Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya tells Kokila if she had not told lie, dad would not have decided to leave her and says Dad will never accept Gopi again and does not even want to see her face. Kokila asks her how dare she is to talk about her gopi bahu and says it is between her and her son and nobody should interfere. She further says if Ahem does not come, she will go to temple.

Mansi frees Meera from tolu/molu’s clutch and yells if they don’t know to respect their elder sister, they should not insult her also. Meera says these are ill mannered people and leaves with bags with Mansi.

At Urmila’s chawl, Mansi asks Ahem when is their flight. Vidya comes and says daadi wants to meet him one last time. Meera asks her to stop her rubbish and asks why is she taking lier’s side.

Vidya says if we go fro m here, we may not come back here again. Ahem says let us go, while Vidya still pleads.

At temple, Gopi tells Kokila that temple will close in some time, so she should go back to home. Kokila says she will not go until Ahem comes and wants to see him one last time. Gopi sees Ahem coming and shows him to Kokila. Kokila starts coughing. Gopi goes to bring water for him. Kokila gets happy seeing her. Ahem comes and says she can see him for one last time. She says she did not mean to hurt him and lied for his benefit. He says she hurt him earlier and will never change, he will listen her one last time now.

Kokila says in his childhood when he used to do mistake, he used to fold hands and apologize. She will do this now, she folds hands and then does sit ups and requests him not to go. He asks her to stop her drama. Kokila touches his feet and says she is repenting for lying and will accept any punishment he gives. He says she always does drama and asks if she was so repenting, why did she lie. She says she wanted to unite her family. He says he will never unite with Gopi and his priorities have changed. Gopi comes back. Ahem shouts that even on her last meeting, she brought Gopi and says he will never meet her from today. Kokila gets a heart attack and falls on floor. Gopi gets concerned. Ahem says he will not budge for her drama. Gopi asks him to stop and says if he does not take Kokila to hospital, she will die. He says whatever she tries, she will not come under her talks and walks. Gopi stops him and asks him to help. He says he will never help and says Kokila is making drama to stop him and his children.

Precap: Gopi slaps Ahem and says if he does not save Kokila, she will not spare him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  14. Ahem Modi is lose his status of son. Gopi give him a right reply (slap). I don’t like Ahem.

  15. What an excellent serial! But I am a Tamil speaking person. So I see its remake in Vijay TV as “Deivam Thanda Veedu”. Also I learns Hindi to see Star Plus. What an amazing TV!!!

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