Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera throws water on Gopi. Gopi scolds her and asks if her parents did not teacher manners. Meera says it is party and she would have read the board before entering in and walks out. Jigar comes there. Gopi says that girl spoilt her sari and face, how will Ahem react if he sees her. Jigar jokes and then says they should search Ahem individually. They both start searching Ahem.

Kokila prays god to help unite her Gopi and Ahem. Gopi continues searching Ahem and sees Ahem meeting his guests. She happily picks colors to smear him and walks towards him. She stops seeing Mansi smearing holi to Ahem and he smearing her and wishing happy holi. He then hugs Mansi. Gopi feels devastated seeing that and thinks Mansi lied to her that she does not know Ahem. Jigar also sees Ahem

and Mansi and feels devastated. They both see Meera and Vidya hugging Ahem and then calling Mansi as mamma. Meera says Ahem and Mansi are best looking couple. Gopi falls on floor. Jigar wakes her up. Gopi runs from there. Ahem senses her presence. Jigar also runs behind her and asks her to stop, but she does not and continues running. She falls on bhang milk pot and continues running. Ahem walks behind her, but Meera takes him back. Gopi clashes with holi trays, etc., while running. She runs out of venue and continues running on road. He finally stops her and asks her to control herself. She starts crying vigorously and asks if he saw Ahem and his second wife. He says he saw everything. She says everything is finished now. She came with a lot of hope to take back her family, but her family is shattered, what will she tell Kokila now.

Kokila thinks Gopi must have met Ahem, so she should call her, but then thinks she should not disturb them and wait for Gopi to call. Jigar asks her to be courageous, she lost everything, Ahem has a new family with new life partner, he does not have any place for her, it is her mistake that she thought Ahem will be waiting for her after 10 years. Jigar says Meera and Vidya are her children and she should get them, she should not forgive Mansi. Gopi says Mansi is Ahem’s wife and no wife would like her husband’s first wife come back in their life. She saw Ahem happy with her and his happiness matters to her, Ahem does not have any place for her. She will call and inform Kokila that she is coming back without Ahem. Jigar stops her, but she calls Kokila. Kokila says she was waiting for her call and know she would have met Ahem and spoke to him well, she wants to hear her son’s voice. Gopi starts crying vigorously. Kokila asks why is she crying. Gopi says Ahem has a new family with new wife now, so she has lost him forever. Kokila is shocked to hear that. Gopi tells her the whole incident happened where she saw Meera and Vidya hugging their new mother and continues telling that she lost Ahem and her daughters. She says Meera has changed a lot that she could not identify her, she saw her first time inebriated and being arrested by police, she has forgot to respect elders. Kokila feels devastated.

Precap: Kokila says her Gopi bahu will never accept defeat. She has blood relationship with Meera and Vidya and Ahem is her husband, it is her right to ask questions to him.

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    • Aliya bhatt

      hah varun main to movie main bhi tumhari nahi hui thi to ab kya hongi waise bhi tum apni nargis ka khyal rakho mera affair to arjun se bhi tha pr jab se uski tevar flop hui tab se maine siddharth ko pta liya h nw he is my boyfriend

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