Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi takes out Radha’s clothes and jewelry and cries remembering her and how she got killed by her. She continues shedding tears and looking at her and Radha’s pic tells even after 10 years, she cannot forgive herself. She says she warned her many times to mend herself, but she did not listen her. Kokila comes and says she did not do any mistake and punished Radha instead for her mistake, so she should think it as bad dream and forget about it. she says she cannot forget it and because of it she lost her husband and children and cannot tell her children the truth. Radha is not between them and she does not want anyone hating her. Kokila asks her to forget and keep the box in. Mansi hears their whole conversation and thinks of her evil plan. She thinks she will use Gopi’s

10-year-old mistake and will provoke Ahem and children against Gopi and will finally marry Ahem.

Tolu/molu tell Vidya and Meera they should stop investigating Gopi’s past. Vidya says she wants to know the truth at any cost.

Mansi comes to Gopi’s room and asks her to go out so that she can clean the room. Gopi says she worked since morning and does not have to work more. Mansi insists and sends her out. She thinks she will not clean the floor and picks Radha’s box from cupboard. She then calls Vidya and tells her family is forcing her to clean house and mop floor since morning, so she is tired and needs her help. Vidya says she will come there right now. Meera asks what happened. Vidya says Mansi is forced to mop floor. Meera gets irked and tries to walk out to confront Gopi and Kokila, but Tolu stops her. Vidya asks her to stay there while she goes there.

Mansi acts as cleaning ceiling fan and Urmila yells at her. Vidya comes and Urmila says she got a new servant. Vidya asks her to go in. Mansi says she has to to clean Gopi’s room floor yet and says since many days she is noticing Gopi picking a box and crying look at its items. She then asks her to go and clean floor as her backing is hurting. Vidya agrees.

Vidya enters Gopi’s room, picks box and starts checking each item. She finds Radha’s pics and thinks why it is kept in box. She gets police department letter and starts crying reading it. She goes to Modi bhavan and gives letter to Meera. Meera reads Radha’s letter in which she alleges Gopi for snatching her happiness and spoiling her life and alleges Gopi instead for all the mistakes she did. She continues that Jigar raped her and her child is Ahem’s. She continues that Gopi and her family tortured her and wants her child’s custody and is fearful that Gopi will kill her.

Precap: Tolu tells he does not believe in Radha’s letter and knows Gopi is clean. Meera says she will prove it and reads internet news that industrialist Ahem’s wife Gopi killed her sistger Radha.

Update Credit to: MA


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  1. swetha

    hi john why u always taunt liya and great thanks for ‘E’ he only against stand for john nonsense.

  2. john

    Yeh liya,if u are thinking you as drashti,then u will act with anyone and put small dresses also.Shame on u ugly fellow

  3. Liya

    M feeling pity on ur mom nd dad.dunno what sins they did nd got such a spoiled son like [email protected] maakri



  5. Liya

    Haha hihi.m imagining john’s face.what ll be it’s condition?…full of scratches made by different chappals of girls.

  6. e

    i think john commit suicide so today is telly update independent day so all are celebrate friends

  7. john

    ugly liya,first change this pic.Drashti is ashamed by u.If u are frm kerala,then put some actress frm ur state.
    Don’t spoil ur state known as god’s own country

  8. john

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  9. e

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  10. ritu

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    don’t talk like this vit girls
    repect girls
    u don’t have sister u blady stupid idiot monky mental disorder john
    u came from drainage place
    think u have sister u vil talk like
    this only

  12. Liya

    Edda naaye.nashuulame.ene rape cheyyan vaada pinni.ulakka ninte thalayil njan eduthu idum.patti.

  13. A john u r one big biason daayan nd worst creature on the earth.god made one big… mistake
    ceating worst idiot like u.

  14. janu (john ka beta)

    why gopi sasuri don’t reveal her term for 10 years jail? hah idiot writer

  15. janu (john ka beta)

    but our sns serial is bestum best in the world acting of meera n mansi is superb

  16. janu (john ka beta)

    sweet i will take over responsibilty of MN bakery shop in mumbai ( ahem sasura ki) soon so i left study n only waiting n waiting

  17. janu (john ka beta)

    are ahem sasura is ready to marriage to mansi he is not thinking about u meera

  18. janu (john ka beta)

    btw meera who was called u in earlier episode? remember u cut phone again n again

  19. janu (john ka beta)

    baby i dont want to trap again between true meera n fake meera again yar its hurt me a lot when she reject me so i m not so happy

  20. janu (john ka beta)

    meera i know u from ur first episode but u dont me bcoz u cm here occasionaly hw could u say u love me?

  21. john ka beta

    Hey daddy gud to see u back DNA test k liye tho I m always ready daddy I have 1 already in ur name if u want more report of me being ur son den also I m ready daddy ur sweetie ur darling ur sweetheart is asking for u from many days at home bcoz she didn’t beat u with broom na from so many days n she is missing dat really badly cum home na daddy I promise I will not cum out of d room when she is beating u daddy pakka promise

  22. john ka beta

    Hi janu I’m not new born baby anyways my daddy is not here so bye to all n sry if I sounded rude but didn’t mean to hurt any1

    • janu (john ka beta)

      i see my brother comment today by name john ka beta its mean i hv a brother wowwww
      so u r new born baby for me which sound u r talking about??

    • janu (john ka beta)

      his mother is also meethi if it was rajna aunty then he will write his name as john ka illegal beta

  23. Liya

    Broak,r u still angry dr?u know how much sry i told u yesterday.m catching my ears and saying sry frm my heart dr.plz forgive me.

  24. john ka beta

    I was taking about if I sounded rude to any1 janu
    Yes liya I will give my 100% to save u dr
    Now bye guys me going

  25. janu (john ka beta)

    my dear orion why should i angry tell me? hw can i become so rude to my little angel?

  26. john ka beta

    Sweet my mom my daddy knows better n it is not as janu said he is my cousin bro now final bye guys no more comments from my side to any1

  27. janu (john ka beta)

    liya if u r talking about yesterday then there was no matter but i think vinu has problem with me so i said u to stay there n i left this forum n @ vinu i have wrote it several times i dont know malayali but again n again u write in malyali n say it is fun ok it is fun i agree but language problem stop me to understand ur so called jokes or mocks u know wat i mean. hw i can i involve or understand it? i could understand only hindi n english n liya’s last comment which i read i thought u have problem with me so i left it. n in last if u want to involve others in ur fun plz use common language which could be understood by everyone

  28. Liya

    Gud speech broak…m serious.u r correct at ur point.u told what all non-malayalis felt k.v dont have any problem.v sorted it out.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      oh mujhe shamless bhi kr rhi ho or fellow bhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rajna aunty

  29. janu (john ka beta)

    sweet she is taking interest in john dad it mns she is rajna aunty oh rajna i aunty i m mad in search of u

  30. y

    get lost in heaven your mother are very unlucky for your behavior pls change yourself don’t read others comments and don’t interrupt middle of the comments ok pagal janu

  31. y

    pls liya don’t give support janu you don’t know janu done very bad thing for others pls dr understand

  32. kajol

    Guyzz stop stop stop!!! I am new to sns page. But i know the story famous here about john n his son lol. Well i need to ask something dearies but i think i disturbed u all in wrong time? Is that so? Janu? Sweet? Y?
    Btw hi janu,sweet,y

  33. kajol

    Y is there any problem? We can sort that peacefully. What is wtong with u guyz? Firstly please stop abusing. And listen janu y calm down leave the mattter and move on. Common guyz please

  34. y

    its ok leave it just iam angry so write comments otherwise my intention not hurt janu or anyone especially liya dr

  35. kajol

    Ohk y what wrong janu did tell him. Amd after that guys leave that matter plz? Common be friends.

  36. janu (john ka beta)

    y plz tell me did i misbehave with u or wrote any obscene word or awkward word somewhere?

  37. kajol

    Ohk y is cool now leave the topic. And y don’t u think u over reacted? Sorry, i don’t know anyone of u personally but what i had heard is janu a nice guy so i don’t think he might have hurt someone. Sorry y and janu for interrupting ur personal fights.

  38. y

    once again i don’t remember this incident pls leave hurt little ok janu pls understand my emotion

  39. janu (john ka beta)

    kajol if suddnely some one cm n say nonsense things about u wat will u do? could u move on or calm down or ask him to his problem

  40. kajol

    Yes y janu is right. U can’t blame him or talk that way without stating what wrong he did. If he had commited mistake he will keep in mind. But now why r u avoiding? Seriously was there any matter or just for fun? @y

  41. y

    its ok kajol.sachi mein i also like janu and janu humor also but two days before he hurt me little not misbehave

  42. Liya

    Buffalo,well i dunno who is y but y knows me.broak?dont u remember when i asked who r u,u told janu knew who iam then y r u asking so?

  43. kajol

    Sorry janu i din mean that. Please y tell the matter and leave that topic. Why did u say like that to janu? I don’t think till now he had hurt anyone. Why did u blamed him?

  44. kajol

    Buffalo? Anyways buffalo am new here. I came for some reason. To know something. But here these two were fighting. So i tried to stop. Sorry for interrupting once again.

  45. y

    kajal someone hurt you know the pain iam not over re acted that’s my emotion. pls understand now iam cool and said sorry for janu ok.

  46. janu (john ka beta)

    @y if someone hurt me thn i sort out matter to discuss with him or her but i dont say he or she is pagal or dont use any awkward

  47. kajol

    Are u sariga sarika someone? Sorry i know u might have felt bad. But now even janu is feeling bad as he don’t know what wrong he did. Guyz am talking too much in ur matters sorry for that. Will wait till this ends.

    Again if i had hurt anyone of u then am sorry guyz.

  48. janu (john ka beta)

    i know here achu sweet sara athira liya nw kajol n u r not among them then who r u?

  49. Liya

    Have v talked [email protected]

  50. janu (john ka beta)

    hey kajol dont say sorry again n again n it is ur right to intervene n solve the problem plz ask her to reveal her identity or problem

  51. kajol

    Y? Please yaar reveal. Who r u? Noone going to eat u. Common plz for ur new friends sake. If u consider me as ur friend? Plzz?

  52. y

    iam not kajal iam not achu ok iam don’t reveal my identify that’s final i only know liya is my friend and i know Buffalo today evening only

  53. kajol

    Janu last time i had seen this show in the month of march. I don’t see this show. Nor i know whats going on.

  54. Liya

    Everyone is again angry at me.k bye.if broak hurt u then y r u hurting him by confusing with ur words?if someone hurt u tell how she/he did that.

  55. kajol

    Y no one will question u. I promise. All r nice here. They will clear ur problem. And everything will be alright like before.

  56. kajol

    Janu y y janu leave it. Janu he is sorry for blaming u right plus he is not ready to reveal then theres nothing to loose ur cool. Plz be calm n leave it. Y dont do this again. I request u. Without telling the reason u cant blame.

  57. Liya

    My dr frnd y.frnds share there prob but u arent telling anything to me.atleast tell r u a boy/girl?

  58. y

    ok i will tell but only clue this is last chance two days before i and my friend chat but you middle come and give the funny comments me and my friend.iam newly come for telly updates so iam little hurt for your comments suddenly i see your name in sns i got angry that’s why iam not control my angry

  59. janu (john ka beta)

    yes kajol u r right we should avoid her why spend our precious time on her she just want to draw her attention. leave her so kajol where r u belong to?

  60. y

    janu one more matter first i thing you is john so iam rudely talking than all are telling you nice now iam understand you not john so don’t take it personal meri comments sab kuch john kilyae aap kiliyae nayi

  61. kajol

    And yes many a times, i had been to rajasthan. Last month i went on tour with my classmates, jaipur. Enjoyed a lot. Wht about u? Have u ever been to maharashtra?

  62. janu (john ka beta)

    y i don’t know wat was that comment which hurt u but a lot of person are here who misuse others name n defame them n comment by their name it may be possible by my name anyone wrote comment on u

  63. y

    you are right but i don’t know so leave it but iam sorry i thing you are john your name also john ka beta iam here so iam confused

  64. janu (john ka beta)

    @y u can ask to achu athira liya hw many times someone wrote cheap comment by my name they r my sisters n i respect my relation which i honored by them i cant use any bad words for them so they identify me yes it is someone fake not real janu

  65. janu (john ka beta)

    kajol mistake is happening by mistake dont take it serious. so hws jaipur r u like it?

  66. janu (john ka beta)

    @y thats y i told u a lot of dirty mind r here they use our name n write very cheap comment so nxt time be aware

  67. kajol

    Yea pink city. Enjoyed yaar. U tell me visited to my place? Maharashtra?

    And plz do me a favour. Tell ur real name. Janu bit awkrd to type. Sorry i hope u understand. Plz

  68. janu (john ka beta)

    i know yar actually sometime v play sns part 2 drama so janu is name of son of meethi if u remember?

  69. kajol

    I don’t remember. Meethi maid? She is having child? I know about radha being killed by gopi in Trimbkeshvar or somewhere. Well now not intrested in any show other than yhm.

  70. janu (john ka beta)

    little misunderstanding create big confusion. it is routine of daily life so no need any sorry nw tell me ur name @y

  71. janu (john ka beta)

    actually kajol we was playing a drama hr where jiger n dhawal insisted john to marry with meethi in sns drama 1 n after leap of serial new characters r add here meethi n john’s son is janu who loves meera n tolu molu got their lover here

  72. kajol

    Hey liya. Tell me something about urself?
    See i forgot for what i came here. Wanted to ask something related john but now in no mood to talk about that.

  73. janu (john ka beta)

    @y ur name is sorry??? quite strange but its ok name is name wat can i say πŸ™

  74. janu (john ka beta)

    liya quite difficult to know who is misterious girl hah but she said john dad is better than me oh god finally john dad get compliment

  75. Liya

    Varu,i was guessing she as varu but isnt bcoz i still remember that i saw her comment on nauc with the name varshini so it is difficult 4 her 2 comment hr with the name y.

  76. kajol

    Janu am not sleeping. But u all r taking something which is going above my head. So better to stay quite.

  77. Liya

    Priyu,some1 named y was commenting hr telling some1 hurt she but she also told that m her frnd so

  78. kajol

    No janu i did not sleep. But what can i say on all this. I don’t know anything about this matter.

  79. kajol

    Bye liya. I couldn’t talk with u. Sad. Will talk nicely when i will come here again. Bye.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      all will talk to u kajol n ya ur most welcome again n again at this forum yes today is going smthng wrong but we will meet here with fresh mood n will do lot of chats n know about each others

  80. kajol

    Thanx Akshay. Hey y now please leave that. If u dont wanr to tell who r u, then stop commenting about that.

  81. kajol

    Aahhh! Yaar look me in 11th. Waiting for 10th result. But had started coaching for medical. Ohk? Now tell me about urself??

  82. kajol

    Yes Ajanta Ellora caves, biwi ka Maqbara, shivaji wada, infact shivaji Maharaj’s whole life in Maharshtra.
    And if u want hill station then Mathern mahabaleshwar.

  83. janu (john ka beta)

    kajol i like to read history books u can say its my hobby so i ask this question

    • janu (john ka beta)

      good u hv knowledge about it hey it looks like tajmahal? i read it its clr is blck

  84. kajol

    No actually see akshay, here people like john also comment so… i want to tell u the truth. See am studying in rajasthan the place which u told. But had not strated coaching it will start from next week. Now am at my masis place. And i m from pune is true.
    sorry but at that moment i din felt to tell everythimg dont take me qrong please i hope u understand.

  85. kajol

    First thing dont say sorry am sorry for that. And yes it looks like TajMahal. N color is bit blackish. But i love TajMahal more. Yaar its so beautiful. Whenvr i go Agra i do anything to TajMahal. I love tht.

  86. janu (john ka beta)

    yes kajol u r right i respect privacy of everyone actually this was common question among my frnds or ur frnds so smtime we forget to aware of envt where we ask it may be possible smone misuse it.

  87. janu (john ka beta)

    if u r on fb nw a days pics of two foreigner is going viral where they wear native costume n takes selfie

  88. kajol

    I am honoured to get friend like u. But seriously am from maharashtra. See i saod marathi also. And am studyng the place u told. Thath why i asked u who saic that. Now next time don’t ask about the place where am leaving ok? U know u keep that with u.

  89. kajol

    No am not in fb. Plus i don’t have any idea about that. My froend also not said anything like that.

  90. kajol

    Y? Stop it. If u want to chat then chat or else am leaving. U don’t want to tell ur name. But want to talk about that. Don’t try to drag attention. Stop please.

  91. janu (john ka beta)

    ok kajol nw it is better to leave this forum for today if u get free time we will chat tomorrow

  92. kajol

    U r embarresd?? For what? She ahould feel shame. That we all r requesting like mads. To tell who she is. Still she don’t want to reveal. We all r fine in that too. But now why she came again. To drag the matter? End it y. And akshay no need to feel embarrsing. Its not ur mistake. Am with u. Y please end tht now.

  93. kajol

    I don’t care. Do what u want with akshay or with anyone. But next timethink before playing pranks see i think liya or someone is awake beacuse of u.

  94. y

    hello kajol i already told u na promise iam really hurt janu name ki prank ok please understand my situation also.

  95. kajol

    Y r u saying sorry to me? I have nothing to do with it. Actually am sorry i might have said many things to u.

  96. janu (john ka beta)

    kajol plz cm tomorrow i m sure u will meet lot of frnds here n except few all r nice n very jolly nature like sweet achu athira (athu) liya u will be happy to meet them

  97. kajol

    Tmrw not possible i think. Morning i have to go temple with my sister. I dont want to get late as i get daily. Then her neighbours and my cousins r going out just like picnic with my masi and that neighbour. Then in eve i have to go with that neighboirs stupid son. He is so annoying. :-@

  98. swetha

    first my friend and me talk our next higher study course janu name ki prank tell very bad comments beech beech mein.

  99. Strange detective

    i was trying 2 know ur know ur 4 long u r asking me?Ha..ha…oh!I am just kidding yaar

  100. kajol

    That means i have to do many things tmrw. Fully packed. Don’t know will get time or not. I have to go temple early morning. But today m sleeping so late.

  101. janu (john ka beta)

    swetha u started u first comment where i replied to smone who spoiled my mood yesterday so i didn’t like ur comment. generally i control on my anger

  102. swetha

    iam two days before only come telly updates you said long time.detectivepls collect the fees in akshay.

  103. swetha

    i said sorry na janu name ki prank i think you written the comments so leave akshay please kajol pls samjaw akshay ko pls forgive me.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      sahi h beta fees mere hi chepo detective ko yad na aye to use yad dilao chalo koi na aapki confusion dur hui is vaste hum ye bhi bhr denge

  104. swetha

    ok good nights friends once again sorry janu iam hurt janu but not akshay ok note the point.

  105. kajol

    No not traditional n religious. But i like going temple early morning. Part of my life u can say. Other than that i dont i don’t do anything like keeping fast n all. God help me that i won’t die or i won’t kill that stupid.

  106. janu (john ka beta)

    swetha sns page bhi tumhara aabhari rahega akhirkar 500 comment cross kra diye

  107. janu (john ka beta)

    swetha sns serial bhi is bhulave me khush rahta hoga ki sns serial k bare me viewer k itne comment agr wo yaha ki chatting na padhe to

  108. kajol

    Oh u r saying becz of that temple thing haha. My dear friend i go EARLY morning to enjoy beauty of nature. Which is not seen. Haha.

  109. Strange detective

    Ha..ha..No need 2 give me fees.its my pleasure 2 chat with u guys.nice 2 meet u all.and being excited i asked swetha many stupid ques.sry.bye janu,kajol,mysterious swetha.

  110. kajol

    Aamir khan movie- dekne layak to hoti h. This one was also nice. But now afyer seeing three idiots…. ek baar dekh sakte h. Story line is also repeated. Omg also based on same thing. Plus this was also imaginary so…

    • janu (john ka beta)

      no do u remember a student said “”if he give grass to cow he will get selection in interview. nw cow will prepare his resume””

    • janu (john ka beta)

      yar aur dino dhawal uncle sath me hote h na to wo aur jiger uncle dono bura man jate h aur aaj pari aunty akeli h to socha man ki bat bol hi du

    • janu (john ka beta)

      my fav actor is surya specially fighting n romantic scene. his eyes is attractive

  111. paridhi

    thnx janu beta… bt aap ko meeru ki tarif karna shuru kardena chahiye warna koi aur uska dil chura kar lejayega infact chura ne ki koshish kar raha hai

    • janu (john ka beta)

      pari aunty meeru will be mine i m sure it will be happy ending but ahem sasure ko meera ki shadi ki bjay khud ki shadi ki padi h main to unki mv bakery bhi smbhalne k liye tayyar hu

      • janu (john ka beta)

        isiliye maine to padhai bhi chod di maine socha jyada pd likh gya to kya pta mujhe ego ho jaye to aur main bakery smbhalne se mna kr du to

    • janu (john ka beta)

      i watch his movie in hindi so i don’t know he is tamil or telugu actor i know only one thing he is superstar of south movie

  112. paridhi

    waise janu beta mai soch rahi thi tolu aur molu ki kahin setting karwa doon tumhari nazar me koi khubsurat si 2 ladkiyan hain kya?

  113. kajol

    I should go now. Its too late. Sorry for leaving. Nice meeting u.:-) heard everythng correct about u. U r a nice guy. Well i have to do many things tmrw. Don’t forget this kajol. Don’t know when i will return.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      i hope v vl meet soon kajol anyways nice to meet u n miss u till next meeting till thn take care n ya remember name is misused here so keep good analyze to identify ur frnds good night ya c u soon

  114. kajol

    Ohk akshay. I don’t know about any surya. Well bye good night. Enjoyed talking with u. Btw ur age?

  115. kajol

    Why did rashi left? She was a nice actor. Leave it. Am going akshay come fast i hvae to leave.

  116. kajol

    . U don’t want to tell ur age? R u so aged, that u need to hide age using this lines?

  117. paridhi

    padhai chod di? padhai cmplt karo janu beta warna meeru tumse shadi nahi karegi… khubsurat? kinjal? haha r u jokng janu beta ya dil uspe aagaya?… dekh ke janu beta meeru budhe aadmi se shadi nahi karegi ?

    • janu (john ka beta)

      pari aunty mujhe apne ahem sasure k bekery bhi to smbhalni h na jyada pd likh gya to ho skta h ki mujhe bakery smbhalne me sharm aye

  118. kajol

    U don’t ask or u don’t want to tell? Anyway, bye yaar. Really glad meeting u. Bye.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      choice is urs to understand dear. bye bye n ya its my honor to meet a person like u

  119. kajol

    Itni jaldi ho rahi hain bhagane ki dekho. Mat batao mujhe konsa tumhare liye ladki dhundni hain. Tumne pehle se meera ko dhund ke rakha hain lol. Bye good night. Don’t take my jokes seriously. Bye bye.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      i mean exactly the retort but in simple way which is require in reply to her

    • janu (john ka beta)

      jyada pd likh jata to nahi chalane deti ab padai hi chod di to bakery pr hi baithna hoga na

    • janu (john ka beta)

      are pari aunty wo na tayyar hui na to main aapko bhga le jaunga jigs uncle waise bhi budhe ho gye h kaha aap jaisi khubsurat ldki kaha wo

  120. paridhi

    tab ki tab dekhenge janu beta kyunke meera hi taykaregi aap bakery chalayenge yaa nahi

  121. kajol

    Akshay? Seriously i will think lot before xoming here. U too din slept? Huh bye pari aunty.

  122. neha

    gopi ko vapas jana chahiyea ab yea aa kar ahem or mansi ki life kharab kar rahi hai,mansi ne radha or mera ko 10 saal tak pala to ab ouska hak banta hai ahem say shadi karne ka.Go back gopi .

  123. neha

    gopi ko vapas jana chahiyea ab yea aa kar ahem or mansi ki life kharab kar rahi hai,mansi ne radha or mera ko 10 saal tak pala to ab ouska hak banta hai ahem say shadi karne ka

  124. Ann(athu)

    first let me know my marks anna.i am studying in icse a little hard.Anna,u are in leave today?

    • janu (john ka beta)

      yar home inauguration on 28th may so lot of work hr so little busy n ur replay is too late

  125. Ann(athu)

    Why u did’nt update an image here?
    me,liya amd riya updated.from 4 of us,u are remaining

    • Vinu (β˜•β˜• )

      but who flirted here
      actually we r talking each other not flirting miss lavanya
      I think u r malayali
      anyway nice to meet u

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.