Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th January 2013 Written Update

Koki tells about Umesh bhai, who came to meet the modis, as they helped him in crisis, Urmi and Rashi realize that he is dumb and deaf, hetal introduces Rashi and Gopi to Umesh bhai, Koki tells that he used to take care of Kinjal when she was young and Kinjal was very fond of Umesh bhai.. Kinjal remembers that kaka used to stay in the room behind store room, Ahem and Jigar discuss how they used to play with kaka with the light switch in the hallaway while the light was in Umesh kaka’s room..Urmi and Rashi realize their mistake ..Urmi is scared to see the kite which she wanted to use against Koki.. Urmi manages to sneak the kite from the kids …

at night time, Ahem and Gopi come down with Akashdeep (it is like a lantern which flies) they say that this is to pray for the safety of the girls. Koki assures Meera will be fine as she has Kanaji’s blessings. Ahem and Gopi say that it is not about just Meera but for the safety and well being of every girl child ..the family is proud of GoHem. Ahem shows the message written on the kite to give due respect to the girls. The family lights them and the akashdeep flies in the sky ..

Gohem room, Ahem notices Gopi holding Meera in her arms and both of them are sleeping ..Ahem takes Meera from Gopi’s arms and lays her on the bed, Gopi wakes up, Baa and Koki come in and compliment Ahem for taking care of Meera, baa gives a necklace to Gopi for Meera, and tells her to give to Meera on her behalf.. Gopi asks baa to give Meera in her marriage ..Baa laughs that how can she live that long .. they take blessings from baa Rashi watches them from outside the room.

@RN – Kinjal is still in bed, Urmi taunts her..and tells her to think abt falguni, rashi calls Urmi and rants about how Gopi gets lot of gifts..Urmi taunts her for not able to give birth to a baby before Gopi…Rashi is irritated and ends the call…Rashi is highly annoyed and throws all sarees out of the closet and sits on the bed. Jigar comes in takes a file and goes out..Rashi is highly annoyed…Rashi decides to do something on her own ..Kinjal is cooking food, Urmi is shocked and says that good Kinjal is cooking for dhawal as a way to man’s heart is through his tummy .. Kinjal says she is cooking because she is bored…and wonders as what is the connection between a man’s heart and his tummy

Jigar walks into his room, Rashi is in a red saree and new hair style.. she turns on the song “Khaate Nahin Khatthi yeh raath” from Mr.India and tries to get cozy with the process of dancing she flips her sandals, the heel of which hit Jigar on his forehead..Jigar tells her off, Rashi says she was just trying .. Jigar asks what?? Rashi says she wants baby, Jigar asks her to have patience.. Rashi accuses Jigar that they are not having babies because of him.. Jigar is furious and tells off rashi that as per doctors she has problems becuase of the stress they argue over it, Jigar tells her to be calm or else to forget about the baby

Precap: Koki asks Jigar why is Rashi not speaking, Jigar says she is observing a mounvrat ( to be silent all day ) all are shocked koki asks for reason Jigar says Rashi wants to obeserve the moun vrat for the baby

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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