Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with urmi asking tolu-molu about their names. They say that they have already thought about it. they name themselves as saher and samar of dhoom 3 and everyone smile. Ahem says they are getting late and even urmi is about to come. Rashi stops her saying only jigar, herself and ahem jiju are going. Urmi is disappointed. Hetal does the tikka and pappu tells dhawal that he doesn’t want to go to hostel. Dhawal promises him that he will come there often to meet him. Kinjal asks ahem to take pappu too and they wont be coming as they cant leave pappu nor he would let them go. They all leave. Hetal feels sad that the house is empty without the kids. Urmi and baa agree. Jigar rashi and Tolu molu stop at mandir as rashi wanted to go to the temple. TM meet meera

there and they greet her and they also tell her about their new names. They say bye and leave. Rashi asks who she was and they reply she is their friend. Vidya brings gopi to kanhaji temple saying here is the special person and lets wish him soon. Gopi smiles. Ahem and the rest reach the school and they go inside. Vidya buys 2 rose flowers and they go the temple. Vidya wishes Lord Krishna “happy valentine day” and leaves her flower there. She tells gopi to wish him. Gopi thinks she cant give the flower to Ahem but she can think about him and remember him and she keeps it there and they leave. RaJi and ahem go inside the principals room and she asks the kids their names, calls someone to take them to the hostel and tell them to fill the form. The man asks the kids to come along and tolu molu(oops saher and samar ) are excited and they go running. Rashi is emotional and feels bad that the kids don’t care about them and they didn’t even look back. Jigar consoles her saying its for their betterment only. They share and emotional moment.

Pappu, saher and samar go inside their rooms and the man asks them to wear school dress quickly and come to meet principal. Saher and samar start jumping and tells pappu that before he used to hide behind his mum but who is there here to save him. They try to trouble him again and he runs away. vidya at temple asking gopi to sing hers and kanhaji’s favorite bhajans, she starts singing. Ahem is inside and gets a call, he tells jigar to fill the forms while he attends the call. He is unable to hear the call but hears a faint voice singing bhajans. He looks shocked and goes to the temple. Gopi is singing and ahem walks inside. He looks shocked while gopi is in tears singing the songs. Gopi asks vidya to come but she says she will come in 2 minutes as she need to kanhaji. Gopi agrees and leaves while ahem is walking shocked and confused inside. Vidya speaks to kanhaji and asks him to promise her that he wouldn’t tell gopi anything about it. gopi waits outside the temple and jigar comes there. He sees gopi from back but doesn’t recognize her. He sees ahem inside the temple and is going inside, while going he shouts ahem bhai and gopi hears it and looks around but jigar leaves from there. Ahem is going inside and vidya bumps into him. She puts hands on her hips and shouts cant you see and walk. Ahem is shocked and she leaves. He wonders why it sounded like his mom scolding him. Jigar goes to ahem and asks what he is doing there. Ahem says nothing he found the mandir so he came. He tells him to leave. Jigar says that since they have come, they should do darshan. Ahem and jigar pray. While ahem is touching the idol, the rose gopi left falls in his hands. He is about to keep it back and jigar asks him to keep it with him as its given by God. Ahem keeps in his pockets. The screen spilts on gopi and ahems face and episode ends!

Precap: RaJi and ahem getting inside the car. The students wish Gopi who is there. She sees the car and feels weird. The car leaves and ahem sees Gopi from the rear mirror and is shocked(I hope they atleast meet tomorrow pleaseee I feel I am dying )

Update Credit to: Madhu

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