Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura injures Urvashi and asks who told her to be brave woman, she will not let anyone spoil her plan. Urvashi holding her head calls Jaggi. Gara calls her goons and orders to enter her room via back door and says she has to kill her unnecessarily. Jagi eagerly waits for Urvashi. Jai and Veeru say she must have gone cool her mind. Jaggi says he will search mom and come back. Gaura messages Jaggi from Urvashi’s mobile that she is returning home. Urmila asks what happened. Jaggi says maa went home. Urmila says not to worry about her then.

Gaura’s goons enter room via window holding tiger costume and dorn it to unconscious Urvashi and takes her out via living room. Jagi and Veeru see tiger constume and insist to play. Gaura gets tensed. They pull

tiger and it falls. Jai Veeru laugh that ttiger fell down. It is one of goons in tiger costume and walk away. Gaura thinks her goon used brain and ecaped. Gopi tells Urmila that she does not know where Urvashi went. Urmila says Urvashi went home. Goons then carry unconscious Urvashi down and clash with Urmila. Urmila scolds to watch out. One of them tells tiger costume goon got unwell due to suffocation. Urmila asks to open his mask then and tries take out mask when Gaura calls her pagli samdhan and asks her to them go. Urmila move aside. Chanda see Gaura tensed and thinks she must be up to something. Goons pass by Jaggi and he does not pay attention. Chloroform botle falls from goon’s pocket and Chanda picks it.

Kokila tells they will leave now and dorns golden bangles in babies’ hands and thanks Meera and Dharam for inviting them. Gaura apologizes her for bearingg todays drama. Gopi gives Meera moral gyaan that whatever is written in their fate, nobody can change it, pointing at Chanda. She says nobody can change her love for her children and she will get it for sure. Kokila loudly shouts at Chanda that she should not think Meera and Vidya alone and if something happens to them, she will not spare her.

Panditji tells Dharam that he has done kalash pooja and babies’ bade papa and badi maa should keep it in temple. Jagggi asks if it is him. Dharam yes, he and Gopi should take kalash and keep it in temple.

Gaura’s goons take Urvashi in a car. Gaura calls them and they say grandma is in car itself. Gaura asks them to keep informing her. Urvashi gains consciousness. Car gets punctured. Goons come backside to get spare tyre. Urvashi kicks and beats them and runs. Goons inform Gaura that grandma escape. Gaura runs on road and goons follow her. In temple, Gopi and Jaggi perform pooja. Jaggi says he wants to tie a protective thread for Meer’s babies. Gopi nods yes. A few devotees come with chariot. Urvashi mingles among them. Gopi tells Jaggi that she will call maaji and find out if everything is fine at home, she does not want Urvashi and Koka to fight. Jaggi says nothing will happen, he has warned maa. Gopi says she will go near car and he can come after tying thread. He says ok. Gura reaches temple and orders goons to find Gaura. Gopi opens car door and picks her mobile. Keys are left on car seat and door gets locked. Gaura finds Urvsahi among people and orders goons to catch her and murmurs she wanted to kill Urvashi peacefully, but Urvashi wants to die with great difficulty. Urvashi sees Jaggi in temple and calls him, but due to devotees making nosise, Jaggi does not hear her. She then sees Gaura behind her and Gopi near car. Gopi sees Urvashi and asks what is she doing here. Urvashi says Gaura is here. Gopi says she cannot hear anything.

Precap: Gaura hides behind tree and slits Urvashi’s throat with kite thread. Gopi sees Urvashi and rushes her towards hospital on chariot.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Chithu

    How can Jaggi n Gopi become bade papa and badi ma for Meera’s babies. Gopi I their grand mom. These sort of confusion never occurred in other serial

  2. Chithu

    I thought in tiger costume its Urvashi and they will c her in that condition

  3. Chithu

    Its very sad what happened with Urvashi. Gaura attacked Urvashi when Gopi and Jaggi were so near her. I hope Urvashi makes it and expose Gaura. Now tat ppl are going to interpret kokila is behind. It’s going to be a difficult time for Kokila n Gopi.

  4. Chithu

    Gaura is the most evil vamp of Sns

  5. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends. First sorry to all for not commenting for a days, it was because I was busy in my studies, coming to episode, it was awesome.

  6. these gaura is too much , she should get death and pari mona they should be thrown out of the house.

  7. It’s because of such stupid ideas that the TRP of this serial went down.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hey Pshyco John wer is ur 4 childrens 3daughters and 1son . ?

      1. Isaaq

        ????? since when did he have 2 daughter as well?

      2. Boss(Siddarth)

        Issaq in one of the april 2015 written episode one girl told that she is the daughter of John and she hav 2 more sisters ?. And john hav a son named Janu also. So he is father of 4 children lol?.

      3. Isaaq

        I think you all better stay away from john. He’s starting to freak me out.

  8. this gaura is so evil.

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes chithu as u said Jaggi&Gopi shud be dadu&Dadi for meera’s children but HW cm they are bade papa&Badi maa. Even tolu&Molu used to call Gopi&Ahem as bade papa&Badi maa and Jai&Veeru also call the same . This is confusing .

  10. Isaaq

    Guys to be honest, SNS is starting to drag now and it is getting boring. I just want them to start the generation leap.

    I’m just waiting for Gopi son entry which will make SNS interesting again

  11. Hi all Sunshine friends and other commenters.Happy Kanuma.Have a good day friends.

  12. Isaaq

    Guys Meera shares the same fate as Gopi. She has always suffered since she was a child. She was an orphan like Gopi because of Radha. Then she was brainwashed by Gaura. Then Naiya killed her baby. Now Chanda is torturing her.

    It’s not fair?Vidya has never faced all of these problems as much as Meera. I thought Vidya was like Gopi but it looks like Meera has the same life like Gopi- always suffering because of evil

  13. Isaaq

    I don’t want Gaura to be caught. She’s a great actress and only she can cause best drama on SNS

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes bcoz of Gaura some entertainment and drama is der . It WL be gud if she remains as villian even after generation leap.

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