Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhavani sees Seeta walking with cook Rasika/Gopi and beautician Rashi/Sona and stops her. She asks where is she going silently, if she wants to elope again. Sona says if they apply mehandi to bride in open air, mehandi will be very dark. Bhavani says they don’t have any ritual like this and asks her to take Seeta in and Rasika to go and get back to her cooking, asks guard to guard outside Seeta’s room.

After digging Dharam’s house’s backyard, police does not find dead body. Dhram says he told them there is nothing here, Vidya is mentally unstable since Meera went missing, so she told what she felt. Inspector leaves. Gaura thinks where did the dead body go.

Gopi goes back to Jaggi and asks how will they get Seeta out. He asks her to wait and watch and adds

lots of water in flour. Bhavani sees him and scolds he has to prepare laddoos to eat and not drink. Jaggi says he will get more flour. Bhavani asks to go fast then.

Gopi gets tea and snacks for Seeta. Guard stops her. She says let bride have something and walks in. She feeds Seeta snacks and walks out with Sona and purposefully drops tea on guard, then apologizes and asks him to go and wash his kurta. Once he leaves, she dorns dupataa on Seeta and asks Sona to take her out, she will come later. Sona walks out with Seeta, but a lady stops and asks she came out alone, then how did she get a companion. Sona says it is none of her business and tries to leave when Bhavani stops her. She asks Seeta to run back to her room. Bhavani comes near her and asks why she is going without taking her renumeration and gives her money. Sona stands tensed. Bhavani asks her to go. Jaggi returns with dough and tells Gopi even this plan failed.

Dharam tells Shravan that Vidya killed Chanda and reminisces going to Vidya’s room and asks her to tell why she is tensed, if Meera is his heart, she Priya and Shravan are his heartbeat, he cannot see her suffering. Vidya tells her whole story and tells Gaura forced her to burn Chanda’s dead body and buried it in backyard. He consoles her that she did not kill Chanda purposefully, so she should not feel guilt. Shravan asks where did dead body go. Dharam says he got it out beforehand and knew police would come here. Gaura hears their conversation standing near door and fumes that her son is her enemy.

Sona returns home and tells Urmila and others that they could not rescue Seeta. Urmila says now she has to get into ring. Mona and Pari smirk.

Jaggi tells his plan to Gopi via vegetables and renames each vegetable with Gopi, Seeta, Tolu, etc..He says they will get her eloped. Bhavani hears that and ask what does he mean elope. He says he means cook food, he will prepare chappan bhog and starts his jokergiri.

Precap: Jaggi and Gopi take Seeta out when Bhavani catches them red handed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode is OK.

  2. Maine kaha tha na Dharam dead body ko gaayab kiya hoga.Is liye he is not surprised in all searching drama.

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Rose…you said right was dharam’s plan…

  3. Jab ghar mein Gaura kuch kaand karti tho koi nahi dekhta hai ya sunta hai.But Gaura ek hi sab ki baathe sun leti hai,sab ki matters jaan leti hai.What a wonder.

  4. I think may be ab Gaura jarur kuch strong plan banayegi.

  5. Guys maine first five minutes episode miss kiya.Is inspector takes Vidya?or vo ghar pe hi hai?Plz answer me.

  6. Happy Valentines day friends. Have a great day all, Hope all the lovers meet tonight. 🙂
    Congratulations Neha !!. Blessings to u always.

  7. Kya aaj first commenter main hoon?Lagta hai sab log bahut busy hai.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Rose today frm 9to10pm telly updates site Ws not opening dnt knw why frm few days there is prob in opening site.

  8. Gaura sometimes acts like a fool.

  9. Trash. Gopi is more bothered about other people than her own family.Whatever is the reason for continuing the trash it is not working.Please stop this rubbish Star plus .There is nothing Naya about anything in this serial.

  10. Isaaq

    Guys me and my friends just met up and had dinner today as well didn’t have valentine dates?

    Friends are so much better tbh. They’re always there for you like you guys

    1. Isaaq

      We all*

    2. Nandhini

      Yes Isaaq friends are always the best throughout life!?

  11. Amalina

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!
    Congratulations Neha and Isaaq all the best in London!

    Good job dharam. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect dharam to save vidya today! This bhavani seems like she has a camera and all over her house and a live feed playing on her phone. She can see all the things happening and catches seeta just like that! Woah! Waiting for gaura’s exit eagerly…..

    Have a grt day sunshines!

    1. Nandhini

      Yeah it looks like bhavani is having many clones of her everywhere and roaming around her house?

  12. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    Dharam knows everything and he hided chanda’s body but wat if gaura plans to arrest Dharam shravan&Vidya in chanda’s murder case . Even there is no proof that gaura killed Chanda .
    Meera is missing from long time .

    1. Amalina

      Yeah I’m also worried about the same. This gaura can go to extent for herself. She doesn’t even care about her own blood!

    2. Nandhini

      Before Gaura takes any action,, urvashi must wake up and tell the truth.

      1. Amalina

        But didn’t urvashi wake up already?? Then why doesn’t she immediately tell the truth of gaura. Cvs must’ve forgotten the fact that they showed urvashi waking up and holding gaura’s dupatta while focusing on seeta’s entry!

  13. Isaaq

    Shesha from Naagin is the best vamp! Does anyone agree? I just love her character.

    1. Nandhini

      She WAS the best vamp in naagin season 1 but now she is a comedian in season 2.

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Issaq Shesha is good vamp . Do u watch naagin 2.

      1. Isaaq

        Yes I watch Naagin 2

    3. Chithu

      Is shesha adaa khan?

  14. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine are you all..?? Epi was nice. And today is my birthday and no-one has wished me.. Its 15th Feb..will you not wish me happy birthday..??

    1. Isaaq

      Well it’s still 14th February here?? it’s not your birthday yet for me. Happy birthday!

    2. Happy Birthday Shakaib!!!!

    3. Nandhini

      Happieee Birthdayy Shakaib!?????? Have a great year ahead!! Wish you all success in all ur endeavors…God bless you with àll happiness!!

    4. Boss(Siddarth)

      Happy Birthday Shakaib ???.

    5. Happy birthday Shakaib.

    6. Riana

      Happy happy birthday Shakaib ??????????????????…… happy always n stay blessed??

    7. Amalina

      Happy birthday Shakaib!?????

  15. Hello Sunshiners happy valentine day!Congratulations Neha on your engagement!!

  16. Isaaq

    Guys I sent him a follow request as it’s still Valentine’s Day… let’s see if he accepts this time

    1. Chithu

      Oh Issaq u should have called him rather than sending follow request.

      1. Isaaq

        Chithu I don’t have his new number anymore. He changed his number.

        I’m leaving it all to April. I dreamed about him again last night and I miss him too much. I want to meet him face to face

    2. Amalina

      All the best isaaq!?

  17. Today epsiode was good!!!

  18. love to see dharam helping vidya, gaura should get exposed soon, this pari mona don,t have no sympathy for their family, they just care about doing makeup and to do stupid kalakaris and laugh, they boh should get to a problem when no one help them and laugh a them then they will know how it,s feel.

  19. happy birthday shakaib wish many more to come enjoy your day.

  20. Nandhini

    Dharam is a real hero in SNS…he helps everyone at right time…before he helped meera against naiya and prakash in vidya shooting case ,, then gopi and jaggi in court case, few times he helped ahem and kokila and now he is helping vidya…

    1. Chithu

      Yes Nandini Dharam is real hero. Hope he finds Meera too.

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Mahi wr u . U are missing from few days.

  22. Chithu

    Its funny how villians are always around. How many times Gopi tried to sneak seetha past Bhavani, but they always get caught. She is always around the house. Gaura too wanders and hears all that is in favour of her

  23. Chithu

    Happy birthday Shakaib our little bro. God bless u. Always be happy

  24. Chithu

    Gaura is succeeding in her evilness n i am not liking it. She must be exposed soon. From many days thr are no news about Meera, Kokila n Urvashi. Makers completely forgot tgem. Instead dragging the save Seeta plot. Pl start showing about suryavanshi track too as to how gaura will get caught. Its sad seeing them like this.

  25. Isaaq

    Guys I dreamt about Adam again last night and it felt so real. I could sense him again. When he was sitting with me, I could feel him. Whenever I dream about him, I can always sense him.

    Once I had a dream me and him were walking in this place of light (it was like heaven) until we came across two pathways. I said goodbye to him and I went through one pathway and he went to the other.

    I like these dreams because it’s like my soul is with him. I spend time with him in these dreams and makes me happy being with him.

  26. This is just a merry go round. Again Gaura wil do all evil n not caught n i support y Goppi isnt even concerned about ha children but outsiders. This is just nonsense

  27. Happy Birthday Shakaib may you live to see one hundred years and may all your dreams comes true enjoy your day

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