks if she jumps, she will lose her child, so as Pari said, she will have to repent for her sins and go and sit with Urmila’s dead body until her last rights are performed.

Urmila says she will not act as dead body and asks Modi’s to leave her. Pari requests her to agree. Tolu/molu say this is a good idea and asks her to agree. Urmila asks if they have gone mad, till when she will act as dead. Pari says she is like her mother and should help.

Precap: Dhaval and whole Modi family try to convince Urmila to act as dead, but she is adamant. Radha is shocked to see her alive.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Urmila great, superb acting. Loved it. And Pari u look really cute today. Great serial.

  2. John….nice joke keep it up this is the worst serial ever end it as soon as possible…

    1. U r most welcome john…..

  3. Lily,u stop watching it k!!!!!!!!

    1. Rekha,u better stop reading my comment k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………

  4. Gud episode!!!

  5. But still I guess these plans r gonna leak!! Because Radha is such a wicked n tricky 1

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