Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila snatches gun from Gaura and says she will punish her now for her sin. She starts hitting Gaura continuously with gun. Gopi frees her hands from rope and says look Gaura Suryavanshi your punishment has started and counts her each sin with each hit. Kokila continues beating… Durga lying on floor says no no..

Kokila continues that she feels yuck..seeing her. She loads gun and says her end has come. Gopi says no. Kokila chanting mantras shoots, but gun is empty. Gopi thanks god that Kokila did not become murderer. Gaura laughs that her lengthy dialogues failed. Kokila says she is thinking wrong. Gaura kicks her with gun and says it is not easy to kill her, now she will kill her whole family.

Kokila falls on devi maa’s feet, gets happy seeing trishul, takes trishul in her hand and walks towards Gaura. Gaura walks back and falls down. Ahem with Jigar, Dharam and Hetal come running and shouts mom… Gopi holds Kokila’s fet aeet and pleads her to calm down, her whole family is standing in front of her. She does not want her to make the same mistake she did by killing Radha. She is the pillar of their house and without her family is nothing. Kokila pushes her and punches trishul on ground. Everybody thinks it hit Gaura, but it hits ground. They all relax. Kokila calms down.

Shravan and Dharam run towards Durga. Gaura asks Dharam to kill Kokila as she tried to kill his baaji. Dharam ignores her and shockingly looks at Durga. Durga says Dharam that she loved him truly and spent her life for him. She requests him and Meera to reunite and says it is her last wish. She breaths her last and whole family sit ina shock.

Ahem says Gaura that she killed Durga. Gaura says she did not kill Durga, she did all this for Dharam. Dharam says she died for him after all her evil drama, she is dead for him. She is just worried about her revenge and herself and not family. Police enters. Ahem says Gaura killed her bahu and even shot Gopi. Dharam says he will come to police station and give evidence against her.

Precap: Dharam signs divorce papers and asks Meera to sign them and free herself.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Happiness personified

    Was an amazing episode

    1. with amazing actors

  2. Naiya was sitting with Durga, She wears modern clothes, she should have been smart and asked for help in order to save her mother. Heights of nonsense. Disappointed with today’s episode.

    1. i hate naiya why will molu marry her???

  3. Happiness personified

    Was an amazing episode. But how is it that Durga was watching everything aaram se and then suddenly when gopi called her everyone went near her and Durga started getting restless and died.

    1. hihihi 🙂 durga aunty did her best

  4. Good commentor

    Very good no more bap beti as couple i mean meera dharam

    1. they will marry soon

  5. awesome episode sad durga dies but anyway it was amazing when kokila was beating gaura.

    1. member of cry gang left sns its good

  6. I’m confused. Is Ahem supposed to die? This remarriage drama was supposed to be the next track but it seems Ahem is still alive.

    1. hi isaaq ahem will die but his body will be missing so after leap if track of remarriage of gopi aunty increase trp then it will continue, in case of downfall ahem will take reentry in this serial

  7. I wonder who Gopi’s new husband will be? Her new in laws? This track might be interesting…

    1. Although it will be more romantic if Gopi never remarried because she still loved Ahem but CVs want to ruin Gohem.

      1. This is similar to KGGK when Om ‘supposedly’ died on his and Parvati s 25th wedding anniversary. I just don’t understand. Ahem and Gopi are soul mates- how can Ahem just die and leave Gopi? They are supposed to stay together.

      2. Actually ahem is not but replacing after leap

  8. It’s was an awesome ep…love it??????

    1. me too 🙂

  9. guess. who am I?

    What is this nonsense? Now, Gopi is going to get remarried at this age??? She has grandchild (Vidya’s child) coming to this world… I guess her grandchild will be able to see grandma’s (gopi) wedding..

    1. wats wrong in it??? many example could be seen in d world

  10. peaks for mental…..

  11. Naiyya was just nonsense she didn’t save her mother and didn’t even try to untie them but saying I don’t want vidya’s child.. But kokilla’s dialogue and expression is so dramatic. I want gopi to get remarried and kokilla and gopi pair should get separated whereas naiyya should get married to molu I guess

    1. hmmmm u want to break bond between them!!!!!!!!!! aisa kabhi nahi hogaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Happiness personified

    Naiya really disappointed But Meera Dharam path is clear, so now next track will be the wedding of Meera and Dharam . Maybe then ahem will die and the much awaited leap will take place

    1. naiya is female parag chirag modi who is present in epi but without dialogue n task

  13. guys i read in an article about the future SNS that naiya,ll b the new evil of SNS nd meera will marry his ex bf sanskar,, dharam will leave this serial …..gopi will cm with a new attire she cm to take revenge nd cnt recognise meera vidya as her daughter

    1. wat??? totally shocked spoiler

      1. i guess tripti will enter in show as meera’s mother in law

  14. Great episode ??

  15. what rubbish Durga died just by bullet and kokila didn’t die even so much of torture really disgusting episode

    1. faltu serial…………nd i am sure, if der z a leap, dn it z sure dat every1 f dat family wl bcm 10yrs more younger………..idiotic show……DISGUSTING……

  16. i thnk sony chanel’s 2 serials r better dan some f d serials f colors nd star plus lyk balika badhu,sns,ikrs,ssk,yrkkh,ssl etc…

  17. Plz post my episode Summary

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