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Teacher starts Meera’s examination and asks to recite maths table. She slowly recites table. Teacher scolds her to recite it fast. Meera gets thirsty and asks if she can have water. Teacher does not permit her. Kokila hears that and asks teacher to take a break and have something to drink. Teacher angrily asks if she is teacher or her and says she will decide when to take break. Kokila apologizes and goes from there. Tolu/Molu and Viday see teacher scolding Meera and think of playing a prank. They mix ants and sugar water in juice and request teacher to drink. Teacher hesitates but accepts juice when kids request her.

While teacher drinks juice, tolu/molu and vidya spread ants on teacher’s table and stool. As soon as teacher sits on stool, ants spead over her body

and start biting her. Teacher starts scratching her body while tolu/molu and Vidya smirk. Teacher alleges Vidya that she must have done it and tries to slap her, but Gopi comes on time and holds her hand and says this is not a way to teach children. Teacher says she is her mother, so she is trying to protect her and shows ants on table and stool. Gopi sees tolu/molu and vidya standing near the door and mischievously laughing. She calls them and asks them to apologize teacher and says teacher that there are a lot of other ways to teach kids than beating. Teacher angrily walks out from there. Kokila sees teacher going and asks Gopy why did she go. Gopi says tolu/molu and Vidya troubled teacher, so she went from here. Kokila says kids that they made a mistake and will be punished. Gopi asks kids to write 100 times that they will not do this again. Kids sadly go from there. Gopi sees Meera sad and asks Kokila who will teach Meera now. Kokila says we will hire another teacher for her. Gopi calls Ahem and asks him to arrange another teacher for Meera. Ahem says he will arrange by tomorrow.

Rashi angrily asks Gopi who took money from her purse. Gopi says she took it and says she wanted to give money to milkman and vegetable vendor, so she took it. Rashi says she would have informed her, but stops after Kokila interrupts her and asks why is she talking so loudly. Rashi apologizes and tries to leave, but Gopi asks her to go and help Meethi in preparing dinner and commands her to prepare dinner daily. Rashi comes to kitchen and asks Meethi if she cut vegetables. Meethi says yes. Rashi asks her to clean kitchen first. Meethi says she has to clean baa’s room and goes from there leaving Rashi annoyed. Urmila calls her and asks if Gopi took her money. Rashi thinks Urmila will start taunting and says she herslef gave it to milkman. Urmila says she knows Gopi must have taken it and warns her that Gopi will throw her out of house soon.

Rashi thinks she knows how to bring things on track and control Gopi.

Pooja brings tea for Urmila. Urmila gets annoyed seeing her and goes from there. Pooja sees Dhaval’s shirt and tries on herself. Madhuben sees that and angrily goes from there.

Gopi says Ahem that Meera is going through the same situation and says she thought she would give Meera everything which she did not get, but she is unable to now and has lost. She starts crying vigorously. Ahem consoles her by hugging her and says Meera will learn everthing and will pass test, asks her to believe in god.

Dhaval comes home and sees candle light dinner arranged for him. He thinks Kinjal is in good mood today, but sees Kinjal coming from outside. Pooja says she prepared it. Kinjal thanks Pooja for taking care of her house and preparing dinner. MAdhuben annoyingly watches the incident silently.

Baa asks kids what they will become. Meera says she will become doctor, vidya spy, tolu astrounat. Meera thinks she does not know to read, how will she become doctor.

Vidya/Tolu/Molu ask Gopi what dessert she kept in lunch for them. She says apple. Tolu/Molu insist they need chocolate. Gopi does not agree. Rashi comes there and asks them to give chocolate. Gopi denies.

Precap: Gopi asks Rashi to prepare breakfast. Rashi asks her if she herself can prepare it. Gopi says she has to teach Meera. Rashi gets annoyed. hearing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Same dragging of the story no change ……why this kokila is doing such over action if she had grown old then she should behave like that only no like a “MODEL OF SOME JEWELLERY SHOP”…….if this Gopi orders like this not only Rashi anyone will become cunning and rude……..Urmila is responsible only 25% for Rashi’s behavior remaining 75% credit goes to kokila n Gopi who is making her behave like that there will be a way to make them understand but this is a wrong way Rashi helped them a lot during the absence of gopi if she worked so then she have a right to enjoy also…….this kinjals story is becoming just like “JUDAAI”film………

  2. Rashi worked a lot when gopi is out of MODI bhawan. That time no one recognized her hard work. Now kokila can feel gopi’s workload in one day but not rashi’s work load over 6years. Too bad to expose Rashi like that..

  3. I wish the radha trouble would come back beacause we are normally thinking what is going to happen next when is she going to get caught but since she has gone all I can see is the rude old Rashi coming back and the name repeatedly Meera Meera Meera. Radha got the crowd to hate her and that was what she was supposed to do but most of you wanted Radha to die. Imagine if Radha escaped prison,not that would be what I call interesting. If you agree say I agree Sonya If you dont plz comment on why you dont agree. Thankyou to all who will participate in this disscussion…

  4. Sandhya exacty u peice of shit

    1. Hey meri Dupy………I saw many mad persons roaming on the roads saying that they are kings n queens but you are different saying that u r Lokeshwari……….don’t you have any name…….
      ******Dear friends my dupy is so poor that he didnt even have a name so please kindly suggest some names for him………

  5. i agree sonya

  6. Shut up lokesh and i agrre sonya

  7. Chup! egdam chup!

  8. writers dont have a story but just want to drag and this dragging is getting so boring. so they have bought the story back to were we started, rashi and urmilas kalakari, kokilas shouting. kinjal’s foolishness. Only addition is the kids. and there also only Meera is given importance, others are given punishment. .End this story please

  9. Thankyou Lokeshwari and Sandhya for participating. Thankyou very much.

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