Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhuben starts her drama and tells Gopi she will not let her stay with a man who does not love her and asks to come with her. Gopi says she will not come with her and does not like her badmouthing Ahem and Kokila. She will go and bring back Ahem. Hetal stops Madhuben and says she should not stop Gopi. Vase falls down. Gopi injures her hand while picking glass strands. Madhuben stands silently while Kokila gets worried and wipes Gopi’s blood with her pallu and nurses wound. Gopi says Madhuben this is the difference between her and her Kokila Maaji, she is worried for her happiness, but her Maaji cannot see her tears or blood, her maaji loves her more than anyone else.

Ahem real letter comes flying and falls in front of Gopi. Gopi picks it and says this has Ahem’s

handwriting. Kokila says that means someone played trick and wrote fake letter and asks Gopi to read Ahem’s real letter. Gopi reads letter that Ahem blames himself for his daughter’s failed marriage and family’s problems, etc.

Urmila tells Meera that Gaura will be in a surprise when she gets up. Vidya comes and says Urmila did not do right and even Meera is doing wrong by luring Dharam. Meera shouts not to teach her and asks her to get out. Urmila says Vidya is right, she came and saved her tonight, else Dharam would have got intimate with her. Meera says she know what she is doing and asks them both to get out.

Kokila matches Ahem’s and fake letter’s handwriting and says Ahem is feeling guilty and other letter says he wants to breakup with everyone, someone has played a trick and she will find out who is it, looking at Madhuben. Madhuben gets tensed. Gopi says they have to find out Ahem first and then solve letter’s mystery. Madhuben relaxes.

Urmila comes to hall in the morning and steps on Meera who is sleeping below sofa. Meera asks if she cannot see and walk. Urmila asks why is she wsleeping here. Meera says she got too tired and slept there itself and nervously leaves with pillow and bedsheet. Urmila thinks why is she carrying bedsheet when she did not mean to sleep here. Dharam comes there and starts getting romantic with Meera. He gives rose, speaks his usual broken English and goes for workout. Meera thinks mother and son murder English and old man is getting to intimate with her, she has to do something. Vidya who watches this with Urmila tells Urmila that she told Meera not to play with Dharam’s emotions, but she did not listen. Urmila tells her plan to get Meera out of this.

Gopi with Kokila travels in car to search Ahem and calls on his number. A man picks call and says Ahem jumped into water and must be trying to suicide.

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