Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila forcefully sends Gopi out of house as bidayi ritual and locks door. Gopi cries outside she does not want to go away from her maaji. Urmila tells Kokila that her daughter is gone now. Pari, Monica and Jigar scold Kokila that she wanted to get rid of Gopi, so she forcefully got her married at old age with grandchildren. Kokila says she wants whole world of happiness for her Gopi beti.

Meera angrily breaks things in her room. Dharam comes and asks what happened. She says her mother got married just now. He hugs and consoles her.

Dr. Krishna takes Gopi towards his home in a car and tries to speak to her. She ignores him and sits silently. They reach home. He opens door and asks her to step on red water and then enter home. She says she will not follow these rituals and walks in dropping red water and unkowingly stepping on it. Dr. Krishna smiles. She turns back and says she came her on her maaji’s insistence, else she does not consider him as husband at all and removes her bridal veil. He takes it and smiles.

Jigar, Pari and Monica come back and start yelling at her that she made a drama of suicide and blackmailed Gopi to marry Dr. Krishna, asks Gopi is having daughters and grandchildren, even then she did not listen to Gopi’s pleads. Kokila says she wants Gopi to lead a happy life. Jigar says she wanted to get rid of Gopi to enjoy her old age in America with Baa and Hetal. Kokila starts crying. Pari says she ruled this house for years and even now wants to rule, but her time is over now. They continue confronting her and Kokila continues crying.

Precap: Kokila walks on road devastated and meets with an accident. Gopi senses her in trouble and shouts Maajiiiiiiii.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Baa? 😮 oh my god!!

  2. Amaany hassan

    This good for kokila .getting gopibarbie remarry but she is not happy this marriage??

  3. Oh!!No…..
    Will Koki Die… .

  4. True Star plus fan

    Get of TV sns is a love show not saddness will kokila die

  5. Kill one by one..rm1st rashi, radha,then Ahem , bettr kill kokilax,then kill gopi n her dr husbnd..kill whole modi clan n let baa alone survive and get her married to drive away akelapan

    1. Hahah

    2. Nice reply… hahaha :v

    3. so rudee

    4. Hahaha like it

  6. Idiot commentators. If u want to watch the show then just stop watching??

  7. now kokila cries ha ha ha ha, gopi cries, suhani cries, siya cries, Ishita cries, Riya cries, Roshini cries, Survi has been crying from day one, oh and Tanvi cries too all women in indian soapies are such wimps always crying waiting for men to rescue them, what a shame for writers to do this. If you know what i mean

    1. Haha ,,,U r rite,,,,I too watch all these shows,,,,crying ke bina aur koyi kaam nahi he in logon ko

  8. I am sad for kokila.. I dont want koki to die.. Nobody is there to take care of koki now..

  9. Amina2000

    this is getting worse day by day. no logic what so ever

    1. Totally Agree with you dear….

  10. Krishna did kill ahem in the car accident! He’s compensating for it by marrying gopi.

    I’m happy to know that gopi is going to take revenge from him.

  11. BOSS it seems as though you are the idiot cause when you are pointing fingers and saying stupid things like’IDIOT COMMENTATORS’ it means you are including me too cause i normally comments too had my exam last friday but i just could not resist i had to come on to have a little peek when i came across your stupidity we are only commenting not killing anyone gawd man give us a damn break you cant say anything on this page man people are just waiting to ridicule you i still have two more exams to go wont waste any more time have better things to do right now will come on when i finish my exams

  12. Is Dr. Krisna good or bad. Does he do drama with gopi?

  13. I don’t like that monika at all because she has no right to call kokila crazy so paridhi and jigar didn’t support gopi at all they are just selfish so gopi did so much for the modi family when gopi got shocked about a hems death and after the leap they all turn negative why ando why can’t paridhi have any sense to support gopi monika paridhi support gopi then when they were upset and crying so why can’t monika do something to at least support kokila thinks of gopi all the time as her daughter and vidya umirla care for gopi and meera is just negative on everyone and vidya is good daughter

  14. Paridhi can’t support gopi at all

  15. I hope nutting don’t happen to her n pari will pay for wat she doing

  16. I love this serial but i just hate monika,meera,pari and jigar.becous they can not take care of gopi and kokila.

  17. Bahubali ur comment really made me laugh.. And boss u dint hav any rught to say idiotic commentoss. This is an open forum everyone has their right view their opinions.. Thats what they are all doing.. U like this show that doesnt means everyone shoild like it.. Some might not like it.. Thats their wish but they do have the right to express their opinions so pls dont bash anyone

  18. Nandhini

    So kokila is going to die?? I dont think so….but i wish it happens….sorry if i hurt anyone for i am wishing kokila’s exit….i just dont want her to be part of this serial anymore…as she became so irritating these days…she didnt have the fear factor on audience like she had before when gopi and rashi were newly married and stepped into modi’s family….now writers pls concentrate the story on the current generation characters….if they keep showing kokila and gopi wit pathetic situations then its high time to end the serial for people’s sake….

  19. Hi I’m silent reader no kokila not die gopi bring kokila to modi house gopi also stay in modi house.and she take revenge to jigar paridhi monica kokila ki ayisi halat banane keliya..I saw in sbb segment yesterday

  20. Yesterday I saw in sbb segment.modi house door bell WAS ring and monica open the door she see gopi on the door.and gopi bring kokila inside every body gets shocked jigar go to slap dr krishna but gopi come in front of him and STOP finally gopi push to jigar and talk rudely to everyone.

  21. Raven and genita ur comments looks so funny ??

  22. I am extremly sorry to all foolish commentators ?? . Sorry once again Mr Ravenfool and lovely genita

  23. My god , such a worst serial , I ever watched, what happened to koikal, she sent gopi with unknown person, whom she saw for only 4yrs ,and gave her daughter in his hands , how can she belive him, when a persons like jigar and paridhi whome she is seeing from 40 yrs can change their behaviour , why cant dr. Krishna change, didnt she get that kind of thought, she had many more options gopi had 2 daughters, urmila , and molu who r still same , they could have tooke care of gopi, if husband dies remarriage is not the only option left , that to who is 55 plus aged because meera is now 26 yrs old, there are many centres who take care of such persons mdidnt kokila doesn’t know about this , silly thought , serial has lost the meaning for sath nibhana sathia name , after gopis marriage with krisha ,,,,, stupid thinking of director, now gooi doesn’t have any rights in modi family, lost interest in watching , director has gone mad,,,,!!!

  24. my God i just wish dis stupid -stupid totally illogical serial 2 end.i pray this serial to stop telecastn on tv.

  25. Omg I’m so
    Shocked that gopi would behave like this she was in a trauma state and now she’s behaving rudely to a kind doctor who took care of her for five years wow can’t she think of others. Other than herself??!

  26. Poor kokila! Also this is never interesting I want ahem back on the show he was better than dr Krishna!

  27. This actually answered my problem, thanks!

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