Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokil and Gopi discuss about the baby kidnapper gang menace and how they must have kidnapped many kids. Ahem calls Hetal and informs about Rashi being kidnapped and not with Radha. Hetal worriedly informs Baa, and Baa prays for Rashi’s protection.

Baby kidnapper beggar rushes to her home and tells her husband about Radha trying to snatch baby.

Gopi wanders around the holy place in search of Rashi. She hears people talking about a ransacked god idol and prays in front of it. People say god does not stay in it now. Gopi says she is praying god, though in front of idol and gives them some free gyan. Kokila also joins her and tells she will submerse idol in river.

Gopi and Kokila along with localites submerse god idol in river. They see a snake in front of them and think he wants to help them find Rashi, so they follow it and see Rashi with beggar. Beggar runs seeing them and throws rashi in air by mistake. Gopi shouts. Ahem and Jigar see Rashi in air. Radha catches Rashi and runs. Gopi hands over baby kidnapper beggar to police and rescues other children confined by beggar gang. Pari says now that Rashi is with Radha, she will not harm her until she gets money. Jigar says they should give money to her. Radha watches them hiding and thinks even after getting money, she will continue troubling them. Kokila says in this holy place, tomorrow on shivratri, they will get their Rashi back for sure.

Radha calls Gopi and yells at her. She says she will harm Rashi. Kokila asks her to stop her drama. Radha says if snake would not have saved her, she would have taught her a lesson. Gopi asks her to mind her tongue. Radha says if Kokila would have been in front of her, she would have peeled her hair and broken her hands and legs. She asks them to get money again at a different place and not to bring her family and police this time. Pari starts crying worried for Rashi. Kokila assures her and prays god.

Precap: Ahem discusses strategy to catch Radha and save Rashi./strong>

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bring on the comments please…aankhen tarash rahi hai..gopi,kokila modi,jigar modi,baby rashi,dhawal,John kahan ho sab log?cmmnt kyu nahi dete??ya phir,modi bhavan ke Popppa log jaishe chup hi rahoge?

    1. hi jellyfish

  2. Hey Radha and Pari, can i get your autographs. And Mr.Writer u r the best. Please keeping updating and keep coming up with these amazing ideas.

    1. i m ready to giv autograph

  3. Pari crying for Rashi and addressing her as her own baby is ridiculous. She is so selfish and is only interested in Jigar. Don’t make so godly and selfless . We are aware of Paridhi’s wrong doings and she cannot become a mother to some one else’s baby. So don’t try to fool the viewers. She is as bad as Radha. Gopi , kokila and Jigar are blind and forgotten how cunning Paridhi was and how she troubled them. So don’t make her Mahan. Already we are fed up with the boring lectures and mahanta of Gopi, the biggest fool.

  4. even dis is such a stupid serial i don no y did it get dat many ratings!!!!!!

  5. Again and again radha is only winning.what these dumb modis r doing.instead they can sit with baa.stupid people.

  6. John… U must be some fan of this show… And after it got worse… Ur mind is very depressed and commenting like this…

  7. Dragging

  8. One of the worst and an irritating serial .. Please note the writers of the serial on wiki and ledge never to see any soaps written by them.. They need to see psychiatrists .. N dumb are the guys who watch it …

  9. Omg wats going on in this serial those who dont have Bp also get BP, defently director is doing this serial only for Radhaaaa ,, I think Radha is blackmailing director also by kidnaping any of his family member, if not director must have gone maddd to take this serial in this wayyy, Only Radha is great , I think Radha is blackmailing even starplus owner , so they r support ing this serial.

  10. Stop talking noncence about this serial..I cant bear it……

  11. Agree that the serial is getting boring.. enough of this Radha episode.And modis being so dumb.they show that Radha is mentall ill… And still gave the newborn rashi to Radha to take care..okie,may be they want to show that how a mom is important for a baby in his first weeks of life..but still…when mom is a mental patient,better to give a second thought about it..and the law is there to help…so what is this showing off stupid insaniyath…by the way insaniyath doesn’t mean that one should be so dumb.

  12. Aaaaahhhh….tan man hriday tript ho gaya ye sab padh ke…sometimes I feel this serial is ACTUALLY a comedy…sarcasm…hum log ye sab seriously leke galti kar rahe hai…Bt the comments here are just great…even nicer than Modi bhavan ke Poppppaaa log.

  13. Pari crying showing her ugly fat lips and calling Rashi her baby? ……….Do you believe this cunning , conniving chaloo woman has motherly feelings for another cunning mother’s baby ? Kuchh hazam nahi……… and too much mahaantaa by Gopi who is holier than even Goddess Durga……who has Radha, a devil as her sister . Do you think viewers are fools. Distribute Gopi’s excess goodness to Pari and Radha and in the process make everyone behave normal. I think it is too much to expect. Each character is equally unreal and IRRITATING.

  14. as per the promos etc on d day of shivrathri radha’s chapter gona end….but to my guess they gona drag the scene for whole of dis week…there’s probability dat during weekend some gud thing gona hapen in d show,atlast and finnaly…

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