Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Urmi tells Gopi that Alka can’t give everything to Vansh that they can give .Hetal comes and takes Urmi from there saying that they need her for pooja.Alka tells Gopi that she should tell the truth about Alka or she will . Gopi says who knows she will do the same again with Vansh . Alka says she will not .Gopi says then she has to wait till she tells . Kokila is doing pooja and all MMians present . Koki gives prasad to Raji and hugs both of them.Koki says god has sent Vansh before so that their baby can get the same love and now the family is complete . Rashi ,Gopi looks at Alka . Gopi says she want to say something to her.Rashi and Urmi shocked .Koki says for rashi they has kept ‘nek’.Hetal brings jewellary for Rashi . Urmi smiles pleasantly

. RaJi takes blessing .

Dhawal asks Kinjal if she came to his office and kinjal says she did . Kinjal says she saw that how much she was busy with Falguni , she thought he go to office for work and not to give roses. Dhawal tries to say something and says later. Dhawal gets a phone call and happily talks with someone.Dhawal informs Kinjal that Rashi is pregnant and they should go congratulate them.First both gets happy but later Kinjal says he can go with Falguni.

Koki gives medicine to Rashi and says she need to take rest and its better if she talk less to Urmi with phone. Rashi says she is taking Vansh to room and Alka is sad to hear it .Rashi says to herself that hope she dont say anything to Kokila and calls Gopi to come with her.Rashi tells Gopi not to say anything now. Gopi is kept thinking

Rashi knocks the door and asks why he has locked . Jigar shhs her and get her in.Rashi is happy to see the room decorated with red roses and ballons . Jigar keeps Vansh on bed and gives rashi a ring and kisses her hand . Jigar wishes valentines day and says she has given happiness of valentines today . Rashi hugs him and says she is sorry and cannot bring anything for him .Jigar says first she gave him vansh and now their baby . From now on he will do anything for her and do everything for him . They share a tight hug.

Gopi says to Meera that Rashi is pregnant and is happy but they have done a big mistake too .She will tell Ahem about it . Ahem enters the room smiling .Gopi says he want to say something but Ahem gives a red rose for her and she smiles . Saathiya Bg on . Ahem wishes her valentines day.Gopi blushes and wishes him the same . Ahem says jigar has decorated the whole room with flowers to thank Rashi so he realized he never thanked gopi . Gopi says she also never thanked her and both say thanks at the same time. And they share a hug . Ahem says he is very happy and on valentines day . May the happiness long forever. Gopi is tensed after hearing it.

It’s night at MM where Alka is going out of the place.Alka comes and meet her mother . Alka says she need to help her take Vansh form there . Alka says Rashi is pregnant and later she will leave Vansh . Alka’s mother says if rashi gets her child even Vansh will be the eldest son , all the property and he will be rich for his entire life . Now she should think the better of Vansh.She then says Alka to go now.Alka opne the MM house and sees Kokila. Kokila asks where she went in this late night . Alka says she checked whether it was locked properly .Kokila says she came from out . Alka says she went to check the gate. Kokila says she dont need to go out at late night .And Alka nods.

Vamsh is crying . Alka enters there with medicine for Rashi.Rashi says Alka to make Vansh sleep . Alka says they have not given permission to touch Vash so she cant do it . Rashi says she will not say to anyone . Alka says give her 40,00 or she will do it . Rashi says she dont know who she is . Alka says rashi feels weak when she see Kokila . Rashi says she dont have money . Alka says bring money from where ever she want

Precap:Rashi says to Urmi that Alka is blackmailing her and has asked for money .Urmi say to tell Alka to go with the baby where she wants

Update Credit to: Muskii

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