Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi cries in front of kanhaji that she loves only Ahem and cannot give his place to Jaggi or anyone. Jaggi comes and sits next to her with his wrestling ground’s soil and says he is submitting his wrestling ground soil to kanhaji and is closing his wrestling ground. Gopi says she took a right decision. He says he has decided about another profession and as a friend needs her help in decision making. She asks what..He says he has thought of working as truck driver, though it is a small job. Gopi says no job is small, because of truck drivers we get good from all aorund the world and they have kept whole India united. She does not have any problem in his profession. He praises her that she finds positivity in everything, she is comparing truck drivers to our soldiers. She

seems like a light house which shows way to lost boats, he is a broken boat. He will go and rest now as he has to start his new job from tomorrow. She smiles. He thinks at last she smiled.

In the morning, Vidya speaks to Shravan over phone and asks to take care of himself. Gaura asks if they came to know who burnt their godowns. Vidya says not yet, police is investigating. Meera comes and worriedly says Chanda’s condition is worsening and she will go into depression if she is confined in a room and this will adversely affect her children. Gaura says if they leave Chanda away, she wil elope and then Meera will have to run behind police station and just like other people, even her dream will be shattered. Vidya says Baaji is right, they should not let Chanda out. Gaura says she has seen many girls like Chanda in jail, who wait for a chance to elope. They are giving so many luxuries to Chanda, what else she needs. Meera says as she says and leaves. Gaura thinks she has to cut Chanda’s feathers now.

Urvashi sees Jaggi getting ready in the morning and asks where is he going in the early morning. He says he is restarting his truck driving profession. She says his 5-year-old secret will be out if he restarts truck driving, if he realized it. He leaves She continues and sees Gopi in front of her and gets tensed.

Gaura goes to Chanda’s room and sees her munching apple and scolds she can escape from here, but then she will vanish forever. She has duplicate keys of this room and she knows what she can do, if she should remove her confines. Chanda pleads not to. Gaura orders her to go and rest now and thinks Chanda is habituated to luxuries now and this is in her favor.

Gopi asks Urvashi why she is tensed and gives her water . Urvashi says she needs to talk. Gopi gets Vidya’s phone and goes out. Urvashi thinks she has to inform Gopi about the secret before she comes to know from somewhere else. Gopi passes from hall to kitchen seeing Kokila sipping tea. She picks call and asks if everything is alright, Chanda’s due date is coming soon and they have to take care of her well. Meera comes and takes phone from Vidya and asks Gopi why she calls only Vidya and not her. Gopi smiles and asks why Vidya is not speaking. Meera says nothing to worry and disconnects call. She consoles Vidya not to worry, everything will be fine.

Kokila continues sipping tea. She gets a call on landline from RTO officer who asks if Jaggi stays there as he has come for license renewal. She says yes. Officer informs something and she tensely drops phone and tries to leave. Mona clashes with her and asks what happened. Kokila says she is having some important work and asks to move aside. Gopi asks her what happened. Kokila yells if she forgot her sanskar that they should not stop anyone if they are going out. Mona informs Pari that Kokila has gone out and what if they make her accident and blame it on Gopi. Pari asks if she has gone mad, it is not easy to make accident and blame it on someone else.

Gopi with Urmila tensely wander in living room thinking where Kokila went. Jaggi comes and gathers whole family and says he has a good news for them. Urvashi says Jaggi if he forgot what happened 5 years ago. Jaggi says past is past. Gopi asks Urvashi what happened 5 years ago and insists. Kokila enters and says she will tell what happened. She gives Jaggi a tight slap and says he is a murderer. Whole family is shocked to hear that. She asks Gopi if she wnats to know whom he killed.. He killed Ahem..Whole family is more shocked to hear that. Jaggi falls on his knees.

Precap: Inspector come with arrest warrant for Jaggi and says Kokila reopened case, asks constable to arrest Jaggi. Gopi shouts to take this man away from her eyes.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Today’s episode was super terrifying…liked it a lot…

  2. Isaaq

    I loved today’s episode. Finally the track is getting exciting? Why isn’t this number 1 in India instead of Naagin?

    1. Nandhini

      Because you know Ekta’s shows always overtakes other shows?

  3. Hi to all sunshiners…Today’s episode was Mindblowing!!…

  4. huge fan of dipika kakar

    episode is good

  5. Amalina

    wow glad that they didnt drag the confession scene! but I’m sure now when they learn that jaggi is innocent, they will as usually come together (Meera, vidya….. and modis) and they will make a plan and everyone will have a role to prove jaggi’s innconece!

    Afterall thats what they do everytime!

    this scene will take about 10 epi. so they will pretty much drag it!

    1. No amalina…Dharam will prove jaggi innocent…

  6. At last it’s reaveld jaggi killed ahem!

  7. Isaaq

    Gopi Destiny to be updated today? It also has a new picture as well??

    1. Nandhini

      Your last sentence- ” I am taking the karma route…not the dharma route.”- you nailed it!!!??so did he respond to ur follow request??

      1. Isaaq

        No not yet… he’s being stubborn. He’s so childish that he won’t accept it until later on. He knew I’m playing mind games and now he’s doing the same. Like I said, we are both the same?

  8. Boss(Siddarth)

    Jaggi misses Gopi and is hurt that Gopi did not believe him. Jaggi hits his head on the lockup walls. Constable stops him. Gopi is also crying, being outside the jail. Jaggi is proved innocent. Gopi is happy with this and apologizes to Jaggi.


    Inspector tells them that the truck which has hit vacant car. Dharam is the witness and tells Gopi that Ahem was not in the car when Jaggi’s truck has hit the car. Gopi asks Dharam is he sure. Dharam swears on his would be born babies and says truth that Jaggi is innocent. Gopi goes to Jaggi. Jaggi thinks he is imagining her. Gopi says I have really come here, you did not kill Ahem, you are innocent and its proved now.

    Dharam has made Jaggi out of the blame. Inspector says Jaggi can get bail as of now, but all blames will be removed after they find the real culprit. Inspector says Ahem’s dead body was not found in the car, so there is another angle in this case. Gopi and Urvashi get Jaggi home. Kokila gets angry on Jaggi and is sure that she has lost Ahem because of Jaggi. Urvashi asks Gopi to help her in convincing Kokila. Gopi cries and does not know how to get Jaggi’s forgiveness, as she has scolded him a lot in anger. Jaggi hopes the relations will get fine now. Keep reading.

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Average girl i enjoyed my birthday.
    Wer r u frm . Welcome to Sunshine group ?.

    1. That’s good and thanks, I am from UK, Birmingham. As for this episode was really good, funny how Gopi changed all of a sudden, first she proved him innocent with the rape accusation and now she’s like take him away?? normally without proven innocent she won’t let anyone take a innocent away. I bet Jaggi is innocent and his truck was tampered with and came at the wrong time to hit Ahem’s car. Where he was already dead by someone else. The Modi family got so many enemies so could be anyone. But he is innocent, can’t say someone is a killer, until they are proven guilty by the judge. Should learn the law again before falsely alleging someone on a serious matter. As for Gaura, good she taught Chanda a lesson and showed her, her place. She’s nothing but a puppet who’d do anything for money. Dreamt of being a queen, now be one, in the room. XD

  10. P.N. Bhargava

    When are you sending Kokila to mental hospital?

  11. Hi all Sunshine friends and other commenters.Episode is good.Gaura ji returns to her hilarious avatar.

  12. Chithu

    Today’s episode was superb. At least the much awaited Ahem mystery track has started and we soon get to know about the real culprit. I have been waiting for it too happen

    1. Nandhini

      Hi Chithu! It was a great episode! But chennai la signal problems naala indha week saathiya show paakave mudila!?? written updates la dhan padichi therinjikiren…neenga correct ah sonneenga! December month mattum TN la edhavadhu periya problem vandhurum…indha month seekrama pass aanaa podhumnu irukku! Next year unga thambi ya december month mattum kerala ku vara vecchirunga…illana vera edhavadhu place ku vacation ku anuppirunga! Adhudhan safe! Naangalum apdidhan pannalaamnu irukkom!?? India la nalla mazhai vara kadaisi hopeful aana place kerala mattum dhan…angaye mazhai seriya varalana apram nelamai rombo kashtam aaidum! Too bad pa! Atleast next year lendhu nalla mazhai varanumnu vendipom!? Ungalukku hindi pesa theriyuma chithu??

      1. Chithu

        Aama Nandhini naanum appadi thaan vendikiraen. Inni Chennaila normal seasonal mazha mattum vara ellarum venduvum. Ennaku Hindi theriyum

  13. Chithu

    Thanks for the updates Sid. So Jaggi has proved with innocence with the help of Dharam I wonder how he was murdered when he was not been in the car.

    1. Nandhini

      I think gaura must have murdered ahem and the blame will be on someone else…

  14. Chithu

    Gaura is making Chanda dance to her tunes. She Is using Chanda as a scape goat. Chanda is still unaware of the plans. When caught I am sure she will put entire blame on Chanda.

  15. i think he is ahem modi

  16. Isaaq

    I wish they bring back Ahem. Gopi has lived him from the very start. This video proves that Gohem is the best and Ahem needs to return back to Gopi life

    1. Isaaq

      This video reminds me that me and Gopi have so many similarities in terms of our love lives. My lover was exactly like Ahem and I was always intimidated like Gopi all the time. He was so arrogant like Ahem.
      Gopi is my role model… I love Gopi now and I inspire to be just like her???

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Issaq one Ahem shud or Jaggi shud turn out to be ahem . Even if Jaggi is Ahem’s look alike still SNS fans want Goahem Jodi .
      Dharam told that wen truck hit the car Ahem Ws not der in car it means . Wen ahem’s car broke down Gopi called him and told him to come early so Ahem might hav taken Jaggi’s truck and Jaggi might took ahem’s car by mistake Ahem hit Jaggi and he escaped frm,der by fear of getting arrested.

  17. Boss(Siddarth)

    But one thing i don’t understand hw cm Dharam is the eye witness of Ahem’s accident As Dharam’s&Meera’s marriage was going on dat time . And Dharam was not with Ahem then hw cm Dharam knows that wat happened.

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